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  1. All good things, eh? I binged the fuck outta this in a depressathon last year. I would do well with a rewatch, time permitting. We shall see. Anyways. I'm sure it'll be good. Thanks for the thread and info
  2. My old man had me running to the store like the storm from The Day After Tomorrow was coming in. At one point I was panicking because the lights flickered a few times and I realized I had all this food and these books to wait out the Long Night but no fucking candles! That was last night. And it's sunny as fuck outside right now. I just got done walking the cat. Weathermen are a plot invented by the Chinese to make smrt Amircens fell dum
  3. I understood clearly This and thank you for it And this. I also thank you for it. Regarding the rest... it's all barbarian to me
  4. In an unintentional enactment of the "hyperacute" : I noticed as a child. As a child That History Class was being taught wrong. Most things were, in fact. It was all just short-term repetition tricks that were, like, literally specifically designed to help you remember the buzzword or buzzphrase just long enough to fill out the quiz 5-to-7 days later. Then immediately forget everything, except cram cram cram a few months later to briefly re-learn buzzword or buzzphrase just long enough to fill out Midterm/Finals In history class it was this pattern, repeated every year and then the periods of study were repeated every 2 years. No depth No nuance No LESSON NO FUCKING LESSON Just crossword skill recall training! What!?! I didn't even like the Oliver Stone Alexander movie when I was a kid but I still noticed that Christopher Plummer was, like, TEACHING THE CHILDREN THINGS They were a little racist, sure... But it was a different time! My thinking, specific/"triggered" to the teaching of history and the failures therein of the past however-long ETA: ..."in a way that could be exhausting."
  5. Chapter 3 of my in-progress fantasy Opus (it's kinda the pre-Opus, rather than the Magnum Opus, proper, for... reasons that have to do with my radical despite towards gatekeepers) Anyway, Chapter 3 opens with the epigraph "Repeating is not knowing." It's obviously like complicated, right? Like weaving shit into the... ahem... fabric...? the fabric?? of a story and stuff right. But you don't pick rando words to start your fucking chapters unless you work suckle for Disney. What's this motherfucker trying to tell you with that line? It's a well-known thing that repetition is how people learn. That's true.
  6. Goddamn reds Always in touch with the human theatrical component See above Jace(n)
  7. Three Days Grace Breaking Benjamin Seether Had fun - Did not like Only concert
  8. So, embarrassing question... Do you like get... paid for your stock? Like, I've wondered this since I rented Wall Street from the library, I think. Do you... get dollars for it? Like every year or something I mean? Isn't that what owning part of something is supposed to be? Getting part of the profit or something? It always felt to me like you could buy monopoly money from a company. And sometimes you could sell it later for a little more America money. - I get that part But the part I don't understand is what these people think they're buying besides monopoly money? Elon didn't buy monopoly money. As far as I'm concerned (not a money person) he did not buy "stock" As far as I understand he bought Twitter I do not understand "Stock"
  9. I realized when I was like playing Madden Franchise-Mode (circa 2008-10) with a box fan sitting so close to my head I think it gave me tinnitus that, like a football team would be the only thing I'd want. Y'know? Like, if I had the Billions. Because of COURSE I'd want one. I'm me. But I knew even then, like fourteen or fifteen or whatever, that I was never gonna do Bezos stuff to y'know... get one. Silly ambitioning for a blockbuster film is as much as I wish to associate with those kind of people Even in fucking fantasies I should have thought of that. Do they still make Between the Lions? Some kind of social movement where we Clockwork Orange the children into thinking reading BOOK can be fun
  10. I used to play the Flight Simulator, and I'd dutifully be a Button-Pusher should the need arise for such in the future. That being said. I can't learn to fly a plane no matter how many billions I goldfarm out of Minecraft(can you do that?) I'appel du vide ???
