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  1. PetyrPunkinhead

    Marvel Netflix

    Punisher/Frank Castle is one of my favorite characters, and seeing him finally done justice on screen in DDS2 is what keeps that season in the top spot for me. However, as a fan of the Bendis & Miller runs in the comics, I can see how a hardcore DD fan would put S3 above S2. I mean, outside of him putting on a yellow jumpsuit and his dad's boxing trunks in the finale, DDS3 was about as good a DD yarn on TV as you can hope to get.
  2. PetyrPunkinhead

    Marvel Netflix

    Granted, it would be difficult for JJS3 to have changed story points during production, but it is far from impossible. It's also possible (if unlikely) Luke was written in to S3 from the get-go. However, I doubt JJS3 will bring any real sense of closure to Luke Cage's character from S2 of his show. Maybe he gets a cameo episode like Iron Fist did in S2 of Luke Cage. Yeah, if I went back and re-watched DDS1&2 in their entirety (Ain't nobody got time for that.) I might put them above JJS1, but it's not likely. The fact that JJS1 "went there" with Jessica's origin's and had a legit supervillain and not just a really good "bad guy" also helped. Plus I'm pretty sure this season is the only Netflix show that ever directly linked to the MCU proper in S1E4 "AKA 99 Friends." I mean, there were other one line references in other shows, but this episode had a specific plot point addressing the fallout from Avengers. Ah, the good ol' days when fans thought the MCU and Netflix characters might actually inhabit the same "universe." I also skipped Iron Fist S2, but I'm near the end of Punisher S2 now. It's sadly suffering from what most of the Netflix Marvel shows suffer from--bloated mediocrity. I'm on E9 and he literally just became the Punisher. Missing the mark has been standard for the majority of Marvel shows on Netflix (DDS1-3 & JJS1 being the exceptions). It's a shame the Marvel Netflix-verse didn't have more cohesion and clear plan for these characters laid out. If there had been a Kevin Feige for the Marvel Netflix-verse I think these shows would've all easily gone into five or six seasons. Maybe Disney will learn and get it right with Disney+.
  3. PetyrPunkinhead

    Marvel Netflix

    Agreed. I think JJS1 is probably the best single season Marvel/Netflix has put out. I hope S3 will be a third act worthy of her first season. Since it's all but written S3 will be the show's final season, I'm hoping they bring in Luke cage and give his character some much needed closure. Jessica could help redeem him and pull him out of his "kingpin" phase and back to a hero. In the comics Jessica winds up having Luke's kid, and that could be a decent ending for these iterations of these two characters on Netflix.
  4. PetyrPunkinhead

    American Gods on Starz

    I haven't been following the tumultuous production of S2 very closely, so I don't know much other than what I just read on this page. It's definitely going to be lacking without our old Media & Easter, however, that last trailer definitely has me on board for S2. Who am I kidding, even without that trailer I would've been on board for S2. Sucks that it's still a month away though. :/
  5. PetyrPunkinhead

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    A week since I started S2 and I'm only 8 episodes in. So much meandering and meh--sadly it's what you kinda expect of the MARVEL Netflix shows. It's not Iron Fist SI level bad, more like Jessica Jones S2 level uneven and boring. (No one cares this much about Russo and his messed up shrink. We came to see the Punisher!) Speaking of which, Frank doesn't put on the skull vest until the end of E7. Also, I'm four minutes in to E9 and Frank has just realized what he should've understood since S1E1. It's frustrating because Bernthal showed us all in DDS2 he was made for the role,of Punisher, but the writing and direction of his own damn series makes me struggle to even care. I hope the series picks up in the third act, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. PetyrPunkinhead

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018/2019 - Your most anticipated shows

