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  1. Finally caught up with all eight episodes of S5. What a fucking disappointment. I watched eight episodes with four episodes worth of plot. I feel like they took everything that was wrong with S4 and just made it worse--languid pace, characters in a rut, no real sense of danger for our main characters because we all know how their fates play out in Breaking Bad, and prolonged side stories with characters I could not care less about. I mean, even when things finally pick up in S5E7 & 8 we know there's no real danger for Saul, Mike & Gus.
  2. I feel bigly badly that you feel that way.
  3. Watched the four episode UNORTHODOX miniseries on Netflix yesterday and damn, what an engaging and emotional roller coaster. The lead actress had a supporting role on a similar show about orthodox Jews in Israel, also found on Netflix, called Shtisel. (I tried to get into that one, but oi vey, not for me.) Anyway, the acting by the Berlin cast of college friends is spotty, but everyone on the Satma Hasidic end of the story is excellent. The guy who plays Yanky gives one of the best understated performances I've seen in a long time. But the real star is the lead actress, Shira Haas. This girl has no ass. Why? Because she performed her ass off! Seriously, she has the stuff. Future Oscar winner stuff. I also dove deep into the woman whose memoir this is based on, Deborah Feldman. She has some great interviews out on YouTube and a truly fascinating life that wasn't completely touched on in the mini-series. I've a feeling this show, which I hope it continues, is going to be similar to Orange is the New Black in that it will use the memoir as a springboard into other stories and themes that the original memoir touched on, but didn't actually occur in real life.
  4. Agreed, although the "movie" would need to count for Deadwood to go top tier for me. Older stuff like MASH, Law & Order, Cheers, & Seinfeld would also be tier one TV in my book.
  5. Oh snap, are we gonna have to start a "Top Tier/Tier 1" TV shows thread? Crazy talk how Breaking Bad isn't on some people's top tier. Sopranos seems to be the standard for most. What's the criteria for Tier 1? Can a show have some "off seasons" and still be Top Tier? (I'm looking at you GoT, Scrubs, & Community.)
  6. Agreed on Justified. Not quite Breaking Bad or Sopranos level on a whole, but it's damn close. This was one of the shows I followed pretty regularly week to week. So I'm not sure how well it binges. And Ozark is certainly setting S4 up for the possibility of your prediction to come to fruition. I'm not certain how I'm wanting the series to end. Honestly, after watching S3...
  7. I've been sleeping on West World S3 but finally caught up on it today. I dig the new storyline and direction it's taking. Such a great show. The finale was pretty great, too. If you are looking for more similar viewing when you're done (This series is tragically, short on episodes.) I recommend diving in to You're The Worst on Hulu & FX.
  8. I'm re-discovering Jimmy Eat World recently. It's one of those bands that I forgot how many songs of theirs I actually knew until I heard a playlist of their stuff on a streaming site. Here's an acoustic mix from NPR Tiny Desk a few months ago. "The Middle" is around the 7minute mark, and the lyrics of that song definitely ring true during these quarantine times.
  9. Technically he already has one. It's a Talking Dead style show called The Ready Room hosted by Will Wheaton. But I definitely think they should take a cue from @SpaceChampion and re-name it Shut up, Wesley!
  10. Tiger King is a true modern american epic. It's a Shakespearean white trash tragedy.
  11. Very well thought out post, and I did read it all. However, I can sum up the Picard S1 finale much more succinctly: it was a shit show. Rich Evans from Red Letter Media is near the breaking point, and I think this finale might push him over the edge. Looking forward to the RLM review and inevitable mental breakdowns.
  12. I literally just finished this series. Not quite sure where I'd rank it yet, but it is definitely in the top 15. The final episode was pretty satisfying. The series could've been 8 episodes and trimmed a bit of the fat off as far as the "tension building" long shots and the looooong road to get the Ben Mendelsohn character to where he needed to be. Cynthia Erivo as Holly Gibney was outstanding. Gimme another season or two of her.
  13. When people elongate vowels in words or add vowel sounds where they don't belong is like nails on a chalkboard to me. For example instead of saying "no" they say "no-uh." Basically pronounce it the same as the name Noah. Or instead of "yes" they say "yes-suh."
  14. I always hoped they'd cast Ashley Eckstein to do live action Ahsoka since her voice is so tied to the charcater. Rosario Dawson could be interesting though. I'm willing to give Filloni & Favreau the benefit of the doubt after a near perfect first season.
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