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  1. PetyrPunkinhead

    Deadpool 2 (SpoilyourbreechesstupidautofillAway)

    I feel like DP wearing Cher's infamous "Turn Back Time" outfit was a missed opportunity. And I don't consider myself prudish, but was anyone else thrown back when Cable dropped the c-bomb? Unexpectedly jarring. Overall it was a fun film and the use of X-Force was the best misdirection of a trailer since the Hulk in Infinity War. However, I've two big complaints: the thought of DP as a dad was out of character and the whole afterlife sequences. Both really took me out of the film. I know the whole 4th wall stuff is just in Wade's fragmented, cancer riddled brain, but it throw in the time travel and it's all just kind of a mess.
  2. PetyrPunkinhead

    Deadpool 2: Cross Universe Casting

    That is magnificent! I forgot all about that scene in Wolverine and didn't even realize they were parodying it in the DP2 trailer. I just thought it was a funny gag on its own. So looking forward to seeing X-Force in action on Thursday!
  3. Heh. That's a funny thought. However, I took that line as a slight dig at the current real world socio-political landscape. *cough*trump*cough*
  4. PetyrPunkinhead

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Yes, I forgot all about that tag at the very end. Absolutely right. And I agree the Witch/Vision romance was never something I was crazy for in the comics and it was probably the least interesting aspect of the film for me.
  5. It would be so epic if the S5 finale (possible series finale) tied into Infinity War in a big way. But I feel like based on the past treatment of AoS by the film producers our band of agents are on their own. And I'm (mostly) okay with that. But still, one of the great things about this show in the first two seasons was how well it blended in with the MCU. The show's writers really picked up and made some great storylines apart from the MCU, but I feel like the show doesn't live up to its full potential without interacting more in the plots and characters of the MCU. Eh. We'll all see in three weeks how it plays out.
  6. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    I'll admit, that scene with Maggie Corrleone Rhee was so bad I blocked it from my memory. Yeah, very poorly handled baiting there. I don't like how they handled Daryl overall this season. It's like once he escaped the Saviors last season the writers didn't know what to do with him. I guess now that Dwight is gone they'll give Daryl comic-book Dwight's storyline form the comics. Maybe he'll take over The Sanctuary. Unfortunately, I think you're right. I wonder if they'll do the time jump like in the comic? My guess is they will, but it'll be the S9 mid-season premiere. I think we'll see the communities get set up post-AOW, Negan placed in his cell, and the aforementioned mishegoss in the front end of S9.
  7. PetyrPunkinhead

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Agreed, I think they did a good job of showing Thanos is not killing because he wants or likes to kill, he's doing it because he feels he has to. It's his self-imposed duty. And one of the reasons this is one of the best superhero films (Possibly top 5--gotta re-watch it before I go that bold with my love for Infinity War) is that by the end of the film you realize the villain was the protagonist of this film all along. It even had that "happy ending" with Thanos smiling at a sunset. His job was done--the universe was saved. That perspective definitely will make for interesting multiple viewings of this film.
  8. PetyrPunkinhead

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    So we all know everyone who "faded" isn't gone for good, especially with GotGv3 and Spidey 2 already slated. So how do we think they're coming back? Danvers/Capt. Marvel likely will play the Adam Warlock roll from the comics in taking the gauntlet back to "Reset" everything in the 616. Or...there is one theory going around that MCU Phase IV will include the introduction of the multiverse. Maybe that's how we get X-Men & Fantastic Four introduced. I don't think it's any coincidence the original team members remain. This makes the upcoming sequel much more streamlined and likely means some (or all) of the original six avengers will die in order to get back the half of the universe Thanos phased out.
  9. Well, I can't disagree with you more about the ending. I loved it. I feel like Dave Filloni felt really burned by having Clone Wars yanked form under him, so he ended Rebels while he had the power to do so on his own terms. I can respect that. And as for leaving Throawn, Ahsoka, and Ezra's stories "open" I don't feel that way. This series was always about Lothal, and that story got told. I'm sure we'll get another animated series from Dave Filloni, and you can bet the Rebels cast will be a part of it. I'm just not sure how big a part. My wish is we get a sort of anthology series that takes place parallel to the original trilogy timeline. A sort of "Tales of the Rebellion" show where we could have an episode featuring Sabine, or Hera, or Zebb, Kalus, maybe Boba Fett & some bounty hunter episodes, an Ezra arc, a Thrawn arc, etc. but also introduce some new characters. However, that's not likely to happen. But it should. And as for your "love for Star Wars is rapidly changing to hate. Since Disney bought the franchise, I have only bad words about it," I cannot say the same for myself. However, I can empathize. Since TLJ I've felt a severe blow to my love of Star Wars. Rebels & Rogue One have been great additions, IMHO. A lot of the books and comics have been getting high praise from fans, too. I haven't read any except the Thrawn novel (meh) and the first volume of the Darth Vader comic at Marvel. (ranges from meh to awesome)
  10. PetyrPunkinhead

    Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Spoilers

    Just finally got around to finishing S4, and I gotta say I agree with you that the show felt like it was running outta steam. Also agreed that Adrian Brody was really kinda meh. The whole toothpick thing and that Corleone impression was a bit much. Wish they would've made his character unique instead a mash-up of mobster cliches from previous films and TV shows. (If anything this season made me want to revisit Boardwalk Empire.) Aidan "Littlefinger" Gillan as Aberama Gold was a nice yet sadly underused addition to the cast. I got a feeling he and Bonnie will show up next season though, and hopefully he'll have a better wig. Tom Hardy's Alfie Solomons had some of the best lines. Mixed feelings about how he, again, sold out the Shelby's. That beach ending was perfect for his character though. Good luck, Cyril! Michael was fucking useless this season. That whole "twist" on Pol's betrayal was weird. Why wouldn't Pol let Michael in on the plan? This plot point felt like a real contrivance. That third act in S4E6 was weird. So Tommy tells Eden after dinner that he wants to be part of the Communist party again and then goes on "holiday" for three months, has a bout of, um, "delayed PTSD" (?), sends her a letter, and BOOM in the sack as if it's a week later. WTF? So S5 is gonna be the final season? Hopefully the whole communist revolution plot doesn't drag and Agent Double OBE, Thomas Shelby has some interesting adventures before he gets his inevitable comeuppance.
  11. PetyrPunkinhead

    A Growing indifference To Cinema Going

    Yeah, it's not cheap to hit the theater for sure. It can get cost prohibitive especially if you're paying for more than one person. But high ticket prices and inconsiderate or obnoxious movie-goers (OMGs) are complaints that've been around since they started making talkies. In my area I try to reduce the likelihood of encountering OMGs by choosing the time, day, and theater to best match the type of movie I'm going to see. For example, if it's a horror film--expect asshole adolescents at pretty much any nighttime showing on the first two weekends. Guaranteed. Or if it's a superhero film and you go to any showing before 8PM--then expect kids in the theater. But it's a unique experience, going to the cinema, and I love it. I'm the type of person who loves IMAX and IMAX 3D (when done right) and will pay the premium price for that experience. My friend has one of these and has been on me for a bit now to get one. I'm definitely gonna get one this month as I'll make my money back rewatching Infinity War alone.
  12. PetyrPunkinhead

    Am I Ready, Player One?

    I never read the book (Yes, I know. I know. 'Tis nerdgasmic. I must read it.) but I enjoyed the hell outta this film. I saw this in IMAX 3D and had an absolute blast. I'm definitely going to see this again on the big screen before it leaves theaters. It's really not about the characters or plot but basically just enjoying seeing what happens when Steven Spielberg gets to do a pop culture mash-up with a couple hundred milly.
  13. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    S8E14: *Yup. That whole Jadis/Negan storyline was filler BS. Regarding the helicopter and the whole story with them in general, to quote Negan, "No, seriously. What the shit?!!?" And that had to have been Gregory he picked up in the car on the way back to Savior HQ, right? *I'm a little tired of Carol & Morgan trying to save each other. Kinda disappointed Henry didn't look at the flowers. *And congrats to Morgan and Rick for just fucking straight up murdering people. I mean, it is "WAR" and all but damn.
  14. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    1. Yeah, this "whole Tara/Dwight/Daryl" situation is kinda boring for me as well because it's an "A-Plot" with a bunch of "B-Plot" characters. Sorry, but the writing for Daryl since getting out of his Savior "A" jumpsuit has been just plain snooze-inducing. For a minute there I thought there'd be some good brotherly tension between Daryl & Rick regarding Rick's strategy with Negan, but that went no where fast. Even his reaction to Carl's death was just a road nowhere when it could've been a great scene or character moment for Daryl. 2. This is the only thing really interesting happening right now. It's got potential, but my instinct tell me it's nothing more than a plot device to keep Simon at the forefront of the Saviors (OMG! He's worse than Negan!!!) and stretch out the war for this whole season. Also it's to possibly set up Jadis to become another series regular for S9. 3. Sho' nuff it was a Kirkman device in issue #122 the comics. We can't blame him for its poor execution in the TV series though (Or can we?) since it was Rick who got shot and not Tara, thus making it much more of a cliffhanger in the comics.
  15. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Walking Dead: Season Ate (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    TWD S8E15 Honestly, even though there was a pretty big battle, this still somehow felt like a filler episode. Not nearly enough Jesus & Michonne during that battle. I also felt like Jesus (or someone form Hilltop) should've taken the keys outta the trucks so the Saviors couldn't escape. Dwight also should've murked Simon with that arrow. My guess is Dwight's arrows weren't still tainted, so Tara isn't infected. (It was her he shot, right?) Sadiq is kind of a shit doctor if he didn't see the infection coming on before they turned, no? There must be some heavy ass sleepers in Hilltop. This whole Jadis having Negan is throwing a possibly interesting twist into the plot that wasn't in the comics. Have to see where it goes to know for sure though. Not really. In the comics post-AOW Rick imprisons Negan (causing static with Maggie "The Widow" Rhee--ugh, I cringed when she said that out loud in the latest episode) and they time-jump in the comics to that "vision" Carl had in the show about the future where Rick walks with a cane and has a long beard. Negan is roaming about in Carl's vision on the show, but that's not the case in the comics. In the comic Negan is jailed for a long time and tries hard to win over Rick's trust, which he eventually does. Negan is then a key element in defeating the next group of fucked up humans Rick's community must face--the Whisperers. *dunh-dunh-dunnnnh*