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  1. I certainly hope so! I agree that it is somewhat strange that v.1 is not linked, nor is the founder of the project (Full Faced Braavosi) given any credit, in the OP. Anyway, for posterity... here is the link to the original
  2. Gave it a 9 Sam the Slayer, Daario, the leeches and Davos is free to hustle Gendry away. Love Sandor- Arya scene! Didn't even mind Sansa kneeling, since it clearly had to be done to keep the show storyline consistent. And Tyrion threatening Joff the Ass gets a big hurrah. Eta- Second the thank god a break from Theon.
  3. In my head I picture him as a Johnny Depp- Jack Sparrow type. Wish they had gone with some blue hair dye at least, but I think he did quite well. Watching with a show only person, the bag of heads was pretty fantastic!
  4. :o That was actually one thing I thought of while watching. Don't really believe it, but... I actually think there are a number of ways the will could happen. They just need to pick up the pace next week.
  5. Forgot about that plan, probably because its so opposite from the books. I guess I just miss Maege, the Greatjon et al. I still don't feel like we have the dramatic tension present to make a will suddenly seem important. Hoping next week changes things though. And I'm starting to buy into the Talisa the spy theory. Is she going to feign morning sickness or something to escape the RW?
  6. He hasn't had any war council scenes with his main lieutenants that I can recall. Just him and his immediate family and those statues. :P Obviously the Wedding is important, and the Frey troops. The point is, the will would have no importance to the storyline unless there were some imminent danger (like a battle) introduced to the viewer, as it was in the books.
  7. Also- Shae's chain. That made me laugh. Not because I'm bloodthirsty, but because after the whitewashing of Tyrion this season (which did continue in this episode) I had decided Shae would escape. Now I have hope that the whitewashing is a front meant to elevate the shock when it happens.
  8. Re: Robb's will... He was planning a battle immediately after the Wedding, which was the impetus for the will in the book. Unless I missed something, I'm not getting a big plan in the works vibe, which disturbs me more than the actual will tbh. It's kind of felt like Robb & co have spent a lot of time traveling to family functions this season- a funeral at Riverrun, now a wedding at the Twins, not much action or planning going on. Also trying to remember if they heard about the Bran & Rickon "bodies" in episode 2 or was that the one where Robb bizarrely implied there was still hope they might be found?
  9. Agree with this completely. In fact, I just had pretty much this conversation with someone who is a show only fan. To all those who expected Jaime to push Locke into the pit with his stump- absolutely! I actually did an audible countdown. Would have been nice.
  10. Followed up with "What does it do?" (about the dagger) which I also found very funny for some reason. I actually loved that scene and the way the camera work built tension. Felt like something was about to jump out from behind a tree the whole time.
  11. Agree with that. Someone will I'm sure, but not this Tyrion.
  12. I'm wondering about the whitewashing of Cersei too. Laying everything at Joffrey's door will certainly make the TV audience hate him more (as if we need any more reason after tonight) but what about when we really need to hate Cersei? Humanizing her is taking place too soon, IMO. One thing about the Mandon Moore order being put down to Joffrey- I've always been convinced that LF was behind that. Now with Ros, we have a proved connection between LF and Joff. Also, am I the only one who has complete confidence that Davos will save Gendry?
  13. The Hold Steady, should be available by the end of the week (4/20) http://winteriscoming.net/2013/03/indie-rock-band-will-bring-the-bear-and-the-maiden-fair-to-life/
  14. I was referring to live Cat blaming herself for not being able to protect her girls and Bran & Rickon. I think in show they are trying to project her mindset of grief and guilt. Having smoothed over her earlier interactions with Jon they now need to present that conflict in a different way. Possibly something they felt wouldn't be important to leave out and then had to backtrack on? It might explain why the scene was so jarring.
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