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  1. Fair. I've never believed in Reich so I'm not surprised to see him play better elsewhere
  2. What use to me is a man who can't pull the trigger? He's rare large and has a pleasing cast, but what else?
  3. Yo, every history book I read till I was years and years out of college called it The Ukraine. Including books I read IN college celebrating Ukraine's freedom from the Soviet Union. Give a motherfucker a break you jackals
  4. Let's take it easy on Top 10, but otherwise ya
  5. Does kidnapping people into serfdom count as assimilation? I suppose by a medieval interpretation of the word. Call it preference of definition maybe, but I think of assimilation in the 21st century as a nonviolent process of inducement to economic/social engagement by states looking to supplement their population growth or technical capacities. I mean when the Romans carted a bunch of Slavs back to Constantinople in 1022(random date) to be slaves I wouldn't quibble that the Slavic folks are gonna be assimilated into the Roman Empire, I guess I just thought that kinda shit was not cool. The reason I replied as I did is because I feel you are being very dismissive of the fact that a desire to not be turned into an ecoslave by a foreign power is something worth risking everything to avoid. As if Russia not going Full Nazi means somehow that ununiformed resistance is somehow misguided or unhelpful.
  6. Mass Graves/forced relocations as a new labor class say what??? Eta: Russia may not be looking liquidate by the millions like the Nazis were but if you think they're looking to raise the people of Ukraine into a brotherly bond of equals then I'm a Saudi Prince and I need your help accessing my fortune, which due to import/export complications in the Duchy of Westphalia could be freed up by a donation from YOU
  7. I mean he's not David Blaine, but I think he's playing fine
  8. You're crazy. He's fine. The team is poorly coached. Russell was never Peyton Manning, who literally runs his own offense. He needs good coaching to help him. That doesn't mean he's not got it no more. Go look at Matt Ryan for what washed looks like.
  9. I love it C'mon, James. I feel like a 5 point lead could put this away!
  10. Nah. Orlovsky may be freed his shame, but that was absolutely nothing like the butt fumble. Mark Sanchez will never escape his infamy
  11. I don't speak Latin but I minored in Mansclamations and they're all over the place here. Meanwhile, if Putin deploys nuclear weapons in Ukraine the ONLY acceptable response is the destruction of Moscow or whatever rat hole to which Putin is most likely proximate (if you wanna try and be more humane). Anything less is an invitation for Pakistan and India to write 'acceptable U.S. response conditions' into their war plans for one another. BAD BAD BAD The entire construct of MAD demands that the cost of using nuclear weapons exceeds the gain. Up to and including the end of life entirely as part of the wager. Some cruise missile strikes aren't enough. A nuclear offensive is not only an attack on NATO but on the planet itself. It cannot be allowed or, through deference in response (a refusal to further escalate), unanswered. That's the game. Playing half-assed is the quickest way to lose.
  12. You are not taking enough. Capitol offenses demand capital punishments! Chop him up! Chop him up! ETA: I swear I wrote "Capitol offenses demand capital punishments!" Because, like, that's the whole joke. But it came out "Capital offenses demand capital punishments!" Which is, like, duh. Sorry, so edited for grammar I guess. I'm gonna use my Blame-the-Phone credit on this one.
  13. It's so much more fun to watch Jacoby Brissette mosey into pressure when he's playing for a team you despise. Nobody takes the snap like Jacoby. He drops back to pass with all the alacrity and enthusiasm of a smoker wrapping up his break.
  14. So what I'm hearing "Mr. President, we must not allow a madness gap!" It seems clear to me that the only way to counter an irrational despot is to get one of our own. That's right, I'm now Trump Supporter Jace. It's a mad world out there. We gotta catch up before we're left behind.
  15. Hollywood Brown was holding the Ravens offense back. The fact that they got a 1 for him is astounding.
  16. Aight I didn't say they'd tie the Texans and get shut out by Jags But I did say they're overrated overpaid suckers who suck
  17. Fun is for children. I spelled it out in May. Ryan is washed. Reich is a fucking idiot. The defense is built to shaken to death by quality QBs. Gilmore is washed. No WRs (Pittman is a good young player he ain't no star) and the o-line is an overrated overpaid shambles. I saw this coming and am glad to see it passed
  18. Your #1 WR and #2 WR are out. You can't pass protect worth shit. Jonathan Taylor had 9 rushes. He didn't get hurt or nothin neither (Oh, and that #2 WR is a second round rookie with two career targets, no catches, a drop, and now one missed game out of two eligible)
  19. Right on, I'm caught up now. Yeah, I was just examining the sequence factors that led to war as opposed to dedicated opposituon. I wish no affiliation with whatever madness these people are frothing.
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