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  1. Given who that group is attached to (Climate Emergency Fund, bankrolled by an oil heiress) I'm not convinced these are some desperate kids acting out. Though either way it's a bit weird to say not to decry the optics when this type of protest it literally just optics.
  2. No training in the world will help with the type of people who want to become cops.
  3. You'd think "I lie about what I actually care about and value" would be a pretty important consideration when electing someone since your electing them *to do the thing they say they are going to do*. What you think if he lies about having a problem with deadbeat dads he's totally going to fulfill his campaign promises anyway? We expect so little out of politicians it's amazing.
  4. That's the reality of a FPTP system with multiple parties. Could be worse, if each riding held that exact breakdown of voting intentions that Conservatives could win all the seats.
  5. Honestly I don't think I could force myself to write down to that level and don't think my soul could handle it if I did.
  6. It's also god damn hilarious how the current whining is about trying to develop a way to export oil eastward. The last Trudeau tried it, ya'll didn't like the idea then. What changed? This shit with Alberta oil is a day late and dollar short. And the Federal Liberals have given it far to much support. Kill this nonsense and be done with it.
  7. Based on some of what I've seen about how badly maintained a lot of Russian vehicles are snowfall will likely make thing worse for them. A lot of their vehicles need to stick to roads or risk getting stuck. Heavy snowfall could make even roads impassable.
  8. So, has anybody else noticed that since the sanctions the number of anti-liberal anti-Trudeau anti-biden trolls has seemed to decrease? At least on Twitter, can't really speak to other platforms.
  9. Turns out when the cops care to, they can in fact both handle large groups and do so without serious escalation. Who knew?
  10. Tamara Lich has also been arrested. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/tamara-lich-chris-barber-arrested-ottawa-1.6355960 In tangentially related news there's been a couple of lawsuits filed against the use of the Emergency Act.
  11. It does set a rather sticky precedent if for the purpose of the act unwilling and unable are considered the same thing.
  12. I don't know if the police and towing stuff will help/work. But the financial stuff is big. (Some of which is the type of stuff I expect we'll see a bill to make permanent at that)
  13. Beau's got some thoughts, not sure I agree with everything but it's a good perspective.
  14. This sounds a lot like WW2 when they thought "we have planes, why do we near armies?" air power is a great force multiplier, but it needs something to multiply.
  15. Unfortunately the reality is a lot of people are oblivious. Harder to be so now though. In other news the fed government may be preparing to invoke the emergency act. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/feds-prepared-to-use-emergency-powers-to-end-blockades-but-police-must-do-their-job-blair-1.5779589 I do wonder what caused this shift? Did it just take them a while to analyze the possible fallout? Was Ontario declaring a state of emergency the proof needed that this isn't something the provinces can handle? Or is the last couple of days of police moving against counter protesters the straw the broke the camels back? (I doubt that last one, but it would be nice)
  16. Why? We already knew that white people can get away with shit we could never dream of. Doesn't matter how many notes are taken what needs to happen is the rest of Canada needs to wake up to just how dangerous a group given legal use of force ignoring civil power is. A couple thousand dipshits is way less important both immediately and long term than what the police have been doing. Oh and remember what I said about the police moving against counter protesters but not the assholes? It continues.
  17. The problem is that the police won't act against these assholes, but will against any counter protesters.
  18. They've always been kind of dumb movies, even the first, hopefully this is dumb in the JP3 sense where it realizes it's dumb, not the Lost World sense where it thinks it's smart. If it's fun I'll have fun, it not I won't care what message they're trying to send.
  19. People have been saying he needs a "Just watch me" moment like his father. Usually in the context of enacting the Emergency Act for either Covid or more recently this shit show. I don't think enacting the emergency act is a good idea, to many unknowns, but he has a habit of not being aggressive enough. Normally that's fine, but sometimes it bites him in the ass. Like with voter reform. When it got bogged down such that there wasn't agreement on what form it would take he should have just made the decision. Same here, he needs to find an area he's got leverage in and hit it hard.
  20. Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, are actually by design super easy to track. Everything is publicly available. The trick is figuring out who's doing the transaction, but the minute you try and cash out at least the end of the chain become real obvious. Which then typically opens you up to figuring out the rest. These things are a security nightmare despite what the advocates suggest. @Lord of Oop North You're probably right, with all the shit I've seen tried to pin on the PM that's not actually on him I'm pretty resistant to what the cons are obviously and openly trying to pull here. But I forgot that most people aren't. (And it doesn't help that Singh is pulling the same shit)
  21. Not to be a Liberal apologist but there seems to be relatively little the Liberals could do. Pretty much everything happening has been in provincial or municipal jurisdiction (IE the blocked bridge has them blocking the road up to it, rather than the bridge itself which CBSA controls) so aside from trying to get the provinces to engage with them (which they've rather publically refused) there's not much to be done unless the occupiers step into federal territory. (Or the provinces request federal aid)
  22. They're freaking deputizing themselves. Hey cops, I know your fash adjacent and many are sympathetic to this shit. But now they're trying to claim lawful use of force, so maybe now that they're encroaching on your turf you'll do something? (Note this is why the cops being sympathetic to these kind of folks is so goddamn stupid, these people don't actually like cops they just find them useful as long as the do what they want) https://twitter.com/theserfstv/status/1491845130256408600
  23. Didn't realize that not having a place on Spotify meant I was being ostracized. And I'm pretty sure I'm well within society. This is like those chucklef*cks who said not giving Kavanaugh a place on the supreme court would be a punishment. Which means all but 9 people are being punished.
  24. Honestly this has long since become just pathetic. They're toddlers angry they didn't get their way.
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