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  1. I also have this problem as a French, the French version is harder to understand than the original one, because the translator sometimes uses words that are no longer used in modern French or change the meaning of sentences. That is why I always check the wiki to find the correct words when I'm talking about specific matters or to understand what people are saying. Without the wiki, I wouldn't know what "King's Landing" refers to since we don't have an equivalent in French, the word chose by the translator doesn't mean the same thing as the original one. It may lead me to make some mistakes.
  2. Yes, we know: "The greenseers were more than that. They were wargs as well, as you are, and the greatest of them could wear the skins of any beast that flies or swims or crawls, and could look through the eyes of the weirwoods as well, and see the truth that lies beneath the world." A Storm of Swords, Chapter 9, Bran I. "Only one man in a thousand is born a skinchanger," Lord Brynden said one day, after Bran had learned to fly, "and only one skinchanger in a thousand can be a greenseer." A Dance with Dragons - Bran III "For the next step. For you to go beyond skinchanging and learn what it means to be a greenseer." A Dance with Dragons - Bran III Basically, a greenseer is a super skinchanger. I didn't read the rest and won't do it.
  3. House Stark did exist at the time, they were the Kings of Winter. Check the wiki for more informations, I also believe he was a Stark and it will play a part in the future Long Night.
  4. Sandor Clegane, Robert Baratheon, Great Jon with their main weapon in the saga, maybe Garlan Tyrell. In history, Arthur Dayne, Barristan in his prime, Daemon I Blackfyre, Aemon the Dragonknight, Maegor I Targaryen.
  5. Cut the crap ! As @Jaenara Belarys said, Jon gave him the choice twice, and Janos chose to throw his offer into his face, both time's insulting him. This is a crime punishable by death in their society, he only did his duty as Lord Commander, he cannot tolerate disobedience. Stannis only burned those who have commited, not innocent soldiers. You don't like Jon, fine, but stop with the bad faith, it makes the discussion toxic. Yes, he was, for the reasons mentioned above. Stop with the bad faith. You would have approved it, if Dany was in Jon's shoes. Thanks again, for making every discussion about Starks toxic.
  6. This doesn't prove that skinchanging or any other magic is hereditary, we have good reasons to think about it but we cannot take it as a fact. The only thing we know for sure is that the Targaryen and their link with dragons is hereditary. Nothing proves that greendreams is hereditary, and as you said he is not a skinchanger or a greenseer, so it's out of subject. Check my first sentence. This is not how probabilities work. Bloodraven said that 1 person in 1000 become a skinchanger, meaning that at each birth, the newborn has 0,1% chance to become a skinchanger, regardless of other births. Due to this independence, you may never find any skinchanger among 1000 births that occur at the same time or having 2-3 skinchangers in the process. Yes, skinchanging can be that rare, because the probability is very small. Also, you have to take the plot into account, the general population and the fact that a skinchanger may never awake his power in his life, it's not an innate ability. Recessive genes can skip generations, even dominant ones, but it's less likely in the second case. Not necessarily. Yeah, there is a link but that doesn't rule out men. Again, that's not how probabilities work.
  7. Political choice. It's like asking me "Why Ned didn't agree to marry Robb to Alys Karstark?", this doesn't rule out the need to have a father who carries the gene or even that it is less likely. We don't know that either, we only know that Bloodraven is both a skinchanger and greenseer, that's all. Even though I agree with you on this part, this is speculation and not more likely than mine. Nothing shows it. We have male wargs in the saga, this is much better than legends. We are not even sure that skinchanging is hereditary, you can't take it as a fact and try to rule out the need to have a father who carries the gene, based on that and legends.
  8. Yes, he did the right thing, every lord would have done it, Janos included. Stannis approved his decision, end of story. We've talked about long enough, let the haters hate and be done with it.
  9. Well, in this case, he has Blackwood ancestry on both sides, combined to his Stark ancestry. About Bloodraven, his paternal grandmother, Larra Rogare, was likely a cat skinchanger. In fact, she was suspected to use cats as spies, because a lot of them were coming and going in her chambers frequently. Some people even said that she was able to transform herself into a cat, which is a common rumor when people talk about wargs and they (The Wargs) are feared for that. Bad example, we have both males and females skinchangers. This is enough to debunk this claim, you need the skinchanging gene(s) on both sides to be an active skinchanger. Nobody said it on this thread, you are making things up. Same-sex couples cannot have children of their own blood, nothing weird here.
