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  1. I'm re-discovering Jimmy Eat World recently. It's one of those bands that I forgot how many songs of theirs I actually knew until I heard a playlist of their stuff on a streaming site. Here's an acoustic mix from NPR Tiny Desk a few months ago. "The Middle" is around the 7minute mark, and the lyrics of that song definitely ring true during these quarantine times.
  2. Ditto. I just watched it again tonight before S8E5, and I liked it more on the second viewing when I didn't have expectations. I also was able to adjust the setting on my TV to see a bit more clearly this time. I give it an 8/10, since it was indeed suspenseful and epic in execution yet it was not as emotionally impactful as some other great battles in the show (Blackwater Bay, Hardhome, & Battle of the Bastards)
  3. I've always thought Emilia's performance of Daeny is one of the reasons I've liked the character so much. I never thought she was a bad actress. I mean that look on her face when she decides to burn KL, so much is there on her face--the pain, hurt, rage. Riveting. As for "is she truly mad" question--it really depends on your definition of crazy. She crossed a substantial line. She became everything she hated in a ruler--she became Cersei. I don't Daeny as going back or gaining any redemption in a way like Theon managed to do.
  4. Worst thing about Daeny becoming the Mad Queen is that it means Cersei fucking won. She turned The Breaker of Chains into Cersei "Evil-Petty-Ass" Lannister. The green bursts of wildfyre throughout the city evoked how Cersei did the same exact thing to her enemies in S6 when she destroyed her enemies at the cost of innocent lives and the destruction of a part of King's Landing. It also reminded me of how Daeny's father's wishes for the Lannister sack of KL during Robert's Rebellion were being now being enacted by his daughter.
  5. Well damn. The Mad Queen. Damn. I knew it was not likely Daeny would survive this series, but I didn't think she'd go out like this--the death of the Breaker of Chains and the birth of The Mad Queen. She did exactly what her father set out to do. Damn. It's like that line from Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. So I'm definitely going to have to re-watch this one one or two more times. Just the shock of it all was a bit too much to process. They kept giving us hints that Daeny may turn since S7, but I thought those were just red herrings--like the whole Sansa v Arya v Littlefinger subplot from S7.
  6. 7/10 I was hoping for a bit more action in the opening since it's been two years since any new GoT. However, I really dug how they tried to give the first episode of the last season symmetry to the first episode of the first season.--both with plot points and character interactions. Looking forward to a pretty epic throwdown in S8E2 though.
  7. Oh snap! I didn't even realize S21 had started! From the comments though it looks like I didn't miss much. :/ Shame, I thought S20 was fantastic. *edit* Just watched S21E01 and I agree, it was pretty lackluster. There were a few choice items on Cartman's shopping list that I'll add to my insult rotation though.
  8. 9/10 for me. A good deal new was learned--Jon's true name, Cersei's plan with Euron, what happens when the NK reanimates a dragon, how The Wall looks tumbling down, what it looks like when KINT and his aunt bump nasties, and how LF dies. All that coupled with the great Dragon Pitt scene/reunions and you've got a winning episode in my book. I guess technically now that the Dothraki are on Westeros that's true. It felt like it came 3 episodes too late. Basically the whole LF/Arya/Sansa plot was drawn out drama that was well telegraphed and led to a very predictable conclusion. The whole dagger plot was just glossed over in the litany of LF's crimes. It felt a bit anticlimactic. It's a subpar scene in terms of writing compared to S1-5; however, in terms of performance, it is on point. And with all that being said, I liked seeing the Starks score a win.
  9. That last bit was nearly unBEARable. But yeah, I thought Thoros for sure was gonna go and possibly Jorah or Tormund. Thoros gone makes Baeric's role as a possible AA more tenuous. And Tormund damn near went. But I guess Jorah needs to stay around for plot reasons as tension between Jon and Daeny's budding romance.
  10. Wow, very interesting results on the pole for this episode. It's one of the more heavily weighted episodes in the negative column in a while. One of the things that made it less exciting is how by the numbers and "trope-ish" this episode was. One of the great things about GoT is how it subverts audience expectations by veering from the usual action story tropes. I feel like a lot of the events were predicted even before the leaks (Gracias, HBO.) occurred: Daeny saves the day, NK gets a zombie dragon, Thoros dies,
  11. 10/10 It's the reunion episode! Plus some of the best damn dragon CGI in the history of ever. Maybe even better than last week, as we got a lot of closeups with Drogon this episode. I felt the power of Drogon on screen when Jon was reaching out his hand. Goosebumps! So many great moments for all of our main players in this episode. And two great lines for the fans with Davos' rowing comment and Gilly almost spilling the beans about Jon's lineage to Sam. Also, I never knew Jon meeting Gendry was a scene I wanted, but I'm certainly glad we got it.
  12. Struggled between either an 8 or 9 but went with 9 because dragon & Bronn.
  13. * Is it just me or is Davos flirting hardcore with Missandei? Ya boy better keep it in his trousers or Greyworm is likely to go Unsullied on him. * That Theon & Jon reunion was classic. * Can one of the GoT spin off's HBO is considering please be "Jon Snow: Amateur Archeologist"? * Daeny really cut Tyrion down to size after that Casterly Rock fiasco. * Y'all, I'm about done with these speechless looks from Littlefinger. Arya needs to stab his ass with that dagger already. * Bronn's gonna get his castle now for sure. If he isn't ded that is. Homeboy has a wheelchair now, so that won't be problem in the future. After his conversation with Meera I feel just the opposite. He's not Bran anymore but the Three-Eyed-Raven. Who Bran was is a part of him, but he's got a world of memories in him now and he didn't get the proper training on how to sort through them. I think that's why he's a bit wonky with people and his visions now. ("Chaos is a ladder.")
  14. Preach. He asked for it. Also, see above quote for all the justification Sansa needed to give him a quick cold shoulder.
  15. A lot of great character scenes in S7E3. I gave it an 8 for the Dragonstone scenes, Lady Olena's mic drop of an exit, and Capt. Euron Sparrow. Deducted points because the Cersei revenge scene was a bit of a let down. All talk. And also I thought the two big battles this week were anti-climactic.
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