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  1. The simplest and most effective thing to tone things down is regulate or prohibit using algorithms to choose who you see and in what order. Allow only views in chronological order. And do not promote engagement of threads of friends of friends. This will absolutely hurt engagement #s but will make the platform absurdly better. And it's really easy to regulate.
  2. We also have that actual show indicating this. This is why sylvie can do stuff in apocalypses- because it doesn't affect the rest of that timeline with respect to Kang. That's why the apocalypse revelation is so surprising- because up to that point the tva thinks they are stopping all timelines from diverging from the sacred one, but that isn't accurate. It's also part of kangs monologue.
  3. The TVA exists only to prune timelines that would produce other variants of Kang. If a variant universe wouldn't do that for whatever reason - the variation isn't that big a deal, or doesn't touch Kang, or doesn't exist long enough - they don't detect it.
  4. Ukrainian accuracy of their artillery (and Russian failures) are likely also partially attributed to western drone and intel sources. Drones as forward observers is probably one of the biggest changes to how fires are done and how armies are going to fight.
  5. Yay https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-plans-russian-brain-easing-visa-rules-stem-professionals-2022-4
  6. The notion that messaging of any sort - particularly messaging showing the other side being hypocritical - matters at all is so...well, quaint. messaging hasn't mattered a ton, but it especially doesn't matter now. Policy barely matters. What matters most is anger, hatred, partisanship and charisma. Everything else is desperately hoping for some pretty day in the past that didn't really exist then either.
  7. I think almost everyone here is right (save haidt, who is almost always taking the wrong ideas from his actually good data) and yall are talking about two different things. Social media didn't create fox. It didn't create the absurd obstruction Obama faced in 2010. It isn't making tucker Carlson a threat. It isn't responsible for republican goals of removing voting rights, women's rights, encouraging gerrymandering or being in general illiberal. Facebook didn't make the Redmap project work. All of that is simply rich people buying the government in ways they want and systematically removing those obstacles, while using affective polarization, natural gaming of the electoral system and ideologically controlled media to keep people largely aligned. Now, where social media has done a good job in is escalating radicalization. Things are in danger of being more violent, as we have seen quite a few times. They'll continue that way. More people are going towards violent white supremacy, violent militias, etc. But that isn't the same thing as how Republicans are pushing for a one party authoritarian state.
  8. Some interesting reporting on how western Intel allowed Ukraine to do some pretty remarkable things - like shooting down a transport plane carrying hundreds of Russian troops. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/us-intel-helped-ukraine-protect-air-defenses-shoot-russian-plane-carry-rcna26015
  9. This is also a good thread on a lot of the problems, including the one I zeroed in on - the more transparent the algorithms are, the easier it is to game and exploit, especially by hostile and shitty actors. There's a reason that Google used to make a lot of their signals open and then took that away- because of seo optimization bullshit.
  10. If that was what I was saying I think that'd be reasonable. I'm saying that the specific policies in place will add more harassment specifically for journalists, and even more so for minorities. It won't be equally affecting - it will be significantly targeted toward those users.
  11. I suspect given how much he hated media and journalists it will be if anything even worse to journalists. This is the guy who cancelled a reporters tesla order for being rude to him.
  12. That's true only if you're willing to traumatize massive amounts of people who are moderating content. The idea of doing that completely without any automated tools is remarkably painful to think about.
  13. Not due to different moderation policies. Come on, man, you're better than that! There's research that shows people of all areas - including journalists - are chased off platforms when moderation becomes more lenient and bots are allowed to flourish. I'll try and find the specific work tonight, but there's a very large amount of research about exactly the proposals that Musk is wanting to do and exactly how they change things. There's good research and examples of news areas that are similarly purchased that show the same kinds of things. But here's a real world example of Musks policy goals - he deployed starlink to Ukraine. Russia almost immediately started using it to send propaganda and bots at Ukrainians and others in the area. He outright refused to stop it as an example of free speech absolutism.
  14. Could be! Or I could be talking about an industry I actually do work in and how lax moderation makes it super easy to chase people off permanently, and how Twitter- as shitty as it is - is at least functional. And musk announced policies - of tiered membership, releasing algorithms, and less moderation - are all tried things and all resulted in massive exodus of minorities in the places it was tried. Like there's research and everything!
  15. They'll likely either go to substack or simply quit. I don't think people who haven't been harassed understand how bad it can be - and how a libertarian guy who shitposts and trolls and already was a racist will make things so much worse for minority views.
  16. Those journalists are gonna get a lot more harassment and spam. And many - especially minority reporters - will be chased off.
  17. Thr main way is likely by removing or eroding the poor safeguards already in place to combat harassment. That is the main thing elon doesn't like existing on the site.
  18. That makes sense to me. I also suspect some of their probing attacks are due to their continued lack of control cohesion and command. It could be that simply they think that's what they need to be doing or at least their commanders do, especially in places like Kherson where they aren't quite as linked up with the rest of the major forces. I would say that in general the Russian forces still appear to be heavily decentralized and uncoordinated. They also appear to have lost the initiative and in many places are reacting to Ukrainian behaviors. But they're also in great defensive positions and have the umbrella of significant air power while near that border, so Ukraine can't just go in and attack heavily. Ukraine doesn't have a great mobile AA system that can give their land forces cover, and they can't attack broadly enough.
  19. That's not really how modern warfare works. By this token Desert Storm was completely stopped. Until it wasn't. Modern warfare doesn't inch forward. It starts with softening up targets, removing AA and fires and other support, weakening logistics - all from long range attacks. Intel and imagery is used instead of probing attacks to find weak points or understand when the enemy is degraded. Then you mobilize quickly, with the goal of moving everything up so that you can start on the next hardpoint again - or break through completely, though that sort of thing is significantly harder with combined arms. Right now Russia doesn't appear to be doing any kind of major mobilization and is instead using heavy fires to soften targets.
  20. Moon knight was cute but also seriously wtf
  21. So they're built really sturdy and solid. They tend to be quite adjustable for gaming chairs. The big win is their padding, which is really great - doesn't heat up, compresses well, and does great for adding support for sitting a long time. I personally prefer the mesh back because I like airflow more, but this was a major second choice.
  22. Secretlab chairs are very much worth the hype and the money. Only thing that I've found that is better is Herman Miller.
  23. I mean, I guess there is an option - we can tell Ukraine that they can go fucking die and give them nothing and let them die a whole bunch. That is a choice too! I just don't know why this would be considered a reasonable or good one. Ain't like it'd stop Ukrainian civilian deaths. I guess it might stop some random buildings being blown up? Ah, there ya go. It's the absolute best choice to advocate for if your biggest concern is for the Russian soldiers and their lives. Now it makes sense.
  24. It wasn't just considered- it was in one of the demos. But they cut it and later said that it basically meant you couldn't have walls you could dynamically interact with or have architecture behaviors AND do wall running - essentially you need a lot of flat boring walls to wallrun - so they cut it. There's a mod that brought it back, but that's a good example of something that they cut not because it wasn't technically feasible but because it made the game worse, at least to them.
  25. I'm especially interested in the parallels here of how Russians genuinely believed they would be viewed as liberators and how this is so similar to US wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Something even I believed at one point. For those who think how insane it is that Russians would think this way - how many US folks still think Afghanistan needs to be liberated?
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