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  1. Except we see from the party that Selene took Rand to, and met Anvaere, that they don't all wear blue and gold to everything, and formal affairs least so, it appears.
  2. They were calling it the Blue Wedding last night on the Dusty Wheel youtube live chat. Not sure why blue in particular.
  3. I imagine they'll smooth out the Perrin/Whitecloak conflict over the whole series instead of making it relatively absent in the middle slog. I can't see them killing Morgase because she is the most appropriate judge for his trial, but I imagine modifications to it so she's not quite so removed from everyone else's storyline for so long. Perhaps she'll end up under Seanchan rule as da'covale or something, quietly trying to start a resistance.
  4. It's only the Forerunners so far. That they can only take Toman Head or just Falme seems consistent with the books to me.
  5. LMAO The Daryl Dixon Walking Dead spin-off, All that said, it is probably the best Walking Dead spin-off they've done. I kind of dig it. I hope it holds up.
  6. All the things coming together is episode 8 of this season of Reservation Dogs made me wonder if was the series finale. Two more episodes to go though. Amusing "heist" and fun call backs to the beginning for the season and the series as a whole.
  7. Why are people so impatient? They can't throw the entire lore from 15 books at the audience at once. They'll get around to saidin / saidar in time when it becomes important for the audience to know the difference. I expect when someone is able to start teaching Rand.
  8. Maybe we'll actually get to see Mat fight Couladin on screen instead of off-page.
  9. Shohreh Aghdashloo cast as Elaida Sedai I'm still hoping they cut Cadsuane out totally. Note the video includes some plot leaks for season 3, specifically:
  10. It's structured around duality, not conflict. Various characters represent different archetypes of the same characters. As with all stories about duality, some of those archetypes represent unconscious personas, some conscious, some subconscious and liminal. Silent liminal characters represent those who stand between the conscious and unconscious world, all knowing but unable to express their vision. These can be Trickster archetypes, or Fools, or Innocents. Or all at once. That 3rd season is fantastic. NOooooooooooo don't do it! Fly you fool! They might as well have called it Zack Snyder's Rings of Power.
  11. Finished this. I never cared for Temple of Doom, so I'm placing this one as second best after the original. Haven't watched any of them in years tho, or decades even, so it's last thing watched bias. I think it was actually fairly complete if you view it as Gwen's film. She had a full arc. Miles was a long set up for his next arc, and catalyst for Gwen's.
  12. List of theaters showing Ahsoka episode 5 AMC Assembly Row 12 in Boston, MA Showing at 8 PM on September 12 AMC Showplace Village Crossing 18 in Chicago, IL Showing at 7 PM on September 12 AMC NorthPark 15 IMAX in Dallas, TX Showing at 7 PM on September 12 AMC The Grove 14 in Los Angeles, CA Showing at 5 PM on September 12 AMC Empire 25 IMAX in New York, NY Showing at 8 PM on September 12 AMC Disney Springs 24 with Dine-in Theaters in Orlando, FL Showing at 8 PM on September 12 AMC Neshaminy 24 in Philadelphia, PA Showing at 8 PM on September 12 AMC Bay Street 16 in San Francisco, CA Showing at 5 PM on September 12 AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16 in Seattle, WA Showing at 5 PM on September 12 AMC Tysons Corner 16 in Washington, DC Showing at 8 PM on September 12
  13. Surprising buzz about..... Sophie Turner?? But it's CW, so...
  14. Good buzz coming out of TIFF for Anna Kendrick's directorial debut film.
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