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  1. LearnToBeNoOne

    Glad that’s over.

    Haha, it’s a summary of the whole show now that it’s over. At the time I was enthusiastic about the next season and so on, I didn’t have the same opinion as I do now. There was clearly a decline but enough to make you continue watching, at one point you just don’t want to leave it unfinished. That’s how I am anyway. Season 8 though, disaster.
  2. LearnToBeNoOne

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    That was absolutely embarrassing.
  3. LearnToBeNoOne

    Jon & Drogon

    The burning of the Iron Throne was probably the only good thing. He lost his mother to it so burnt it, took her and left. Would have been even more embarrassing if Jon had gone off with him.
  4. LearnToBeNoOne

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    I’m glad it’s over and will be watching nothing else related to GoT. Will also not be recommending it to anybody, maybe seasons 1-4 at best. I will just wait for the book(s) if they’re ever released and just enjoy them.
  5. They elevated Sansa’s character way too much. Highly overrated and top 3 worst characters for me. If they care about independence so much they should have fought their own war and don’t use the “it’s eveybody’s war” excuse please. In the end the NK wasn’t so hard to defeat anyway. The Stark’s annoy me so much.
  6. LearnToBeNoOne

    Glad that’s over.

    One of the worst series I’ve ever seen, that ending was atrocious. Definitely not something I would recommend, maybe seasons 1-4 at best. Some may think I’m exaggerating but season 8 has been terrible and that finale was garbage. It’s defined by ruined characters and a nonsensical plot. I’m so frustrated at what they’ve done with GRRM’s work, regardless of whether he’s taking the ending in a similar direction or not, it will not be so blunt. I wish I had just stuck to the books and not entertained the series. Will be watching nothing else related to GoT, if the book(s) are ever released I will be sticking to them. As if the Unsullied and the Dothraki would be intimidated by the Northerner’s. Jon would have been killed instantly and not taken as a prisoner. Look how much they’ve sacrificed for Dany as if they wouldn’t have died avenging her if that was the cost to pay. There’s so much more I want to rant about but I will join in the discussion on other posts later as well as this one if anybody decides to express their anger. I definitely need a break right now.
  7. LearnToBeNoOne

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    With three minutes to go, I am even less hopeful about this finale. It's the last ever episode and I can't help but think there's going to be enough content to rant for ages - disappointment knows no boundaries with D&D. Bitter sweet may be too late now or if possible may be some compensation towards how bad this season was. That's if they can get it right.
  8. Haha, well they should take what he has to say serious then - he's a veteran. It's very true that if there isn't a new book anytime soon then our sanity will be highly questionable.
  9. LearnToBeNoOne

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    I'm glad you feel the same way, it truly is a reflection of how disappointing this season has been. Exactly, the end point may be the same but the journey is what's most important. When it comes to GRRM we are on that journey with the characters involved whereas with D&D it's very instant with a lot of missing details. D&D will do whatever they want to regardless of whether it makes sense or not. At least we know when it comes to the Others in the books we will get a better understanding of them, it's yet to be covered in detail. In the series it was so rushed, a lot of build up to then just get them over and done with. I mean as much as there is foreshadowing and her demise seeming inevitable., it may not be as simple as defeating KL then burning everything. There may be some time on the throne or she may have to kill some people she loves herself. We may actually resonate with the idea or understand why she did what she did or why she ended up the way she did. It just can't be as simple as it is in the series. Of course there's a lack of motivation when you think that she will just be another Targaryen that has died due to some of the sterotypical things they are defined by. However I think it will be an interesting journey and we know GRRM can take us there. I look forward to it because I'm hopeful that it will make the series seem like a complete stranger. I get why you don't want to read pages on her downfall and that your expectations of her are different yet it may end up being that way or her loss may not be somebody else's gain. We can't just let the series ruin it for us, the books (if they release) will have to revive that feeling that made us interested in the first place. Regardless of whether some outcomes remain the same, learning a lot more and understanding more character arcs will change everything.
  10. LearnToBeNoOne

