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  1. I think Syril is really turned on by women who sneer.
  2. But what is James Cameron going to do with 3 billion monkeys?
  3. Just in case anyone was wondering, Trump Is Not Actually Dead. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trumpisdead-hoax-twitter/
  4. Fantastic view from the booster cam of the other booster landing.
  5. Wonder Man: Yahya Abdul-Mateen Tapped To Lead Marvel Series For Disney+ and Trevor Slatterly (Ben Kingsley) will be part of it.
  6. I can't remember getting a good look at Arrax's head. Will have to go back some time and try to freeze frame it. Most certainly.
  7. I think Scot should skip the LED and go straight to a projector system with a 80 ft screen he can unreel outside his house, and entertain the neighbourhood kids with scary movies from the 80s.
  8. NASA now saying Artemis IV mission will notionally include a crewed landing on the Moon with Starship HLS. https://twitter.com/SpcPlcyOnline/status/1586126683471593474?s=20&t=auxcclAuiMX0lDMg2CVD_A On Tuesday SpaceX is aiming to launch Falcon Heavy after a 40 month gap. Angry Astronaut gives a run down of why FH hasn't been used all that much, and why that is about to change with the version 2 variant of Starlink.
  9. Apparently there is a script floating around for Colin Trevorrow's canned Episode 9 called Duel of the Fates, and someone turned it into an animated short film:
  10. If you want to go all conspiracy theory about the Gunn move, the guy who fired Gunn from Marvel before GG3 is the same guy who hired him to co-CEO DC Studios: Alan Horn.
  11. I'm trying to understand the timeline... GRRM said they knew HBO was going ahead with HOTD so Random House told him to finish F&B, he announced it was delivered in April 2018, and then it was published in November 2018. So if he took a month to write it, let's say some time in February 2018 was the first he knew HOTD was coming, at the latest. But HOTD didn't get the straight-to-series order announced until October 2019, the same month Bloodmoon was cancelled. Why was he so sure it was coming 20 months earlier when another series was in production? There were something like 5 others contenders, most of which derived from F&B too, so perhaps in the recent interview GRRM was talking more generally to Random House of the idea of a F&B based follow-up show, rather than about HOTD specifically.
  12. Outside the UK, Doctor Who is now licensed to stream on Disney+. The article also mentions Gatwa is officially the 15th Doctor, so Tennant's current incarnation must be the 14th...
  13. Election day. No chance of anyone but Brown winning mayor in Brampton but at least I didn't have to vote strategically for the other corrupt right-winger. She wasn't even in 2nd place in the most recent poll two weeks ago. Maybe one of my choices for councillor or trustee will pull through. And now for Diwali fireworks tonight when I'm trying to sleep. Apparently it's enough to turn the air quality warning to red for a few hours.
  14. Hadn't realized Natali was director for The Peripheral. Anybody start watching it yet?
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