    Oooh, yes to all of those, and I totally forgot about Watchmen. Also True Detective S3 looks promising. Yus! So glad this is returning. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's hitting Amazon Prime in the US at the same time as the UK. Hopefully it doesn't take that long to get over here.
  7. Damn. Those lists of GG nominees/winners just remind me of how much (apparently) good TV from 2018 I've still yet to see: Killing Eve, Homecoming, Kidding, Outlander, Patrick Melrose, A Very British Scandal, Sharp Objects, etc.
  8. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    Agreed, too much TV to get through in just 12 months. (Pump the brakes Netflix!) Regarding The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: I really liked that scene you quoted in spoilers and agree it was poignant and elegant in its simplicity, but I'm not sure if it was my favorite scene of the season. Off the top of my head I'd give the prize to the scene in the S2E9 when Midge... I also agree things with Benjamin need to be addressed in S3.
  9. PetyrPunkinhead

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    Did anyone else see this inside joke about Jameela/Tahani at the Golden Globes? Somebody working at E! is a huge Good Place fan. Also, the show starts back up this week!
  10. PetyrPunkinhead

    2018: Your Year In Review

    So @Meera of Tarth won't be all alone, I'll go ahead and post a full survey then. Who is the person you admired most in 2018? My friend Tim managed to pull off some pretty spectacular stuff this year both professionally (as a small business owner) and personally (as a husband, father, and friend) that really made me think of him as admirable. When did you say to yourself, “I’m fuckin’ awesome” in 2018? When Stan “The Man” Lee autographed my copy of Fantastic Four #46. Where is your favorite place you visited or traveled to in 2018?I was fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling this year. My favorite new place was Reykjavik but I definitely had the most fun going back and visiting the crew in Ireland. When did you stand up and cheer in 2018? When the Saints destroyed the previously undefeated Rams in the Dome. Who dat! How did you improve something in 2018? Modesty prevents me from going in to details. Favorite meme of 2018? Neck Guy memes by far gave me the most enjoyment. I just picked this one because it also includes the greatest thing to come outta Canada since maple syrup. Your favorite catch phrase of 2018? Ferda! What news story got you right in the feels in 2018? One particular story does not come to mind. However, here are 99 “good things” that went own in 2018. I’m sure there are at least one or two on there to give you feels. Favorite restaurant to eat at (or order take away from) in 2018? For dine-in a local place called Drago’s— I recommend lobster mac and charbroiled oysters—and Taco Bell (Only God can judge me!) for drive thru. Favorite expletive you liked to say in 2018? Fucking bastard! Favorite adult beverage of 2018? Vodka mixed with whatever is handy. What new snack did you discover this year? Lotus Biscoff. Apparently they’ve been around forever but I only just discovered them. Tea time game changer. Favorite guilty pleasure of 2018? I watched so much YouTube this year. Too much? Mayhaps… Favorite moment of nostalgia you experienced in 2018? Watching the 1989 Tim Burton BATMAN at the cinema with my nephew. When did you comfort someone who needed it in 2018? Some bad stuff went down in October of this year for my family (same month in 2017 also sucked hard) and there was much need of comfort all around. Who is someone that comforted you in 2018? My two best friends really stepped up for me this year. What’s the most beautiful thing you saw in 2018? Smiles. What’s one thing you are definitely looking forward to happening in 2019?Continuing to form better habits…and, of course, the last season of Game of Thrones. on HBO.
  11. PetyrPunkinhead

    Marvel Netflix

    Agreed, that Jigsaw must've had some MAJOR surgery after S1.
  12. PetyrPunkinhead

