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  1. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    Ozark – S2: A drama about the slow ebbing of an upper middle class couple’s morality as they descend into a life of crime. It’s better than Better Call Saul and a very close second to Breaking Bad. I’m curious to see how the Byrd family ends up and if it’s as tragic as what happened to the Whites. Altered Carbon – S1: Loved the Bladerunner, future noir tone of this show. It also did world building really well. I am looking forward to seeing more of this version of the future, even if it’s a completely different cast. New Girl – S7: The final season and I waited way too long to get these last eight episodes, but they were worth it. Probably the best ensemble comedy since Friends. End of the F*cking World - S1: Technically a 2017 show, but I didn’t binge it until 2018. Surprisingly good. It’s one of those shows that’s so good I almost don’t want a second season lest it taint the awesomeness that went down in season one. The Good Place – S2: No show makes me laugh and think about moral & philosophical conundrums simultaneously like this one. And the core cast of six characters is pure gold. The Orville – S1: I’m a huge ST:TNG fan, and pretty much every part of this show is a love letter to that series. I really wish Seth MacFarlane would’ve brought this to Paramount and had them set this up as cannon in the same universe as ST:TNG where The Orville was another Starfleet vessel going on missions at the same time as Picard and his crew on The Enterprise-D. Maybe even a crossover episode. Sorry, I’m digressing into fanboy fiction. Anyway, as it is, it’s still a damn fun sci-fi show. The Terror - S1: I loved the slow burn of this series. Superb cast, script, and direction. I’ve got a soft spot for historical British maritime drama, and the fact this was technically a “historical” horror series only made it more appealing to me. I spent a lot of time online reading up on the actual events and the books it was based on. Although I do wish I’d have read the book before seeing the series. Mindhunter – S1: Another “historical” drama with a solid cast and outstanding writing. Examining the darker aspects of the human mind is always more horrifying when the fiction is based on fact. Much like The Terror, this series shows that people are the scariest things out there. The Crown – S2: I actually watched some of the coverage of Prince William & Megan Markle’s wedding because it felt like I was getting a sneak peak at S5 of this show. Sad to see this cast go as they absolutely killed it. Star Wars Rebels – S4: Pretty great ending to what could’ve just been a place holder series. The last scene left the door open for some future stories with these characters that I’m very much looking forward to. Agents of SHIELD – S5: It’s only five seasons in, but it’s the granddaddy of modern MARVEL superhero TV. It was touch and go if S6 would happen, so the season finale could be a series finale, and I’d be pleased with how it all went down. But as it stands, I hope S6 will be the swan song this show & its characters deserves. Handmaid’s Tale – S2: This show continues to be a chilling dystopian(?) drama that leaves me emotionally drained more often than not after each episode. This season had some repetitive elements to it that left me feeling a bit frustrated, and I’m not really sure how much I like the season finale. (Also, much like West World S2, this season spends a lot of time making me really loathe certain characters and then expects me to turn on a dime about them in an episode and a half. WTF? No, fuck the Waterfords and the Aunts. Knives in the back for ‘em all!) American Vandal – S2: An extremely solid and satisfying number two. Comedy, suspense, drama, poop. The Toys That Made Us – S2: So 80z. Much nostalgia. GLOW – S2: An utterly satisfying follow up to the first season. Cloak & Dagger – S1: A superhero show set in my hometown of New Orleans that expertly blends the history and culture of the city into the plot and characters. There’s not a lot of superheroy action in the 10 episodes, but it’s got fantastic character development with the two leads. West World - S2: [Spoilers!] Mixed bag of feelings here, but for the most part it's frustration. I feel like Nolan & Joy are aiming to discuss some great philosophical questions—What makes us "human"? Is there a soul? What is reality? Is immortality achievable, and if so, do we lose our humanity in attaining it? However, the answers presented and even the execution of the questions themselves are uneven, to put it kindly. I know from interviews Nolan & Joy did back for S1 that they were interested in a show where humans weren't the protagonists—but it feels like they spent most of S2 trying to get me to not root for Dolores. And they did a pretty good job of it because I was hoping through the whole third act of the finale that she was really gone. I'm just not really all about rooting for a character that wants to destroy humanity. And that speech she gave "Bernardold" at the end of S2E10 was just further examples of the kind of plot-hole filled writing S2 has been about. Barry S1: What a surprisingly great dramatic comedy. Bill Hader was rightly nominated for this role for an Emmy. I never knew he had this kind of range. And Kudos to The Fonz for nailing it and snagging an Emmy himself. Oh, and the show is about a hitman who becomes an actor. It’s great. Orange Is The New Black – S6: Season five was a struggle to get through, but S6 was pretty damn solid. The new characters were interesting and the “prison war” was an interesting look at the negative effects of gang or tribal mentality. And that season finale was some bittersweet dramatic gold wrapped in a damn effective social commentary. Trial & Error S1 & S2: Both seasons of this oddball comedy that follows the faux-documentary format are great, but S2 takes the gold medal thanks to the addition of Kristin Chenoweth. Forever (2018) – S1 Lost in Space (2018) – S1 Love – S3 Letterkenny S1 & S2 The Tick (2017) – S1 Jessica Jones – S2 Last Man On Earth – S4 Brooklyn Nine-Nine – S5 Crashing – S2 Everything Sucks! – S1 Luke Cage – S2 Peaky Blinders – S4 Fear The Walking Dead – S3 Evil Genius (Netflix docu-series) Mr. Robot – S3 David Letterman, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction – S1 Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (2018) Hot Ones (Youtube) – S6 Succession – S1 Portlandia – S8 The Walking Dead – S8 Silicon Valley – S5 Arrested Development – S5 AP Bio – S1 Marching Orders – S1
  2. PetyrPunkinhead

