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  1. PetyrPunkinhead

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (spoilers)

    Based on the trailers I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. I’m not too familiar with the Manson/Sharon Tate murders, so that aspect of the movie did not interest me very much. However, this film really surprised me by mostly being about westerns. If you grew up watching old westerns from the 50s and 60s or, like me, had a father who did so (and continues to watch them on basic cable), then there’s going to be a lot here for you. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood... is a love letter to the era of these types of TV shows/films and the people who made them. Brad Pitt is his usual affable self, and basically plays Aldo the Apache if he would’ve been a stunt man. DiCaprio, however, delivers another Oscar worthy performance. The way he’s able to turn on a dime with emotions in a single scene is pretty astounding. Agreed on all accounts. Unfortunately, being offended is easy work for a lot of people these days--and business is a boomin'.
  2. PetyrPunkinhead


    Agreed! Two things set S2 behind S1 for me--and this B-story with his son was one of them. The other was how it became more of a procedural than an examination of different serial killers psyches and the teams attempts to understand and categorize them.
  3. Well, I finished S6. No lie, I fell asleep during the finale. I had to rewatch the last 15 minutes or so when I woke up. It's just so predictably meh. I mean, was anyone surprised at all by who popped up at the end? All these "fake" deaths just lessen the impact of these characters. Now they've done three "dead-not dead!" characters in one episode alone. *sigh* I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for this series to be done already. Feige never wanted this show, and he's done his damndest since S3 to keep SHIELD outta the MCU. Now he's finally got his way with Disney+ where he has creative control over the MCU TV tie-ins, so SHIELD is now kinda like the MCU sibling no one wants to acknowledge. SHIELD went from Ivanka in S1-2 to DJ in S3-5 and now it's basically Tiffany. I just hope they let it go out with some semblance of dignity.
  4. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    So here's my updated. List I rearranged a few things and combined Letterkenny into one slot like someone suggested. Honestly, GoT S8 is only so high up because of the series overall. It's also the only show on the list where I've re-watched every episode of the season, so there must be something in there I liked. OITNB S7 might've made the Top 10 if it wasn't for those last few episodes. 1. Escape at Dannemora 2. Stranger Things 3 3. Umbrella Academy – S1 4. Game of Thrones – S8 5. Good Omens – S1 6. Legion – S2 7. Barry – S2 8. Catastrophe – S4 9. Good Place – S3 10. Letterkenny S3-6 11. Crashing – S3 12. After Life – S1 13. Veep – S7 14. Russian Doll – S1 15. The Boys – S1 16. Single Parents – S1 17. Losers – S1 18. Gentleman Jack – S1 19. OITNB – S7 20. The Orville – S2 21. Love, Death & Robots – S1 22. Black Mirror – S5 23. True Detective – S3 24. Arrested Development –S5.2 25. Watership Down (2018) 26. TWD – S9.2 27. Tidying Up w/ Marie Kondo – S1 28. SNL 44 29. Punisher – S2 30. Huge in France – S1 31. Ted Bundy Tapes 32. Slobby’s World – S1 33. Dr. Pimple Popper 34. Assassination of Gianni Versace
  5. Now that Orange Is The New Black is no more, I had some thoughts. I was surprised there was no previous thread for it here, so why not make a SPOILER thread for all of us that sat through the seven seasons with these characters. Here are some SPOILER comments on the good/great things I liked about S7 broken down by characters. •Taystee She had maybe the best written arc of the season. How she turned tragedy and despair into hope with the micro loans program came about in a believable way. I’m glad that Poussey came back for one last scene in a flashback, too. I dug that character and it was actually a well written and performed scene. •Piper Her struggle adjusting to life on parole was engaging, informative, and heartfelt. That last scene with Larry seemed forced though. TV show Piper & her time behind bars is vastly different than the real woman who inspired the series, so I don’t mind at all her not writing the memoir at the end like a modern day Ponyboy in Outsiders. I like how the last scene of the series was with her and Alex. However, they took that relationship on so many twists this season that I was kinda rooting for her to go with Zelda rather than Alex at the end there. •Nicky She had one of the best character arcs overall, not just for the season but for the series in general. The actress who plays her is phenomenal, and if you haven’t seen her in the show Russian Dolls then I highly suggest it. •Blanca I feel like this was one of the breakout characters for me in the series. And she got a hefty amount of screen time in the final season—except for the final episode, but I’ll stay positive here. Even though her journey through the legal system was rushed in the final episode, I love how she ended back with Diablo. That last scene with the two of them was OITNB at its best—humorous and heartbreaking all at the same time. •Flaca She went from being someone totally shallow and self-absorbed to being an actual human being with compassion and empathy. She was well handled for a minor character. •Florida Women (Except Doggett) Red, Frieda, Morello, Lolly (Lori Petty’s character), & Suzanne all had a good season. They all experienced tragedy and humor true to their characters. Tiffany Doggett was on track for maybe the best arc of the season until the last two episodes. Utter. Fucking. Bullshit. (Sorry not sorry about going negative on that one!) •Mendoza & Ruiz Episodes on both of their back stories were fantastic. I feel like Mendoza had the most winding road for a character emotionally. Both are complicated women and I think the endings they got served their characters well. Here is my take on OITNB S7 as a whole. Overall S7 veered way too much towards issues rather than characters, which is nothing new for the show—looking at you S5. This final season had some really, really great character moments and character development, but then it just kinda shat all over them in the last two episodes—even the new ICE characters. If you take someone on a journey with characters through seven years, you owe ALL of those characters a fair ending. S7 focused on ICE so much that the writers had to rush in the final two episodes to try and give the series regular cast an attempt at endings. And a surprising number of characters were either ignored or given very vague final scenes. Oh, and what about all the characters that were jettisoned from the show back in S4 after the riot? Well, they get basically cameos in the series finale. A few even get lines of dialogue. But honestly, not one character gets even remotely close to the great finale Poussey Washington got back in S5. And that’s disappointing—knowing a show is capable of melding emotion and social commentary so brilliantly in a single character yet failing to do that again after 26 more tries over two seasons. One of the things that impressed me about the show early on is how the guards and prison admins were also main characters that were real people and not just caricatures. We don’t get that so much in S7. Fig & Caputo get a great deal of screen time and have pretty good seasons until the last few episodes. Also the new Warden Ward gets a good number of scenes, but she is unevenly used mainly to show how the prison system eats up and disposes any “good” people. The remainder of the guards and Polycon reps remain one dimensional, self-serving characters. If you look at OITNB S7, and the entire show itself, its sum total is greater than the parts that make it up. The show had more potential than it ever truly achieved in the end. Instead of continually reaching across lines to bring new understanding to social issues through characters and their lives, it unwaveringly always leaned to the far left and pandered to the base. But it did try. And it was funny. And there were characters I cared about. So good on ya, OITNB. OITNB S7 Grade = B OITNB Series Grade = A-
  6. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Boys (Amazon)

