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  1. "Back in the day, father would be walking his son down the sidewalk and he’d see a guy go by in a Rolls Royce and the father would say, ‘There goes Mr. Jenkins.  Look up to him.  That guy works hard.  That guy built a company.  That guy built an empire.  Now look at him.  He’s got his Rolls Royce, he’s driving up a hill.’  But what do we do now?  Now it’s,  ‘Oh look at him.  Look at him.  Does he need that car?  Why does he need that car?  I’m driving a ******* Chevette.  Why does he get to drive that ******* car?  You know what?  Lets go up there and throw a rock at it.’
    -Adam Carolla
  2. http://winteriscoming.net/2013/01/season-four-open-casting-thread/ Clearly you must contact Ray Stevenson to play Victarion.
  3. I don't like how they portrayed Blackfish in his first two scenes. He's cocky and disrespectful to Edmure. And that line where he tells Edmure to not call Robb nephew because he's King is hypocritical since Brynden should show his nephew/Lord of Riverrun some respect. I don't know why they're using him to rub in the fact of Edmure's incompetence, possibly because they don't want Catelyn to have more hate mail for being mean to her little brother. Regardless though the character of Brynden Tully on the show isn't going to be as well liked as in the books because they scratched his accolades from Robb's victories. Which surprises me even more that they would drastically change his personality since they have some making up to do for such a beloved minor character. The rest of the episode was fantastic. Except for the song at the credits. When I first heard they asked some band to do a rendition of TBATMF I assumed it would be in episode seven which is titled TBATMF!
  4. There are many theories on the Dusky Woman and Moqorro. None of it is fact yet, but the facts we do know are Euron is extremely cunning and insane and Victarion is extremely stupid when it comes to everything besides reaving.
  5. I don't think Victarion will die until he sees Euron again. George has built the storyline of these two characters with vengeance and betrayal of one another, it would seem odd if their last meeting was in AFFC.
  6. I'm going to assume Wulfe One-Ear lost his in battle or the finger dance.
  7. No, Victarion offered three thralls the opportunity to blow the horn. In return they will be given wives, land, a ship, and maybe thralls of their own. All three agreed. Wulf One-Ear will be leading the first attack with Victarion's best men (most likely that's what Barristan is witnessing). While the fighting is taking place Victarion and the thralls will be sailing on the Iron Victory and Victarion at some point will tell them to blow the horn.
  8. Yea it should be a Dany chapter that reveals the Harpy is in the city. I could potentially see Barristan or someone close to Dany being killed by The Green Grace.
  9. And just think, this is one of two battles TWOW opens with. I can't wait to read about Bolton and Frey blood staining snow. How come GRRM didn't have Boskone on his appearance page on his website?
  10. I'm from Philly and that was great. But he was wrong about us having one bridge we have TWO! The Phillies did win a WS again in 2008 And the Eagles have NEVER won a Superbowl
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