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  1. It's not awful, and it's done after this season. Just you wait, he is gonna lead the league in rushing yards and tds this year! Yeah, well maybe he will be in the top ten, maybe, hopefully. Compared to the top 4 paid RB's you could argue Elliot was the best Rush yds Tds Rec yards Tds total yds total tds McCaffrey 442 1 343 1 785 2 Elliot 1002 10 287 2 1289 12 Kamara 898 4 439 5 1337 9 Cook 1159 6 224 0 1383 6
  2. Dallas dumped 20mill in salary though.
  3. So far I think I am enjoying this as much as I did the first season of GOT. I watched S1 unspoiled and then read all the books that were available before S2 came out, including Dunk and Egg, and I have to say it changed things a bit. I had my perception of characters and how I thought the story should go from S2 on. I do own the book this is based on (beautiful illustrations) but never actually fully read it yet, but do know the back story. I think I'll stay unspoiled and just enjoy the journey.
  4. Would his family be in charge of Casterly ROCK?
  5. Gave it a 7, same as the premiere. Episode was designed to set up the drama to come. Nice bit of rebel in the Princess going to Dragonstone unannounced and getting things somewhat diffused. I like how Daemon reminded Corlys not to disrespect the King, even though he does it. Nice reminder that he is still his brother and most importantly you are not. Strangely I didn't find this episode slow or boring at all.
  6. The real winner is us since we get to see that artist draw pics of him for another full year
  7. Buffalo released Punter Matt Ariaza today. Little surprised but probably shouldn't be since he is just a punter.
  8. The big bang - Pasadena, Happy days and Laverne and Shirley, MIlwaukee, Fraiser Seattle, The Golden Girls, somewhere is Florida...Coach was somewhere in Minnesota near @Tywin et al. , Home Improvement was in Detroit, oh wait...
  9. What outrage? The only time I was close to upset was when someone who I don't normally interact with jumped in acting all superior. Entitled, lol yeah that's me. The conversation was mainly on stars resting during the season when people pay to see them, but then play while in their off time. I guess the fans who pay to see them are all jerks and snow flakes for expecting to see the players play.
  10. Umm based off internet pictures of the women Tampa wins hands down compared to NYC, so as a male pig, yes.
  11. Yeah of course they would. Chicago would work for all of them. They just need a large city due to the stories and times in bars etc. If they started up and were using deep dish pizza as Joeys favorite food instead of sandwiches, acting in Chicago centered tv shows, Monica can still be a chef, Ross still a Professor, Rachel() still in fashion, miracle mile, Pheobe still massaging, and Chandler doing data transponding.... Does it help using NYC, yeah of course. I just said this all because I wanted to argue.
  12. Firstly, genuinely, kiss my ass for that snarky comment. This was a discussion about getting hurt in the offseason playing games when superstars are taking time off to rest during the season, from the games that are PAYING them. This hurts the OKC team that has to pay him for an entire year to not play. That is an issue.
  13. That's strange, they already have one sup who crushes skulls!
  14. How is landing after defending someone a freak accident? Isn't it a common thing in the NBA, you know, jumping?
  15. Not the point though. Years ago players weren't resting like they are now. You don't see Patrick Mahommes out there playing in the USFL(or some random pick up league) and then skipping NFL season games to rest right? It just seems ridiculous to an outsider like me.
  16. Nah leave it alone. They try to get us good Sunday and Monday night games each year and fail miserably so just leave it be.
  17. So I am not a big or even little NBA guy but even I have a major bitch here. What the actual fuck are LeBron James and Holmgren doing playing in these [email protected]@[email protected]>@>? So during the NBA season when people are paying big bucks to see them they can take time off for rest?? WTF Yeah I'm sure they would practice anyway but damn I'd be extra pissed if the game I saved $$ to go to with my kid and he sat out for rest and then plays in this bullshit.
  18. Hey! Thanksgiving is all Lions fans have, leave them alone! Thanksgiving used to be a punishment to play on, funny how times change. On a side note about a team that gets pushed too much, Tyron Smith suffered his annual injury and will be out like 3 months so yippee! At least now the talking heads won't be over hyping the Cowboys o-line since it is now a team weakness.
  19. I finished Westworld S4 this week. Yeah not impressed. Haven't truly liked it since S1 and this didn't help me any. If they do a S5 I might watch just to see how it ends
  20. Same, like it as it is but will do either way.
  21. $$$$??? Heard something about Cobra Kai success and wanna cash in too, I have no idea?
  22. There is a contender in the works right now. Sam and Victors day off? They are the two valets who are seen in Ferris Buellers day off taking the Ferrari for a joy ride. The whole movie is going to be centered on them driving it for the day.
  23. Or maybe it strengthens the Targ vision dreams and gives them credibility. He said he dreamt about his sons birth while hearing the crashing and cheers from a tourney, then it happens. End of episode he tells his heir about a Targ vision about the end of the world... maybe this was the plan and not gratuitous violence and comparing it to child birth. Do agree about the wigs though, don't like them.
  24. But did that dynasty have an interesting issue with the line of succession!<>?
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