  10. I do think he was conceived via sorcery, but he's still Aegon's son. Aegon I clearly had fertility issues, due to inbreeding in my opinion which explains why he didn't have more kids. Inbreeding is also the cause of the Aenys' sickly condition, if he really was the bastard of Rhaenys and an unknown guy, he would have been a healthy man which is not the case. Aenys' condition was a serious threat to the dynasty and Aegon couldn't produce another child by natural means, so Visenya used sorcery to strenghten Aegon's seed and slept with him in order to give birth to a healthy and strong boy: Chad Maegor was born. But sorcery has a cost and Maegor ended up with his father's fertility issues, bad luck for him and his mother.
  11. Eustace Eustace Mushroom Eustace Mushroom Eustace Mushroom for both Eustace
  12. Tommen is the next Waters/Lannister who will die I think, killed by the Sand Snakes. Cersei will crown Myrcella after his death and flee KL, but her daughter will die as well and then the Valonqar will kill Cersei, in accordance with the prophecy. Jaime will die during the future Long Night, maybe Tyrion will join him in the grave but I'm not sure. In any case, Tywin's bloodline will be wiped out or nearly.
  13. Don't waste your time with him, Moiraine Sedai or Rondo, they are just Stark haters who like to spite them. Add them to your ignored users list if you can't stand their replies.
  14. Totally agree with that, it makes more sense to me.
  15. We understand each other pretty well actually, those who are not fluent in French are English speakers or people from recent immigration. Yeah, it is very difficult to pronounce if you don't do it in your native language, keep practicing. Well, it seems like the Common Tongue cannot be widely spoken in Westeros in a realistic way, dialects are needed.
  16. Robert killed Rhaegar who is his second cousin through Aegon V & Betha Blackwood, can we consider him as a kinslayer? If not, at what level of kinship can we consider a murder within one's family as a kinslaying?
  17. The fact that Bloodraven showed up with Aenys' head at the Great Council is a strong hint favoring this scenario. Those supporters were probably plotting against Bloodraven who was hated by a lot of people and Daeron II's offspring were seen as his puppets, since he was the King in all but name. Knowing all this, Aenys wanted to take advantage of this resentment and gathered support for his claim.
  18. Dany and Cersei in the saga. For the whole history I can't say for sure, but it's definitely a Targ princess.
  19. I see, well, I don't have the same definition of this term. According to me, spite refers to a person who enjoys inflicting pain on others, they take a sadistic pleasure in doing so and Robert is definitely not like that. That is why I disagree with you on that part, he hated the Targaryen due to their recent history and the actual threat they posed to him. May I remind you Viserys and Dany's plan in AGOT and after that for the mother of dragons? Now let's take a look on your previous Stannis part Robert expected to have sons, nothing weird here. No, he also became the liege lord of the narrow sea, which gave him a naval strength. Then Robert named him master of ships, confirming his strategic position. Your opinion is biased by your hatred towards Robert, he didn't meant it that way. I'm not saying he did great, but this gesture wasn't done to spite Stannis. Accidental, he was most likely drunk and as you said the castle was huge. His room was probably far away from the location he has started to hook up with Delena, so he took the closest room which happens to be Stannis' one. It is very hard to properly walk when you're drunk, add to this the sexual excitement and you get what happened. I know that doesn't fit your narrative, but that's how I see this event. Those statements are not mutually exclusive: Rhaegar sealed his fate when he pissed off a better fighter than him. I didn't read your theory. Both criticizing your argument and expressing my opinion on this topic. I already did He didn't care about him before Harrenhal, neither did Stannis to elaborate. Bad comparison. She didn't fight herself, but she did outsmart the Great Masters, at least for a while. Robert fought Rhaegar in 1 vs 1 and won, his prowess in battle is widely recognized, even by the cocky Jaime, not Rhaegar's. You didn't bother to bring any nuances to your depiction of Rhaegar, so when we read this: "He was more goodlooking than Robert. Rhaegar was more intelligent and more sofisticated than Robert. Rhaegar was loved and highly respected by his peers. He was an honorable and a responsible person. They are in totally different ligues. Like glass and a diamond." We can only conclude that he is a perfect prince, you're only saying this because I've pointed out your bad faith, at least my argument has been useful on this point. Same thing here: "Robert had so many negative personality traits, that he was a total failure as a human being." You can't make me believe that you admit he had any good qualities with such statement. Don't change the subject, we are talking about Robert here. You see, you couldn't even do the same thing with Robert, you're sinking. Well that didn't happen and your previous counting about team Baratheon vs team Targaryen is just a joke.
  20. He would have founded a new cadet branch of House Stark by marrying a Northern lady (Jonelle Cerwynn is a good match) and fathering children.
  21. Reading her, almost everyone knows about Azor Ahai's prophecy and contribute to its realization. Soooooooooo boring...
  22. I bet on j), there are too many plots and he doesn't know how to properly deal with them to keep writing a good story. He seriously needs to kill a lot of characters to clear the way for the endgame, the Others are coming and there is no more time left for petty politics.
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