    I remember meeting Darick Robertson at a small convention in New Orleans back in 2010. I was a big fan of the comic and he mentioned they were "in talks" to turn it into a movie. Nearly a decade later we get a pretty good TV adaptation. My biggest complaint about the adaptation is how The Boys are handled. Hughie is great. Love how they handled Wee Hughie being a 6" American as opposed to a 5"5' Scotsman. Love that Simon Pegg stayed true to his word from ages ago and played Hughie's da'. They even got him to say, "Jings!" once. Magic. Frenchie was also well cast and I like how they've handled him so far. I love Karl Urban as an actor, but I'm really just not buying him as Butcher from the comics. MM I also expected to be much bigger physically, but the actor does a decent enough job in the part. I also ain't such a fan of how the team isn't an officially sanctioned unit in the TV show. There's enough good action and story from the comics without adding the element of The Boys being on the run from the law and Homelander/Vought/The Seven. Also wish they would've kept The Female's name a secret for a bit longer like in the comic. But that's just a small nitpicky complaint. As much as I dislike the changes for The Boys from the comic, I conversely really liked the different directions the show took Vought & The Seven form the comic. Casting is great all around and I dig the twist they put in with The Homelander and Butcher. Looking forward to seeing where they go in S2 and hopefully some more worldbuilding.
  7. Great finales (in no particular order): * Breaking Bad - one of the greatest ever. I can't believe it hasn't been mentioned yet! * Star Trek: TNG - It was so good you almost wish the story ended there for these characters and not with that awful last film. * Six Feet Under - One of the best time jump forwards for a finale or any episode ever; damn emotional * The Wire - someone else mentioned the ending montage, and it's great. * The Shield - also mentioned prior; poetic justice * Mad Men - an ending that was emotional and made you think a bit * The Leftovers - mostly just two characters talking yet so much feels * Veep - this last season got overshadowed by GoT, but it was fantastic and so was the finale--it had all the sardonic humor but also a touch of emotion there * Last Airbender & Legend of Korra: Thanks to @Underfoot for reminding me about these! Korra had a shaky last season, but the finale was excellent. Good Finales (flawed, but more good than bad): Friends, The Office, Justified, Game of Thrones (it was good, not great, not horrible--good.) How I met Your Mother (I don't get the hate for it here--it's always been a show about Robin & Ted--that's how it should've ended. Dead mom. Step-mom/Aunt Robin. Ha!) Dare Devil (It wasn't meant to be a series finale yet works as one--all except for that last scene teasing Bullseye) LOST (Missed great by that much.), Sopranos (ugh, that ambiguous cut to black was a complete cop-out), Battle Star Gallactica (I had to watch it a few times for it to grow on me but it did. Still not crazy about how Starbuck went out.) West Wing (It was a great show, one of the first I ever binged--back on DVD before binging was a thing we had a name for, and the final season was good but not as great as previous--would've liked to see how Sorkin would've ended it) News Room (I dug it. Sorkin had something to say about the state of the media and he said it. Probably could've been done in two seasons, but I dug the characters, so I didn't mind the filler) Bad Finales: Dexter (maybe the worst ending for a great show ever done) Seinfeld (love the show, hated the finale) Alias (such a disappointing wrap up to the whole Rambaldi plot) Luke Cage (What happens when you get canceled on a cliffhanger that leaves your protagonist at a point completely 180 degrees from where he started? A terrible finale.)
  8. PetyrPunkinhead

