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  1. Who gives a sliquid fuck if the rapes were ordered or unordered. They happened. And they happened because Hamas is a terrorist organization that arms and empowers thugs to inflict harm on Jews.
  2. Oh, just trying to get my creative juices flowing. In non-crazyspeak: I used to just roll my eyes at some of the rhetoric used around here and on the internet abroad. Lately though I've been more alarmed than amused.
  3. Oh, hello. I notice that you seem to have just joined the Uh Oh Club. Here at Club Uh Oh you'll experience many of our pattened "Uh Oh!" moments, like # Realizing Your Countrymen Are Serious Or, Did I Just Read What I Think I Read??? One thing to always keep in mind is that Club Uh Oh is open to anyone and out for everyone. You'll never know what kind of shock you're in for, from the inane to the insane to the ass-over-teakettle wrong. Stick around and don't give up, the Uh Oh Club is today's misfortune for tomorrow's misery. We can't wait to have you!
  4. So wait, when is the next Avengers movie coming out? And who is left on the team? I feel so out of touch. Is Loki an Avenger now? Thor? Is Thor still an Avenger? I'm so confused
  5. Youngspeak! Dawg you make me feel a million.
  6. Oh baby! Sweet baby! You gotta keep goin! Children of Dune is my fave. And once you've read them you can check out the excellent SciFi series, which covers books two and three pretty well for being made in 2000 for TV.
  7. I'm partial to KotOR 2, warts and all. I tried to play the new Kal Kestus game when it came out but it didn't run right on my pc.
  8. I'm a prisoner of Hearts of Iron 4. Paradox knows how to produce an addiction.
  9. Damn, y'all are coming down hard on a motherfucker. It's a bad title, sure... I mean, lame? Absolutely. Uninspired. Limp. Soft. Say-nothing and commentary free, a waste of space and a missed opportunity. But leave the poor guy alone!
  10. Well, shit. Persecuted White Man Complex wasn't on the list of character traits when I endorsed him as the most likeable owner!
  11. Yeah but there's reasons he won't get votes...
  12. Lamar, baby! The Iggles are way more stacked on offense than the Ravens, means Lamar's contribution is greater.
  13. Aww! You poor pavlovian baby! That's the saddest/cutest/smokiest story I ever heard!!!!!! // My momma smoked. Still does, even though she's in rough shape. Eta: Reading comp
  14. That's dark. I thought I was the sinister one...
  15. Man, maybe @Ser Rodrigo Belmonte II is right... I gotta stop smoking that weed, every other month you're owning my title and I have no idea why.
  16. Just wait, doubter. I remember a scamperish bomb-thrower who aged beautifully under Payton's attention.
  17. Took my out with Endgame. Tried to watch Loki but it suuuucks. Couldn't even make it through an episode of Secret Invasions. Guardians 3 was good, so there's that!
  18. Now that's a story. Thank you for sharing.
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