    Mourning Dany

    Sure, it doesn't justify the accuracy imo. Definitely, that was my point it was seriously flawed. There's better ways to remove a dragon from the series. They aren't short for cash either yet removed the dragon in the most cost efficient way, making the episode suffer.
  11. Not trusting the bells would also to me signify not trusting Tyrion as he pretty much told her to lower her defence and do nothing once she heard the bells. Tyrion could have taken a gamble on the bells, Dany hears them lowers her defence and Cersei takes advantage of that situaiton. Exactly, it doesn't make sense for Dany to trust Cersei especially as Cersei hasn't surrendered or said I will bend the knee and accepted defeat. So until Cersei dies then KL has not been truly conquered. The people of KL were screaming for the bells but that doesn't mean Cersei had given up - as long as that remains ambiguous she remains a threat. It's either she dies or we see her surrender. Exactly D&D can't expect us to forget or not pick up on such significant parts of the plot. That was a very important scene yet suddenly Tyrion is suggesting that the bells mean surrender, we've clearly witnessed that it doesn't. It highly undermines Davos and dismisses such a relevant quote from one of the major battles in the series. We saw what happened to Stannis and how prepared KL were for the invasion. One would assume due to what Davos said in regard to the bells that there was something coming from Cersei + Qyburn as a last resort to destroy Dany and her lowering her defences would have just aided with that. Yet D&D managed to ruin both the quote, Cersei's demise and Dany's actions. It just doesn't make sense, if you're taking that route with Tyrion then you need something to happen because Dany is clearly not going to take his advice. So just leave it out then. Tyrion's advice on the bells has got to be one of the most ridiculous scenes in the whole series.
  12. That's where the show becomes ridiculous, we know it's bad writing that has completely turned Tyrion into a character that can't seem to get anything right anymore. Yet D&D will justify it as the signs of him betraying Dany or at least trying to. If I were Dany I wouldn't trust him either yet due to how fast things are progressing and the lack of support received in the North it would not have been well received to execute him - she was probably waiting for an excuse, she did give him a final chance. Releasing Jaime was him paying his debts - as a Lannister always does but the fact he was willing to let Cersei live can be classed as treason.
  13. There's no way that Davos quote wasn't significant, it's such a significant war and when he said it there was a clear focus. D&D surely did not forget about that scene or expect us to forget or not bring it up. I'm not sure Tyrion did believe that maybe he was under the impression that if Dany at that point lowers her defence anything Cersei may have as a last resort may be activated. I wouldn't be surprised, if that was his plan it will now be plastered over by Dany's actions from the last episode. If he chooses to switch sides he can now justify it. Tyrion has given me reasons to be suspicious but it would be labelled 'speculation.' There's not much evidence but many reasons as to why. In addition to this there's a strong correlation between D&D's bad writing and the way certain characters have declined in quality. So has he committed treason? We may never find out.
  14. LearnToBeNoOne

    Mourning Dany

    Completely agree, I wouldn't call hers a madness but more an act of rage - she was completely triggered. The show rushed her deterioration, she felt entitled to the throne and suddenly faced a lot of losses all at once in particular the things you mentioned. I believe that another catalyst was definitely her lack of trust for Tyrion, she really did not trust those bells. That's a consequence that would make sense. However if she's now the paranoid 'Mad Queen' that everybody is labelling her as in addition to him rejecting her and Grey Worm witnessing Jon's hesitance, it would be a little unrealistic. Dany, a dragon, The Unsillied and The Dothraki is enough to overcome Jon and whoever he allies himself with imo.
  15. LearnToBeNoOne

    Mourning Dany

    I don't' have an issue with where she's heading as that's clearly what her character is meant to be, I just don't like how she got there. So for me I don't like her arc as much, should have played out a little differently. Everything about that situation was ridiculous and then the next episode she runs riot and takes over KL with 1 dragon whilst avoiding everything. Yep would have been if the dragon had to die it died whilst taking part in the war, helping to get up to the point just before the bells started to ring. I don't have an issue with the dragon and what she managed to achieve with it, yes there are inconsistencies sure but we finally saw a dragon at its full potential and that is what we have been waiting for. Those scenes were actually really enjoyable. It's just hard to ignore the last episode, the casualties, the death of Rhaegal and Missandei's death. Euron should have never been in such a strong position and a dragon shouldn't have been killed so easily, especially as they couldn't land a single shot in this one. We've gone over this but it's a pretty hard barrier to overcome. Very true, how we define her personality depends on which side you're leaning on, mass murderer or mad? You could see the horror on Jon's face, it just comes down to whether he will accept her for it or abandon her, tough to say at this point whether or not he has it in him to kill her. Yet it's hard to accept that it will be easy and with no consequences. Dany looks pretty unstoppable with Drogon. If not, Arya? Everybody is saying Arya as the FM, I did say that when it came to Cersei but that was on her original list. FM don't decide who lives or who dies yet if she truly is one then how much longer can she continue like this? She's been breaking the rules for a while now. It made sense before as her list until this episode had been the same since she left the House of Black and White which maybe got her a pass. Or she accepts the consequences because she was staying alive to murder them all so if she's then killed, it's whatever. So it would be a bit of a stretch for he to kill Dany unless it becomes the Many Faced Gods desire. Which comes back to my point about her breaking the rules she clearly doesn't care. Does she have enough time to kill Dany as she's been taking without giving, when will she give? Will she complete the series without being held accountable to anything? A lot of things may actually be answered by being left unanswered.