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    Fantasy- Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, The Gentlemen Bastard Sequence and ASOIAF

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  1. My name is Dances With Two Socks.

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    2. Mladen


      My Queen will support her cousin, but the question is whether Snow is next in line... You have been too long away from us, we have new findings ;)

    3. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      So long as Sansa holds the Lannister name, she'll never have any claim to Winterfell and the support of the Northern Lords.

      So who is next in line? I seem to have missed them being named heir.

    4. Mladen


      As long as Robb misses the head, he will never be King... The claim and support are not that easy to predict... Well, Apple pointed out that Jon's legitimization might have put him exactly where he should be (as Lyanna's son) after Ned's children. The heir, as we know, is Bran.

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