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  1. She has a combination of wanting to find a home and reclaiming her birthright as queen of the 7K. Or she thinks that if she takes the throne, she'll have found a home. Something like that, I'm not a damn poet. Burn them all! If Marwyn makes it safely to her. Just a simple matter of passing through the Ironborn, then all the natural problems like storms, the blockade and siege of Meereen (though that's likely to be broken by then) and how is Dany supposed to believe Marwyn? Army of dead men? I'd laugh and then chuck him out on his butt.
  2. I mean, they did make the amount of crime decrease......questionable methods (in modern times, which this is not) but it worked.
  3. 40000 poorly trained, poorly equipped, poorly armored men with a bunch of rivalries who think they're all equal instead of listening to a competent officer. And on foot as well, and this sort of army will never stand up against the charge of armored knights. A cavalry charge is scary as hell, and these bozos don't have the discipline to hold together. Probably.
  4. It is late, but the effort is appreciated. This is the last post of mine on this thread, so.....I'm out.
  5. 1. Tommen, Myrcella, Victarion, maybe Barristan 2. I will NOT have Dany die under ANY circumstances, unless it's of old age. Tommen's cats. And Tommen 3. Cersei, fAegon, maybe Arianne, Euron, Victarion (I don't like rapist pirates, especially with dragonhorns), Varys (too dangerous), Littlefinger (he's a creep, needs to die), JonCon......
  6. Plus, he's not Tolkien who made up his languages himself apparently.
  7. An annulment, perhaps? How's that? It's not like she's going to be respected.
  8. IMO, I think Dany sets sail for Westeros at the end of TWOW after going through the Free Cities (there's no point of talking about restless Volantene slaves if it won't go anywhere) and in that event then she'll have enough ships.
  9. The Darrys definitely deserve that, after all they've suffered. Plus, Hoster (and the rest of STAB) come off as a bunch of ambitious lords who wanted in on the Lannister-Martell-Targaryen trio.
  10. Sansa is captured by Sansa? Plus, Ramsay would probably be knocked off by Arya eventually and the North would be conquered by Dany. Probably. Dany could, especially if she hears of the AotD. Bran could tell her what kills them.
  11. How are they supposed to know about Jon? Daenerys wouldn't, Barristan would probably think that he simply had the child on some woman on campaign. By this point, you're scrambling for a handhold on the cliff, trying to find a way to keep being stubborn. I'm not talking about goddamn threads, I'm talking about the page from the Wiki of Ice and Fire. Read. The. Fucking. Post. Please.
  12. If you check the Theory page for Jon Snow's mother, there's more evidence against N+W=J than for it. However, there's a massive list of evidence for R+L=J. And furthermore, characters such as Daenerys have stated things such as this: Stated other times as well, but you can see that the notion that "Rhaegar loved her" is planted multiple times. Wylla and Ned, is only stated once or twice and never in the context of love which they would have to be if Ned broke his vows for her.
  13. That was a joke. We're not idiots, we know a cat can't protect a boy.
  14. The fact that you always fall back on calling people immature, shows your own immaturity. You're the one, along with @Mister Smikes condemn @Daeron the Daring for being "disrespectful" but isn't callling people immature "disrespectful"? Also, you're the one who can't accept anything beyond your own tinfoil crackpot theories. Plus, N+W=J hasn't ever been stated in canon, so you can't exactly attack me for that. Actually, R+L=J has canon evidence in them, undeniable canon evidence which you can't accept.
  15. So tell that to @Daenerysthegreat, not us. She's the one not making any actual points. If Jon's mother is Wylla then there's no point to lying to protect Jon from Robert. However, if Jon is half Targaryen then there is a point to it.
  16. In theory. However, it's simply the reality that if you leave a rival claimant, especially a child who can be moulded then the threat needs to be dealt with. Along with Boots and Lady Whiskers! The true Kingsguard!
  17. Poor little guy. What's going to happen to his poor cats?
  18. The feeling's mutual. Good luck getting the r+l=j thread locked. It at least didn't dissolve into a war because the OP is determined to wave red flags and push her opinions into my face without good proof. Thanks for admitting that nothing can sway you from illogical, tinfoil hat, crackpot theories with hardly any proof.
  19. Dead kids are unfortunately the loose change of wars, especially feudal wars over a throne. Can't leave a rival claimant alive, can you?
  20. Now this is getting interesting.........butler, bring some popcorn! Are people not supposed to use emojis on posts like that? Furthermore, the "banging head against the wall" is an apt way to describe this thread, considering people will post good evidence against, and she'll simply disagree and rehash the same old point. If someone was calling her something offensive, I can understand criticizing that. But when we post a million times with better evidence against her arguments, she simply brushes it off. That gets on people's nerves after a while.
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