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  1. Frey Kings

    What if Mel sacrifice Brandon or Rickon?

    the two stark boys are near the wall, robb stark's will makes jon the king in the north, so the two still have king's blood
  2. Frey Kings

    Who's Star is About to Burn Brighter?

    Also, The Greyjoy siblings
  3. Frey Kings

    Mance Rayder's background story?

    he got gay with benjen beyond the wall this one time
  4. Frey Kings

    Should Jon have taken Stannis' offer?

    Hanging around with the Starks will always end up getting you killed the dummy should've taken the offer, since Stannis saved his life and help get him elected besides as Lord/King in the north, he has more manpower to bring the VAST NUMBER OF WILDLINGS into his kingdom and gave them more than enough land and he would've had at least 50k army hanging around while he is banging the brains out of the VAL now he's dead and stoooopid
  5. Frey Kings

    Why was Varys so queer?

    he likes little boys
  6. It has 1000 COTF souls trapped inside of it No MORE, No LESS
  7. Not a big loss since everyone thinks they're dead anyways thoughts?
  8. Frey Kings

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    Could it be a freudian slip that he thought of his dad as a Whore? Tytos was everyone's Whore.
  9. Yea throwing a Tourney like nothing the realm has seen before, just happens overnight... If you listen carefully, you might hear a hammer
  10. Frey Kings

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    Maegor wasn't cruel, he was just evil.
  11. Robb: Have you not heard of the guest right?" Walder: Frey'd not´╗┐
  12. So in conclusion, the Starks don't need a wedding every now and then. They are perfectly fine killing themselves off because of XY & most importantly... Z
  13. I think the extra siblings do go marrying off into smaller lords or merchants or etc. They don't count. Since they married out of royalty. Besides the Blackwoods and the Royces. I think the Starks sent 1 or 2 daughters to random houses outside the North since Aegon's Conquest. Like for example, the current Lord Corbray, Lyn's older brother married a wealthy merchent's daughter from Gulltown for $$$. Even if it bought shame to the house. So I assume many of these extra daughters and brothers and siblings do go off and get married. Its just they marry out of Succession eventually. I bet there are farmers that are tending the farms and spreading lore that their great-great-great x10 grand father was a Stark. I think there's at least 5 Targaryens that ran off and did their own thing. Like the brothel keeper in Volantis or Lys. Not including that one time the entire line married for love.
  14. Is it because the Starks are really good at dying? Or they can't win in the North without complete genocide(see history)? Or is because One guy was upset his daddy left him and decided to burn the entire fleet down a thousand years ago and since then, nobody has bothered building a ship or two to land on the island??? Or does the Skagosi really have a mixture of Ibbenese and Unicorn and COTF and Giant's blood in them to repel the stinky Starks off their land? I salute the Skagosi for every Stark they've killed and going to kill (looking at you Rickon, no riding a unicorn into battle in the upcoming battles) Congrats Skagosi on continuing to Fight the POWER!
  15. Its called Survival of the Fittest. Tarly lands were not that far from former Manderly's lands...