    Comics XIII

    I read this and Dreaming #1. I was a huge (Yuuuuge) Sandman fan back in the day and even kept up with the first iteration of The Dreaming for a year or so, but both of these books left me feeling kinda humdrum and a bit "been there, done that." Maybe I was just in a mood. But I likely won't purchase issue #2 of either. I might check out the trades if the reviews are good on the first arcs though. :/
  3. PetyrPunkinhead

    Comics XIII

    Re TWD #180 & "A New World Order" I was skeptical with this arc at first, but I really enjoyed where it ended up going and what it sets up for the book in the months to come. I really liked how Michonne was the lead for the "A-story" and how it was a mostly positive arc for her. And the darker side of the Commonwealth is also a pretty harsh reflection at modern society, too. I like seeing how these characters are going though a microcosm of human evolution post-outbreak, that is from individual survival, to small groups, to tribes, then communities, and now a society.
  4. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    That and tits up. That's all I need for a teaser trailer. Well, okay, a release date would've been nice. But I'm still hyped.
  5. Damnit. I don't know how I feel about this. I hope the showrunners know for sure going in to this next 13 episode season so we don't get a cliffhanger that never gets resolved or just a meh ending like Agent Carter. But it sounds like ABC is curious in experimenting with the Netflix Marvel model by doing 13 episodes released int he summer. Now if we could only get an AOS & Defenders crossover.
  6. Stranger things are afoot at the Starcourt Mall, y'all! That add was spot on. I haven't thought about Wicks N Sticks in forever. Dang. I never would've thought that, but now you've got me wondering. It does kinda sound like it could be him putting on his best 80s American announcer voice.
  7. Clark Greg directing is great, but I've got mixed feelings about Coulson returning to the team after that send off with Mae. I'm not against it, but it'd have to be done the right way. Just not sure what that is.
  8. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    That trailer left me feeling less than enthused, but knowing this will be Lincoln's last season should (hopefully) make the actual episodes more interesting than that trailer leads us to believe.
  9. I'll be honest, when I saw your avatar I seriously considered her. But I think she's more of a "top 10" than top 5 for me. I do love me some Tina Turner though--even Beyond Thunderdome Tina. Two things. One, Lady Gaga made it on to my list the same way Madonna made it on to someone else's list: talent is fairly subjective and rankings such as these are extremely subjective. Two, how's about throwing up your own list of superb songstresses before you go planting question marks next to mine. :p I don't know. But it's a darn shame that ya did.
  10. The "Best" Voices: Adele, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, & Aretha Franklin. My personal favorite voices: Amy Winehouse, Adele, Lady Gaga, Nina Simone, & Natalie Merchant.
  11. PetyrPunkinhead

    Luke Cage II - No Spoilers

    So I finished S2 a few days ago on a long flight. A guy a row over from me asked me what I thought of it and I let out a sigh. Before I could speak he said, "Too repetitive, huh?" Yep. There was way too much CW level heel dragging and melodrama this season. We both agreed the final act of the final episode was intriguing though--enough to bring us back for S3. Not sure if this writing team can really pull it off, but maybe. Maybe. S2E1-7 spoilery stuff: S2 E8-13 spoilery comments:
  12. PetyrPunkinhead

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I agree. I saw BR2049 on an IMAX screen and was captivated. Even when Leto's boring ass character was on screen. However, I tried to watch it on HBO a few weeks ago and got bored. I've only got a 46" TV, so maybe an upgrade is in order for me, too.
  13. PetyrPunkinhead

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    I'm not sure if anyone has put forth this theory here yet, but I read this theory elsewhere that kinda made sense. What if the Delos execs know about some unstoppable future cataclysmic event that's likely to wipe out all/most of humanity (meteorite, famine, etc), so that's why they're so keen on saving the Forge & it's data? Didn't Delos also tell MIB in S2E4 that he's "dying" of a disease he cut funding for research on? Delos would've likely actually really died 25-30 years prior. to that episode though. Maybe they eliminated "all diseases" within that 25-30 year time span though.
  14. PetyrPunkinhead

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Yeah, it's set up to look like the two red gloved lackey's will try to revive/save Maeve in the park for S3. However, I'll gladly take the bet of all the money in your pockets that the writers are gonna make that a switcheroo and Host-Hale will end up being the "real" Maeve.
  15. PetyrPunkinhead

    Cloak & Dagger on (dramatic pause) Freeform *Spoilers*

    Glad you're enjoying the show too, @JEORDHl! I said it before but I'll say it again--I'm shocked by how much I like this show. Based on the promo pics and trailer I was ready to skip this, but it's definitely the show I most look forward to each week. And if they keep up this level of quality it'll probably make my Top 10 list of shows for the year. Nerdist is apparently doing an after show for this, so here's the one on S2E4 if you're interested. It has the showrunner and actress that play's Tandy's mom. (Who I just realized was Janet on the FX show Rescue Me!)