    Year in Review, 2018: Entertainment Edition

    1. What was your favorite live event (concert, sporting event, play, festival, convention, etc.) you attended in 2018? Jazz Fest 2018 in New Orleans I was lucky enough to see Aerosmith and Better Than Ezra put on great shows. (Close second was Saints vs Rams in the Superdome.) 2. Favorite show or sporting event of 2018? Pretty much all but 3 of the Saints games this season. 3. What song did you hit “repeat” on the most in 2018? “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco was easily my number one. I also went through phases with “Shallow” and “Middle.” 4. Favorite book and/or comic you read in 2018? Norse Mythology by Neil Gaimen for my book and Saga issue #54 for my comic book. 5. Favorite TV show you binge watched in 2018? Marvelous Mrs. Maisel S1 (Star Trek Discovery S1 is a very close second.) 6. Favorite TV show you watched week to week in 2018? The Good Place S2 & S3. 7. Favorite animated series of 2018? South Park absolutely killed it with S22. If you wandered away from this series in the past you will not regret coming back for S22. 8. Favorite animated film of 2018? Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 9. Favorite documentary of 2018? I saw about a dozen or so documentaries this year and really liked most of them, but RBG (about Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (about Orson Welles and his final film) are tied for my number one spot. 10. Favorite comedy film of 2018? Game Night 11. Favorite action and/or sci-fi film of 2018? Avengers: Infinity War. 12. Favorite drama and/or romance film of 2018? Seeing Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the best nights at the theater I’ve had in a while—perfect mix of a good movie, outstanding music, and an awesome group of friends to share it with. 13. Favorite video game of 2018? Like all true gangstas, I still play Words With Friends like a fiend on my phone. 14. Favorite YouTube channel in 2018? I had a rediscovery of Conan O’Brien this year through his YouTube channel, but Hot Ones is still my favorite purely YouTube show/channel. 15. What’s your favorite/most used app on your smartphone in 2018? Facebook is still my most used, but Fitbit is my favorite app. It’s helped motivate me a lot to be healthier. 16. Who is the one entertainer that died in 2018 you’d bring back? (There can be only one!) Stan Lee for the MCU cameos alone. 17. What was your 2018 like as depicted in emojis or a single .gif? Oh, definitely this one (Tried a couple times to post the actual .gif but it's not wanting to work.)
  13. PetyrPunkinhead

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    So here's my final list for 2018. I rearranged some stuff from my previous post. All in all It was another great year for drama and comedy on TV. I remember back in the day being excited about all the NEW shows that came out each fall. Now there are so many shows I not only like but adore coming back in 2019 that I'm almost dreading discovering any NEW show. Hell, there are still shows that came out in 2018 I still need to watch--Legion, You're the Worst, Modern Family, an Always Sunny In Philadelphia come immediately to mind. Anyway, it's a long list, So I put everything after my Top 10 in a spoiler so as to not crowd the page. 1. Ozark – S2 2. Star Trek Discovery – S1 3. Altered Carbon – S1 4. Dare Devil – S3 5. New Girl – S7 6. End of the F*cking World - S1 7. The Good Place – S2 & S3 8. The Orville – S1 9. The Terror - S1 10. TIE: Mindhunter – S1 & South Park-- S22 (I know it's a bit of a cheat, but had to get SP-S22 in my top 10 as it's an absolute gem of a season.)
  14. PetyrPunkinhead

    2018: Your Year In Review

    Eighteen questions about your 2018! I don’t know about y’all, but my 2018 was all kinds of emotional. One might even compare it to something akin to a roller coaster. But I’m not here to talk about me. (I’ll post my answers later.) No, I want to know all about you and your 2018. Feel free to skip any questions below you don’t feel comfortable sharing with, ya know, the whole of the Interwebs. Who is the person you admired most in 2018? When did you say to yourself, “Damn, I'm awesome!” in 2018? Where is your favorite place you visited or traveled to in 2018? When did you stand up and cheer in 2018? How did you improve something in 2018? (It can be something about you, your family, community, or the world in general) Favorite meme of 2018? (Pic please!) Your favorite catch phrase of 2018? What news story got you right in the feels in 2018? (Link please!) Favorite restaurant to eat at (or order take away from) in 2018? Favorite expletive you liked to say in 2018? Favorite (adult) beverage of 2018? What new snack did you discover this year? Favorite guilty pleasure of 2018? Favorite moment of nostalgia you experienced in 2018? When did you comfort someone who needed it in 2018? Who is someone that comforted you in 2018? What’s the most beautiful thing you saw in 2018? What’s one thing you are definitely looking forward to happening in 2019?
  15. PetyrPunkinhead

    Year in Review, 2018: Entertainment Edition

    I guess. I would've preferred filling out the 18 question survey I was gonna post tomorrow, but, ya know, whatevs.