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    He killed the woman he loved. Betrayed his word. He's shook. And is he going to get to live with the Wildings? That was kind of ambiguous. He was wearing the black, riding a horse. Maybe he was just escorting them and had to return to Castle Black?
  9. PetyrPunkinhead

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    Damn. That is a bittersweet ending for ol' Jon. More bitter than sweet, I'd say though. And, yeah, totes bitter for Daeny, but we all knew that was coming.
  10. He saw Drogon flying over KL beofre it happened. He also implied he knew Tyrion was gonna call for him to be king. Unless that was a joke, and he doesn't seem like the joking type.
  11. PetyrPunkinhead

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Harsh. But hilarious.
  12. Well, my predictions were almost totally off--all except for Daeny. Glad to see her get a chance to go full on mini-Nazi there before Jon stabbed her and somehow convinced Drogon it was the throne that killed her. Wow. Bran is a total fuckboi. He set this shit up from the get go. (I'm only half joking here, but seriously, it all kinda worked out too perfectly for him and Sansa there.)
  13. PetyrPunkinhead

    Ghost & Tormund - A Spin-Off/Successor

    Let's keep it real, we don't want this show--we need this show. I'm seeing S1 of Tormund & Ghost following our two titular characters getting over the heartbreak of Brienne & Jon choosing others by finding friendship in each other. And then it evolves. Maybe like The Wire it could tackle a different aspect of the true north each season.
  14. PetyrPunkinhead

    Title of the last episode

    Too late. Rian Johnson already did that. :/
  15. Nah, she's gone to the dark side. I feel like it's all gonna get messy-deathy for Daeny in the finale.