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  1. I mean, when it comes to "unnecessary", Prometheus doesn't hold a candle (like Pearce's waxy old-man face) to Alien: Covenant, which is just thoroughly unpleasant.
  2. Fixed that for you. And The Rock is among my top 90s action movies along with T2, Speed, and True Lies. Agreed. Almost as good as the original musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire.
  3. I thought it was interesting and well made, but ultimately kinda empty. Not sure I got the vibe that true freedom means pissing in a bucket in a old broken-down van and working seasonally at an Amazon warehouse. I love Interstellar but it has a coherent narrative and plot, despite any flaws. The thing about time travel as a high concept is that Star Trek and numerous other scifi shows have covered anything Nolan might come up with and then some and done it at least somewhat coherently.
  4. Nonsense, Castor Troy lacks... whatever the John Travolta's character's name was... he lacks that scar! Which apparently was the only thing.
  5. I kinda agree, though I really enjoyed the later parts of their story. Also, spoilers. And yes, just let me watch some Salamancas and/or Tuco making supper and I'm good. Works for me. He was perhaps my favourite on BB. And:
  6. BCS also leans heavily into Mike. Slow burn as ever, but it's really great. As for villains, I think you've figured out who the villain in this story is.
  7. My favourite Trek podcast incorporated the “Move Along Home” game into their end of episode bit, so “Allamaraine!” now implies a drunkisode to me.
  8. Definitely oversimplifying! Gilligan was definitely fascinated by Walt... but the show deserves a lot more credit than this. Plus, "near the end" of season 2 makes me wonder what you would think of it further. I've watched some of the first season of Sons of Anarchy, but couldn't really get into it. I love Ron Perlman and Katey Segal (actually most of the actors are great), but biker culture is boring and the early attempts to intellectualize some kinda "code" didn't work for me. Might try again though. I think I'm really due for a rewatch, at least the first season. Plus I've missed seeing Kevin McKidd playing an actual character since he got trapped in the purgatory of the (soon-to-be-ending?) Grey's Anatomy. Nolan is getting ever better at the scope of his set pieces (I love that they crashed an actual 747 into a building), but the movie made no sense and it was very, very hard to follow. At a certain point, a "complicated" high concept just ends up being incoherent, and Tenet definitely went down that path. I had such hope for it - and even enjoyed it - but I completely agree that I wish he'd go back to well-executed stylish movies. I rewatched Memento not that long ago and it's still really cool (and sad!). Plus I want to have more fun at the theatre (where I did see Tenet), and it's hard when you have little idea what's going on or why characters make decisions the way they do.
  9. I think Season 2 actually has a lot of decent episodes and, as you say, it was certainly a big step up from the general awkwardness of Season 1. Plus I like Pulaski - not that I don't like Crusher, but she wasn't good early on. Some decent to pretty good to great episodes include "Where Silence Has Lease", "Elementary, Dear Data", "A Matter of Honour", "The Measure of a Man" (the best!), "Contagion", "Time Squared", "The Icarus Factor", "Pen Pals", "Samaritan Snare", "The Emissary", and "Peak Performance". It also has the Space Irish of "Up The Long Ladder" and TNG's (Trek's?) one and only clip show in "Shades of Grey". So there's that. I love "The Royale" and for some reason it's one of those episodes that me and my dad reference constantly. It is by no means a good story, but it's bizarre and hammy and I always enjoy Mickey D in his 80s coke-gangster suit shooting the poor hapless bellhop in the back - then everyone gets back to their low rent presumably off-strip casino tables like they're in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Also the mummified Colonel S. Richie was pretty scary as a kid.
  10. I think I did empathize with him - even root for him - in the first season especially, but gradually as more and more lies and situations develop, it becomes more a study in hubris. Walter is set up for us to kinda like or at the very least sympathize with - and when he starts down the meth route, it seems more catharsis than tragedy. The real turning point for me was Jane's death, and it wasn't even the first time he killed someone. But he let her die because she was interfering with his control over Jesse (or what he perceived as his control). Later his treatment of Gale is ridiculous, filtered through his usual unconvincing lying, and his later behaviour with Gus in pretty much on brand for being the idiot that he is (most especially when he approaches him to talk business at the hospital with the entire local DEA around in earshot). Anyway, I think BB is one of the most elegantly constructed shows ever, with a rare satisfying ending. But I won't say anymore!
  11. I also hate Eddie Redmayne, so that was a negative for me. Mainly it’s due to Jupiter Ascending.
  12. We've been rewatching Orphan Black, though previously I've never watched beyond early season three. Just got past that point today, and I'm still really enjoying it. Bingeing really works for it, and they've managed to balance multiple different increasingly complicated plot lines fairly well - and it's still funny! It's also currently the only way I can visit Toronto. I also restarted Battlestar Galactica for what will be my first real re-watch. The initial mini-series beginning is so good! I know there are many dips yet to come (c.f. Tigh's wife), but it's just so confident and efficient in storytelling and world-building from the very start. So good.
