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  1. same here, I didn’t get the smallpox vaccine and I have the scar. The smallpox scar is much bigger (my parents have those)
  2. it would shut all the China haters up if it turned out it was the cats’ fault all along.
  3. a lot of people dying in Poland are quite young - in their fifties and sixties, early seventies.
  4. there was a full shelf of flour... I read you can make your own yeast with beer, sugar and some flour. mix 150 ml beer, 1.5 teaspoon of sugar and 1.5 tablespoon of flour. Leave overnight in room temperature. Produces 70g of yeast. I don’t know if it works though :p
  5. there is a facebook post going around in Poland about how countries which vaccinate against tuberculosis have lower levels of infections and deaths than those who don’t. A apparently there are clinical trials on this now in Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.
  6. I want to know where people are getting those mysterious "wipes" that we are supposed to use to wipe things down.
  7. am I the only one here that remembers the water being shut off for weeks at a time in the summer?
  8. Italian study of the demographics of the deceased patients: https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/bollettino/Report-COVID-2019_20_marzo_eng.pdf
  9. Poland has banned going out for walks but a few hours later they decided they allow it.
  10. Luxembourg is now accepting patients from French hospitals. See, some of the EU is showing solidarity
  11. Ok, I dont know how embedding works. WHO takes back its advice on ibuprofen. https://mobile.twitter.com/WHO/status/1240409217997189128
  12. I mean surely they’re not doing what China was at some point, i.e. counting any deaths of people with underlying conditions as a result of the condition rather than virus?
  13. The Polish police is asking criminals to refrain from criminal activities at the time of coronavirus.
  14. to clarify, the Welt article states the lancet study is merely a hypothesis, the sample was too small to reach any conclusions and also ibuprofen is not a ACE inhibitor. from google translate “So the ibuprofen hypothesis is very shaky. It is not enough to draw a clear conclusion. It was not tested at the cell level whether ibuprofen - via whatever mechanism - leads to the fact that the virus can penetrate the cells more easily.”
  15. I tried to link the lancet article but it doesn’t seem to work. Here’s the article in die Welt that links to it. https://www.welt.de/wissenschaft/article206555049/Ibuprofen-und-Corona-Ist-das-Schmerzmittel-gefaehrlich-fuer-Infizierte.html
  16. Because Poland already closed the border with Germany :p
  17. we are all supposed to work from home from Monday. On Friday maybe about half the staff teleworked already and the system crashed
  18. I just read this: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/mar/12/coronavirus-most-infections-spread-by-people-yet-to-show-symptoms-scientists?
  19. I don't get why this is presented as a new measure. Wasn't it enforced from the start?
  20. Bolek i Lolek is Polish. I didn’t realise Pat and Mat had names, they’re only known as Neighbours in Poland! All schools closed in Luxembourg and all non-critical EU Commission staff is to telework starting Monday.
  21. Poland has 8 cases, 1 got infected by a visitor from the US. eta: also over a 1000 negative tests
  22. there are literally zero deaths in under 9-year olds so you really don’t have to worry about the kids.
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