  11. I'd give half to the people in Ohio I'd use the other half to rescue Wally Pfister out of whatever Bane Pit he got thrown into after his movie wasn't even that bad it just kinda was boring AF Somehow there hasn't been a Batgirl, or a proper Batboi depicted (y'know in costume) since my boy Sexy Sax Schumacher was on that shit a QUARTER-CENTURY AGO How is that even fucking possible? You get a butch gal who likes cars, comes from a south-Texas background and done washed up in Goth-Ham. You get an effete young adoptee who ran away 'cause his Goth-Hamite bourgeoisie "parents" bought him from Africa as a status symbol and he ran away. Start the first ten minutes of the film with Bat-Graduated Gordon Levitt and Batgirl in final stages of "rescuing" New-Robin off the street to return him to his parents. Parents are ick. New Robin With Half-A-B, plus a full-B writing the script (that'd be ME-B), and a director who knows what a CHaM-Err-aaah is if we can't get this done on-time and fucking-WATCHABLE then Egdod help us all. Do I have to write it FOR YOU!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  12. I loved GTA Online before it was decimated by hacks and bugs The heists were like everything I ever wanted from one of those MMO's. Instead of Gear Grinding and whatever and whatever Destiny was stupposed to be. It was also basically fucking impossible to get people to have enough attention span to actually finish one of 'em tho
  13. Welp, that's end-stage fascism/thugism for ya
  14. Back in 2008-2009ish I was coming here during Journalism class in the tenth grade. It was very unfortunate- the teacher was this much respected figure. Like a town legend and stuff I guess. But he was sick like my whole year and my class had a succession of subs and stuff instead and I never -actually- got to learn journalism. They gave me shirt tho, generous. waddayagonnado Anyways.
  15. But if she immolates the head of her half of the congress neither half is gonna produce anything viable "(s)He who can destroy a thing, can control a thing." Excluding, roadblocking, barrier-ing, and damming does not dissipate force It reconcentrates They took your beloved system and, because nobody wanted to fix it, they've broken it beyond repair. Well, beyond anything anybody left is willing to repair
  16. "Give me cannon and I shall make the canon!" (metaphorical cannon!!!)
  17. "Goddammit, Tahiri had a yellow fuckin lightsaber didn't she?" - Me. Like just now
  18. Look. If it was cool to challenge a B. I'd duel this psychopants B myself. That being said. I gotta stick up for her here. The fact that she must have, somewhere at some point, learned that there is a congress... Just that To say nothing of anything else about her or her """"""" politics """""""" Yo. She knew there was a thing called a congress! And that you, can just like... get in it I'm here to tell ya that by American standards MTG is almost a genius. Almost. I mean by normal functioning-frontal-lobe standards of functioning human societies she's... y'know. She's Marjorie Taylor Green. But in America? She's more powerful than any of you eh?
  19. In the words of a great revolutionary and champion of the people... "Calm down, Dr. Now's not the time for fear... that comes later."
  20. I have a fictional-fictional character (so a fictional character> Within a work of fiction) who is like a children's character. And I imagined it like Gumby Y'all remember Gumby? Anyway, when I conceptualized this creature/character I imagined a Gumby, but with extended squiggling arms like that Spongebob character everyone my age was imbecilized by was sometimes prone to deploying So Gumby, but with long squiggling arms above its head (United Jaces) Well the story is about space fascism (Starship Troopers- permanent member of the Top Ten UJ Movies Security Council) So the smart character (the bad one) is the one who has a fear reaction to this creature Because it's a fascist society So of course she does And her foil is fun too No reactions allowed Do you think Verhoeven would be allowed to make movie AFTER Starship Troopers if theatered tomorrow? Ah. I remember when fifty was considered cold. Ah... The halcyon days of fifty-degrees Celsius being a tolerable outdoor temperature. Truly we were wicked and undeserving of such luxuries. Now forgive me, I must return to my own time and place. The far-off future of July, next Try and stay stable? (That's a radiation joke, and a play on the fact that I -myself- am... y'know... meet me halfway here!)
  21. DRACARYS !!! ETA: Matter of fact, if the time-machine can handle specific dates I say drop her in the Fuhrer's lap for one last birthday present to give them both what they deserve
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