  13. Watching this now. It's weird, kinda like going to an awards banquet but with commercials. Given the general staleness of most of the recents Oscar shows, this actually seems kinda fresh and different??? I missed the beginning - probably won't make it to the end as it's already 10:43 pm here. I am finding it difficult to figure out who the actual nominees are when they pan to different tables, though. So far Mank hasn't seemed to have won anything. I really couldn't get into it, even though the period detail was remarkable. Watched The Trial of the Chicago 7 last week, and while it was certainly good, I had a lot more fun re-watching My Cousin Vinny for the first time in 10-15 years later that night. We watched Nomadland last night too - it was an interesting, introspective, melancholic. I liked it, and I really do appreciate the quiet and spare detail. Not sure it's best picture material, but then neither was The Artist or Green Book. And Chloe Zhao's direction had a fairly, I guess, "standard" naturalistic/documentary style that's not all that special at this point, even while her use of "real" nomads and non-professional actors lended more authenticity. And Soul just won best animated film - probably better than the actual BP nominees!
  14. I don't know that I loved "Fly" really, but rewatched recently. I originally binged seasons 1-4 on Netflix, as I wasn't caught up to the show until season 5. It's slow and deliberate and effective - when I originally watched it I constantly felt Walt was on the verge of confessing about what really happened with Jane. Some of that tension is lost on rewatch, but it's still interesting. And given how frenetic a lot of TV has become, it still feels fresh. Breaking Bad remains one of my favourite shows, and I really like Better Call Saul.
  15. So of the Best Picture nominees I've only seen The Trial of the Chicago 7 and (ahem) half of Mank. I suppose I'll try to finish the latter before Sunday, but I wasn't really feeling it. I felt like I should have been, but as much of a triumph of style as it might be, I find it boring well into the second act. I have seen both Soul and Onward which are some of the lovelier of Pixar's recent offerings, the former definitely more of a standout. Probably will watch Nomadland Friday or Saturday. I can't say I have many predictions since I've seen few enough of these movies. Hard to believe Mulan was nominated for anything - it was really disappointing and dull.
  16. I couldn't either. The whole narrative device with the therapist felt tired and dated - even though I know it was "fresh" at the time. Then there were weird camera angles that were both flashy and dumb and I was out. It's the very definition of pedestrian, though the sequel is unsurprisingly even worse. I didn't even find it good as a I heist movie. Hopefully it cured the insomnia!!
  17. I'd say Ontario is already in some trouble. Almost catastrophic trouble. And it won't be the beds that become a more critical problem (no pun intended), but the staffing. I saw a CBC report today that Ontario was potentially looking at trying to bring in teams from Atlantic Canada (I would certainly not call our local staffing overly abundant).
  18. I honestly couldn't get through it. It's well made and stylish but... also slow and boring and low stakes. Or so it seemed in the first half.
  19. More likely, I'd say it will be a time travel story where Earth is threatened by an alien probe looking for extinct humpback whales. A crazy premise, I know.
  20. Doug Ford has most certainly been the Worst Case Ontario. In the meantime, we have a 8 active cases in NL, with the February outbreak well behind us. There were 3 new ones today, which at this point feels like a lot again.
  21. That's the classic dilemma of anything shot in Toronto, though especially TV series like Suits which is generally pretty good at not accidentally letting the CN Tower appear in the background.
  22. I really enjoyed this one - though some of the ending's revelations felt pretty out there from a character perspective. Still fun though. I restarted Succession last week from the beginning and love it. Currently binging most of the second half of the first season, now into the finale. The characters are all pretty unlikeable... and yet I like them. Or like watching them anyway.
  23. I tried watching The Sopranos not long ago with a friend having never really seen it before, but it felt far too dated in its production style to continue. The framing device of therapy sessions also doesn't seem remotely fresh anymore. Breaking Bad is still amazing - you have to be able to deal with the intensity of the early season or two, along with the sometimes, um, deliberate pacing. But given how breathless so many shows are nowadays, it's fairly refreshing. I would not watch Better Call Saul first; it's very much a prequel that contextualizes what you learned before. It also features a framing device that requires knowing where "Saul" ends up at the end of Breaking Bad. So definitely, definitely, do not watch it first.
  24. I don't see how this works without, at least, David Hyde-Pierce (and still probably Jane Leeves). Frasier was above all an ensemble and it was the dialogue and situations that worked best. Weirdly this was the last item on the "world report" CBC radio news this morning.
  25. I saw it years ago and it was a remarkable improvement over the disjointed theatrical cut. Due for a rewatch at this point. Wait, do you mean The Flight Attendant with Kaley Cuoco? I thought it was so fun! And I loved the Catch Me If You Can style (or Archer-style?) intro.
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