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  1. I don't know in the moment she's thinking logically, but rather from her emotions. It would be nice if she had a White Ajah friend to help her through the logic afterwards.
  2. I know who you are talking about, I watch them. They're not even fantasy fans in general but just loving the show. Now they're planning to go to the next WOTCon cosplaying as Lanfear and Liandrin. Their husbands are book-fans.
  3. There was an indigenous premier of NWT in the 80s, an Inuk one currently for Nunavut, and a Metis one in Manitoba the 1800s, but this is good. First First Nations identifying premier of a Canadian province.
  4. That owl-like bird at the end looks like the one on the Mortis Gods' Daughter's shoulder here.
  5. Well, Ihvon isn't masked like Maksim is, so Allanna should know he's ok.
  6. Yes, that looks deliberate but who knows. Also, Maksim votes with Ihvon to follow Tomas. Later we do see Tomas with Verin, Moiraine and Rand, and then Alanna jogs up with Maksim but no Ihvon.
  7. The thing is that actor is a huge fan of the books and might have slipped it in to troll all of us.
  8. She signs up for the foreign exchange program with the University of Rhuidean. Maybe Rand uses a Portal Stone to get to Rhuidean, only to see Egwene who has been raised Accepted in the mean time already there when he arrives 3 years later.
  9. It also ought to make the psychohistory equations more acccurate, sort of like making Cleon the anti-Mule.
  10. Some trivia: Gitara was played by original Parent Trap actress Haley Mills.
  11. ‘Christian activist’ calls for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to be ‘hung’
  12. Judkins has spoken about it a number of times, including: https://x.com/rafejudkins/status/1550293845090308098?s=20
  13. Third season is wholly book 4. This season already combined books 2 and 3, and Rand doesn't need Callandor yet. That might happen in season 4 after he has the Aiel with him. But they clearly only have budget for one or two new cities per season and that's definitely Caemlyn and Rhuidean. There's nothing about the plot in any of these books that has to happen the same way. The wondergirls don't need to pursue the Black Ajah to Tear, they can go anywhere for that, or they don't actually to pursue the BA at all yet. It would make more sense some senior Aes Sedai pursue the BA, and fail repeatedly against them, before the wondergirls get into that.
  14. For sure. They're not going to Tear next season. Ingtar is probably the one to fight Turak, and sheathe the sword to get the win.
  15. In the moment I was hoping Rand would shield Lanfear, having learned it from Ishy's weave, and leave her tied off for Siuan to take back to the White Tower for trial and execution (before the Black Ajah break her free, of course, but they'd need a male Forsaken or Taim to unshield her).
  16. Orphan Black: Echoes sold to ITV (for their ITVX platform) in the UK and NBCUniversal's SyFy channel across Europe. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/orphan-black-sequel-series-itv-1235601783/ Maybe we'll get a release date soon?
  17. Now we know, Baylon is trying to defeat Vecna. Even Thrawn and Queen Nightsister are scared of him and his demigorgons. Vecna is better at the Force than anyone.
  18. What an amazing, A-list cast... in such a B-movie premise. I'm going to guess the part at the end when Bryce goes into to meet the real Agent Argylle, it's not Henry Cavill, but Jason Sudeikis.
  19. I don't think they'll have Callandor in Cairhien, but I think its possible the Aiel will sack the palace like they did the Stone of Tear in the books, and then however Rand gets to Falme (portal stone, gateway, waygate, skimming), will be going with him to fight the Seanchan. They haven't set this up at all though. But Judkins keeps talking about how this season is combining books 2 and 3, and I don't see how yet but this idea came to me as a good way to do that. My rationale for the Aiel attacking the palace is that having another Damodred on the throne of Cairhien might offend them enough to stomp Barthanes. Judkins answering questions on twitter now that the WGA strike is over:
  20. Why? The previous episode introduce the concept already. Renna, representing the whole Seanchan system, as a representative of Hawkwing, is definitely appropriate to refer to as the Eyes Without Pity.
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