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  1. Class was pretty good actually. I expected a silly teenage cheesy show but in the end, the teenage aspects were handled well and cleverly and the show didnt shy away from getting pretty dark. I'd even say Class is way darker as a whole than the average Doctor Who episode.
  2. I've been truly enjoying this season so far ! Extremis and Thin Ice are remarkable episodes, Oxygen and the Pilot are really good too... But damn, Pyramid was a complete let down, borderline lame, everything was phony and predictable, it send zero shivers down my spine, it was cheesy and unecessary complicated, I dont recall a single memorable line and the plot was kinda poor, unoriginal and mostly easy. But I'm not ranting for the sake of ranting, I love Doctor Who and I will always do, but each season, there is a traditionally bad episode... I was hoping the meh Knock Knock would be it, but now, Pyramid has taken that slot for me.
  3. Arkash

    12 Monkeys

    Well I loved the entire season ! Emily Hampshire is an amazing actress (they all are, but she truly shines) and the plot made sense, convulted as it was, it still had a great fluidity to it. The visuals, the atmosphere brought me straight back in the story and it was a fantastic ride ! Cant wait for the final season !
  4. Arkash

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    The whole Aretuza mess from book 4, Ciri's journeys, the first encounter between Geralt and Yennefer, the time they spent at that quiet (erotic and full of drugs, cant remember the name) on their way south towards Nilfgard, Jaskier's songs and quips (it's Dandelion for you but for me he'll always be Jaskier)... and so much more ! And I hope they wont immediatly cast a teenager for Ciri. They should cast a child for the beginning of the story and let her grow through the course of the show (just saying that cause I saw a fancast of Imogen Potts as her, but she's way too old, imo !)
  5. Arkash

    12 Monkeys

    Hey Champ ! I'm watching, but I'm careful with where I roam, I'm just at episode 7 (it was a busy week end for me)... so I'm trying not to get spoiled ! But I'll be bac after finishing it ! I love it so far ! Emily Hampshire is a tremendous actress (they all are, but damn, she shines !), the story, although convulted sometimes, makes sense, the plot is thrilling, the twists and turns pay off, the direction is great (some great visuals) and an increidible atmosphere that plunges me straight back in the show with no trouble at all ! The ambiance is so unique there is no mistaking what show I'm watching and I love it ! Episode 8 tonight !
  6. Arkash

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    I dont think you can understand the book saga from jus the first short-stories.... the scales are really huge the more the story progress and it's a beautiful, golden, fantasy fresque. Geralt fancasting : Travis Fimmel, Mads Mikkelsen or Luke Arnolds.
  7. Arkash

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    I cant... right now... I'm... I'm speechless ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Holy shit yes ! ETA : I dont know about the english version, I read them in french and I've been told its one of the best translation of the book, but still, whatever the language, I definitly recommend reading those books !
  8. Arkash

    French politics: houlala!

    That's it. Despite the dédiabolisation MLP has gone through to make her party appear respectable, far from her father's views, the FN core is still made of a lot of dangerous and archaic individuals.
  9. Arkash

    French politics: houlala!

    Well, nothing surprising... Gutted, but not surprised... Fillon at 19,07% is the worst to swallow... as well as Mélenchon being only the fourth man. And no mention at all of ecology or culture in any speech, they dont give a single fuck about it...
  10. Got confused by the whole "last humans", "earth evacuated" thing. Didnt Eleven said that the human race never stoped, spread everywhere through the galaxy (during (and thanks to) the Apollo affair (6x01-02) ? Ten said something similar in Utopia if I recall correctly, so I never pictured an almost-moment-of-extinction for the human race in the Doctor Who universe... Or maybe this refers to the last moments of earth that we saw all the way back in series 1 of Nu-Who but I wasnt under the impression that a sole ship flew away, rather a whole bunch of them, so the whole "last humans" vibe in this episode made me wince. Or maybe, this extinction event is part of the series arc, so we'll see (but I didnt feel like it did)... ... or maybe who cares, I'm just fixating over a useless detail, this is Doctor Who, screw timelines !
  11. Sigurd is really starting to grow on me, and I wouldnt have bet on that a few episodes ago... and Hvitserk continues to be useless... Otherwise, yeah, very few character still remaining from the very first season : Rollo, Floki, Helga, Lagertha, Bjorn, Aelle ( and Torvi ?)
  12. Well, I really enjoyed it and I was dubious beforehand, with the superhero theme. But it turned out really entertaining ! The two main characters of the story (the supernanny and the journalist) were really engaging, Peter Capaladi was brilliant as always and Nardole was used just enough not to be tiresome. So, come on, now, Steven, for your last season, I'm expecting some seriously great stuff ! But I trust you ! (Or I'm too much of an optimist maybe, but after all, Doctor Who is all about optimism !)
  13. Arkash

    12 Monkeys

    Ooooh, neat ! SyFy seems pretty confident with the show ! Hoping for a 4th season !
  14. Arkash

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Naaah. Maybe I'm naive (but on this particular one, I dont think I am), but it has nothing to do with Jo's personal wealth. It's more like she cant let go of her universe. Not that I blame her at all (I will never blame her for anything, actually, and I am one of those people forever grateful for what she offered to the world), in the end, when you create something so massive, something you know nothing else you could create will ever top it, it can be really hard to let go. So, I for one, am curious to see what she has in mind.
  15. EDIT : arf, beaten to it by the post just above !