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  1. He literally outed himself as a pedo with his free speech, didn't he??? Like isn't that what happened? I don't mean to come off like an expert but I thought he went on some podcast and ran his mouth and that was it for him
  2. I cannot, and do not understand rhe exercise I anticipate the lesson
  3. Yo we have serious issus with the way big business and profit incentives clash with the susceptibility of our political processes. To say nothing of the gleeful crippling of the legislative branch, naked partisanship in the legislative, and a government that can't even do basic tasks without Executive Order. None of those problems are easy to fix, but by refusing to address them in favor of easy solutions that I guarantee you will be turned against you, you will validate these people you're trying to suppress. Edit-basic grammar Spellcheck is for the weak
  4. I'm not condoning the algorithms that push these characters Or the cable news profit incentives that encourage replaying Donald's filth over and over again and treating it like serious political discourse But you can't hide it
  5. Then the burden is on decent people to provide better alternatives than < LOOOLZ, BURN IT DOOOWN> if we as a society can't defeat that without giving away what precious few values we may actually have, we don't deserve to win. You wanna save children from falling into black holes on the internet, I say that is a noble goal. Nobler than furthering the persecution complex these people have by actually suppressing them. It doesn't work
  6. They just make their own groups and stir shit in the shadows. If imma lose to the Nazis I wanna know where they are and how many there really are. You are allowed to be a Donald Trump loving traitorous Nazi piece of shit.
  7. Goddammit man, you believe in things... and then your faith is tested Imma need to pray on this to QJesus, who I assume for some reason is in favor of fascistic mega empires and dissatisfied with Jews...
  8. I honestly think that Dems would have done better if Trump was tweeting while Biden and co stepped up and helped save Ukaine. There would have been no bigger contrast possible than 55 billion impotent, incoherent, tweets per 55 billion dollar arms investment
  9. I like to know who they are! when I went back to school for a while a few years ago there was quite an argument I observed that was along these lines. At the time I didn't agree with the older gentleman in the argument, and his position when he said basically "I like it when Donald Trump is up there, and you can see all those people who looove him. Look at how ugly he is and how ugly the things he says are and how many people loooove it all. I don't like that it's ugly, but I like knowing it's there." i'm paraphrasing, using my own words because this was a conversation that happened in like 2019, but that was his argument. And I've come around to that. Brian was (I assume IS) a wise motherfucking guy. These people are always going to be scum, but by letting them have their due rights you let them show everybody who cares who they really are. And for me I suppose it boils down to I'd rather see your honest hideousness than the Ted Cruz Person Suit display. This is exactly what I'm talking about. This stupid sonofabitch just used his right to publish to publish himself to a ROMANIAN jail.
  10. Oh son... you don't wanna go to jail in Eastern Europe That ain't where you wanna be playa, 40% or otherwise
  11. I take it all back. How could I have been so blind? The scales are fallen from my eyes and no one is left to replace them... Twitter IS beautiful!
  12. "The worker of the world has nothing to lose, but their chains, the workers of the world unite."
  13. I'd pay to see the Oppenheimer trailer in IMAX... Seriously the only reason I probably won't is that I just can't have people know that I paid money to that cartoon folly called Blavatar Maybe I can cut a deal with the local theater. I'll pay the manager and each of the ticket checkers $150 apiece just to let me sit in the aisle for the trailers
  14. I thought his scene in TENET was a beautiful farewell. Basically nobody noticed SIR Micheal was the squadron leader in Dunkirk who goes down offscreen
  15. "Most of a Game in the Year"
  16. That's fine for me. Since the game is already half over I'll do it in the morning and PM you the deets. Thanks
  17. So for whatever reason Yahoo has locked the account that I use to play fantasy with you guys. Maybe because I've broken a few too many phones lately. Anyway, I've exhausted all options to get the account unlocked short of paying them new money to fulfill terms of an existing user-provider contract."Yahoo PREMIUM customer support................... ............." I will not be extorted. I am sorry for the imbalances it will create across leagues. There's nothing more I can do.
  18. Isnt the problem that you have to render each strand of hair and all of its physics, including the physics of its physics with the physics of other hairs?
  19. Perhaps we could all agree to some degree that Mr. Standardson is a very productive, very likeable, character whose imagination outstrips his vision.
  20. The garbage disposal they use to write the script hasn't been meeting its deadlines. I heard they're in talks with a dumpster fire to Script Doctor it up, but one of the producers is partial to giving that job to a basket full of epileptic spiders so... stay tuned
  21. Certainly I struggle to imagine the Sisterhood allowing sisters to be told of their relation, it would threaten a relation that might supercede the relation to (ironically) the Sisterhood. Though off that you could do something with the two discovering their shared parentage on their own, having conflicted loyalties... but to what point and purpose? It seems like a convoluted conception for a space machine war program
  22. I take it on faith that Villeneuve is gonna do Messiah already, btw. It's just too perfect.
  23. I wrote but never posted a bit about this, to summarize in a less insane bit: If you're not going to do Sheeana... (I dream they're saving the Frank texts for film by the likes of Villeneuve to be followed by Ridley Scott doing Children of Dune, Christopher Nolan can do God Emperor of Dune (he's got the temperament for it), and we will get George Miller for Heretics. I trust him to do something good with the radical feminists who are using sex to produce a melange substitute (). I'm saving Chapterhouse so I can't recommend who should direct.)... then some kind of Bene Gesserit prequel could be a real fun dalliance with the sisterhood. But tying it to the butlerian jihad is folly in the highest order. You're no longer making a Bene Gesserit show, you're making a machine war show. Might as well go watch The Matrix
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