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  1. Frey Kings

    Why Ned didn't name one of his daughters Lyanna?

    cause bobby b would probably start another bloody rebellion
  2. Frey Kings

    Justin Massey

    Do you think this ambitious young lad will deliver?
  3. If the Iron Bank is eager to collect the debt of all the Houses and not just the Crown itself immediately. Then a path of invasion through the fingers of the Vale makes perfect sense of entrance (mimicking the Andal's invasion). But we all know the Iron Bank doesn't have a army. It uses sellswords and funds rivals to get their money back. So how does the Iron Bank get their money back as quick as possible without occupying and risking a united westeros to chase them off? I think the Author can make up and insert some more random Braavosi and other Free Cities' merchants armies and add in whatever sell swords are left and combine their total strength together to carry out the Iron Bank plans of a effective invasion of Westeros through the landing in the fingers thanks to LF. Maybe get some Ibenese to go to the Northern parts since they are likely to have enough good ships since they are a whaling people and are accustomed to the cold. The Iron Bank will forgive and/or significant reduce the debt if the Vale lords join in their conquest. LF might persuade the more resistant lords by holding a important family member or kill off the heir and have their ideal candidate rule. The Iron Bank methods: The Iron Bank doesn't believe in Slavery but the Author likes to leave out some details. The Iron Bank will either install their preferred puppets (insert Tyrek Lannister as LP of the Westerlands) and/or hold important family members hostage so there will be little to no blood shed while they seize important resources throughout Westeros.... Ships, Gold, Natural Resources, Timber, Wine, Valyrian steel etc. Remember they consider the entire 7k part of the crown, it doesn't matter who is currently rebelling. What about the High Sparrow? So as the Iron Bank recoup their loses, this leaves the religious fanatics like the High Sparrow with a strong following and armed men throughout the kingdoms. I think the Iron Bank would've struck a deal which will give these religious fanatics even more power and make the ruling houses of Westeros more zealous. And for the cherry on top... the promise of loans and invasion into the North, Beyond the wall and the Iron Isles to finally convert the infidels to the faith of the Seven. Stannis/NW/Grejoys I don't know what contract was struck with Stannis and the NW with the the Iron Bank but it'll be more than just resources, Stannis will likely agreed to some terms of a) inviting them into Westerosi decision making once he became King b) Making the High Sparrow happy enough to align with the Iron Bank. Just in case Stannis ends up winning. What does LF get? more power & more titles. But of course with LF, that is not enough. But to end this thread. The Iron bank has insured themselves and their investors, they will reincorporate their loses and hedged themselves in a win/win NO MATTER what the outcome is. ***I forgot to include the invasion force of the Braavosi Iron Bank invasion force will also include their investors as well. So they will probably have enough men power along with the Vale Lords to recuperate their debt + more. ****I am also not ruling out running the important port cities / commercial hubs as well until their debt is completely paid off. LF was said to ran Gulltown well. And Not occupying castles or strongholds like the Golden Company is. As for the Golden Company, they could use fAegon as their puppet King just as long enough to recover their debt and they will vanish into thin air. Do you think we will see some sort of Iron bank invasion?
  4. Frey Kings

    Who will Sansa marry?

    I'd think she'll marry Harold Arryn. By the time Harold dies, he'll fathered 3 bastards while Sansa birthed one with Jon Snow.
  5. Frey Kings

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    7. GRRM 10. Azor Ahai and the Last Hero never existed
  6. If theres someone or somegroup intended to be like... it'll be the Starks of course. awwww
  7. The last person that did this vast amount of damage so quickly had one eye and a dragon.
  8. Maybe they should send a raven to the Marcher lords or the Northern lords on how to stop raids
  9. Its your lands. Arent you suppose to know your own lands? Its not really that vast and open and wild like The North. Do we need to Inspector Gadget on this one? Again they hit lands from bordering Westerlands to the Vale. Repeatedly.
  10. Forget all the Army mobilizing stuff. They were raiders. You could tell because they were burning and sacking places from A to Z. They could've been from the Narrow Sea or a small band of dothrakis that teleported into the Riverlands. But these Riverlords couldn't stop them. We hear about Slaver Raids, Dothraki Raids, Wildling Raids, Pirate Raids, Ironborn Raids all the time. But these High Lords couldn't stop them during 100 miles of raping and sacking of everything in sight?
  11. Pull out the Map and look at much land they hit and hit hard, during Gregor's first run into the riverlands and repeat that over and over again. You mean to tell these all these "Great Houses" can't stop these "bandits"?
  12. Maybe it will be a formidable fighting force if Loras was in it. BUT how embarrassing is it to have the Crown intervene to stop raiders in lands you cannot protect. What if they turned out to be slavers from Yunkai?
  13. These Riverlords in particular had no answer, That was the problem. Doesn't matter who it was. Like sh!t Try to raid & burn the Dornish marches up & down. See how that goes. Piper lands border the Westerlands. Fine I give them a pass for being caught off guard. But for Vance lands, Bracken lands and Darry lands. There is no excuse. There were no one around with a shield? a bow? no greenboys? Someone should've told Theon after his was done climbing the Winterfell's walls to come and get these castles as well. Gregor & his riders made vast distances and vast CHAOS in a short time period. Then again. & Again. Gregor is either the best raider that puts all the Ironborn, Pirates, Slavers, Dothraki's to shame or these Riverlords are brain dead. Its just unacceptable. You can't stop a couple hundred raiders causing chaos for 100 miles? (guessing)
  14. And.... They were murdered anyways. Most Likely. And where is House Whent now? yea R.I.P. I'm no Military expect in the fantasy world of ASOIAF but i'm pretty much they have a somewhat of army from surrounding areas sworn to them. Since LF desired Harrenhal so badly. But for the plotline to advance Tywin/Gregor/Vargo/Roose needed Harrenhal. This whole raiding and looting from the borders of the Westerlands to the Vale is COMICAL. LAUGHABLE and SAD!!! But seriously Gregor raided and burn all this much land with ZERO resistance? My god, even the Kings of the Crossing wouldn't tolerate these shenanigans!
  15. These lords should hang just give up their lands and hang their heads in shame. PATHETIC.