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  1. I don’t know about that, there are already plenty of Ukrainian refugees and migrant workers in Poland and they’re usually looked at very favourably - definitely a very different vibe than the refugees at the Belarusian border.
  2. well, there was this time when a doctor gave me an uterine infection (worst pain of my life, and I've had actual surgery) while doing a test and didn't recognise me the next day when I went to the emergency clinic and he was the one on call. It probably also was the reason why one of my fallopian tubes had to be removed. I can't say I overcame it in any way. He was not "my" doctor, he was just there.
  3. I mean, Bohun is hot, but I suppose having the first two movies fed to me yearly for all of my formative years I have a sort of allergic reaction to them
  4. Luxembourg. The G's are a German thing. 3G is Geimpft, Genesen, Getestet (vaccinated, recovered, tested). 2G is vaccinated or recovered (but testing doesn't count). 2G+ is vaccinated or recovered and additonally either boosted or tested. Schools use rapid tests. If the rapid test is positive then PCR.
  5. well, over here we have: Covid check at work (3G) and restaurants and venues (2G+), closure of restaurants at 11 pm, twice-weekly tests at schools, homeschooling after a number of positive cases in class is reached, travel restrictions, testing requirements for travel & quarantine, passenger locator forms... I'm sure I'm forgetting a number of things.
  6. might have been delta. Poland’s omicron wave only just started this past week.
  7. a couple of months late to the conversation but my current routine for wavy/curly hair: shampoo, condition (power from Lush with sweet potato and maple syrup), towel dry, and then either: leave in conditioner (f something generic from L’oréal) and Curl Power from Lush or curl activator from Cantu, then brush with a wooden brush (I don’t like combs so disagree with Isis there ), crunch up with my fingers and leave to dry. Agree on no brushing until the next wash. Both Lush and Cantu are designed for Afro hair but work wonders on my (white person, thin) hair provided I don’t use too much.
  8. look, I have a Jodie Whittaker Barbie but this season is total bonkers.
  9. interesting, it would always be qualified in some way in Poland. The one you linked would be “kapusta z grzybami”. Otherwise who could tell what kind of kapusta you’re talking about? I don’t think my family mixed raw cabbage and sauerkraut often. It was usually one or the other. Bigos is an exception. edit: it’s baked? whaaaaat. lol edit 2: I mean there’s probably as many ways to make cabbage as there are families, I don’t mean to diss anyone’s way
  10. what? lol. is that a Canadian thing? kapusta just means cabbage.
  11. after today’s episode *my* theory makes a lot more sense
  12. huh, there are definitely 3. signature and technical on day one, showstopper on day 2. which isn’t netflix showing? eta: i’m finding information from last season that technical isn’t shown on CBC but you can still watch it in full on their online platform.
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