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  1. Oh, I didnt think about that, but now you say it, I cant see going it any other direction ! Maybe if they picked Iceland over Denmark I'd have gotten the "real troll" stuff right ahead but it works with Denmark as well ! Looking forward to Geralt meeting a real-live-straight-out-of-folklore troll !
  2. Yeah, each time I think about this show, one of the first thought that comes to my mind is : please let them have the necessary budget for the daemons ! They will be the make or break of the show, they truly need to make them amazing !
  3. Well, that's the eternal debate among the HDM community... I for one am on board with those who think it was a wonderful, beautiful and powerful ending... but that debate has no end, I wont convince you, you wont convince me. ^^
  4. The members of the Iranian metal band Confess have been in isolation for a few months and may face the death penalty for blasphemy in their country... fuck Iran, fuck religion (again and again and again, and that will never be said enough). http://www.metalsucks.net/2016/02/10/members-of-iranian-band-jailed-could-be-executed-for-playing-metal/ Nothing we can really do but spread the word, I think...
  5. Yeah, well, Phil Anselmo is still a fucktard. Even Varg Vikernes is smarter than him.
  6. Yeah, good point ! Didnt think about it when reading the casting new, but you're right... even though it may not happen until the end of the season or even the beginning of the next one since they havent started shooting yet. But this year, the addition of Zach McGowan in The 100 makes me quite worried for Charles Vane in Black Sails !
  7. Havent read the books but I'm curious to see (what I know of them) on screen. As far as the actor, he may not be the best out there, but he pulled some really decent moments on The 100 so we'll see.
  8. Cant believe there is not a LEMMY !!!!! shout out on this thread, so here it is. "Yours is an Empty Hope", "Elan" and "Weak Fantasy" are still my favorites of the album.But "The Greatest Show" is something else... I can understand that the wild-life sounds can bother some, but I find this cathedral of a song simply otherwordly (ironic for a song about life on our good ol' planet) and perfect.
  9. Damn, Ferrum, the title track is your fav song of the Nightwish ? It's the least interesting one for me ! ^^
  10. Discovered quite a bunch of great bands lately ! Civil War, Gallows End, Solar Fragment, Bloodbound, Iron Fire and Desert, among other things.
  11. Discovered Eldritch yesterday : some solid Power / Trash Metal (a little bit in the vein of Iced Earth) although a bit cheesy by moments (but, well, that's Power Metal...) Also discovered that song ! For those of you who enjoy Sabaton and Joakim Broden (who makes a contribution here). Some Power Metal ballad (love me some good ol' Power ballads, when well done they are the best !) but that gets really kick ass as it unfolds !
  12. Did anyone saw that gorgeous official picture of Hardhome ? http://i.imgur.com/PA7PYDD.jpg
  13. Well Ran, this time I think you'll have to take all those 10 into account ! And it was a helluva deserved 10 !!!
  14. Well, I gave it an 8 and I wasnt a fan of the Dornish scenes. That being said, the episode was so filled with great little moments, that it outweights the bad, so I can justify my 8 : Pros : - Game of Faces - both scenes were great. - Arya giving the Gift of Death was beautifuly done as well. - Tyrion / Jorah discussing Jeor. - Tyrion skepticism about Dany and Jorah's blind faith contrast. - Tyrion's tongue to get them (and himself) out of trouble and that "cock merchant" line (AAA was brillant !) - Olenna's first punchline of the season as she comes back. - Littlefinger / Lancel meeting. Nice set-up. - Littlefinger playing Cersei like a harp. - Olenna and Cersei dialogue. - Finn Jones getting to act finally and the inquisition scene ! (Though I wonder if Margaery will only fall for lying to the Gods or if it will go further). - Alfie Allen. - The beautiful scenery of the wedding, and the music ! Ramin Djawadi delivers ! - The focus on Reek's face during the wedding consomation. - "That explains the Golden hand !" - The Dornishman's Wife ! - Areo Hotah was impressive ! - "She got pregnant. That was boring." Hehehe, I see what you did there ! - A subtle one but : Autumn in Dorne. I know people expect a full-sunny landscape there, but it's Autumn, remember ! Cons : - Jaime / Bronn vs Sand Snakes. - Only a glimpse of Doran. - No Sand Snakes getting a little bit more fleshed-out, though that may (and will) come. - Would have liked a little bit more exposition during the Hall of Faces scene. - I know the blizzard is coming next week, but not enough snow at Winterfell. So, yeah, all in all, I stick to my 8/10.
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