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  1. I thought those were the dead stark lords. They were already in the crypts. Breaking out of there stone coffins however seemed a bit odd.
  2. I completely forgot that there were Saturday games this week. So in the famous words of Homer, “D’oh!”
  3. Final picks were revealed. If the Packers win, there will be a 3 way tie for first with 61.
  4. I feel like I'm going to win the week and yet will still lose ground when the dropped score get readjusted.
  5. Hello, my email for the survivor league is [email protected]

  6. Remember what happened the last time the Chiefs beat the Pats in Prime Time? Pats went on to win the Super Bowl.
  7. Just got in. Thanks. Yahoo has removed the Dolphins-Buccaneers game and supposedly readjusted the confidence points. So it's only a 1-15 point scale now.
  8. I'ld like to join but the link doesn't bring me to the right page.
  9. That doesn't make him a Targaryen. Besides, there is no other evidence in the show to suggest it.
  10. I don't think the Tyrion Targaryen theory will be fulfilled on the show. He will be a Lannister through and through. Besides people forget that it not Targaryen blood that is needed to ride a dragon. It's Valyrian blood. So even if Tyrion were to ride a dragon, that does not make him a Targaryen.
  11. Technically, Jon Targaryen still has not been confirmed in universe. Season 6 have us the "Tower of Joy" scenes were we know that a son was born to Lyanna, but we don't get a name. This episode gives us a Prince Rhaegar anullment and secret marriage, but doesn't tell us who the new wife is. It's 99% there but everything still hasn't been revealed. Personally, I just want them to come and confirm the worst kept secret in Westeros. I hate this tidbits and stalling tactics.
  12. Lord Lyman

    Board Issues 4

    They did this last year. I'm just assuming that since the show is currently airing a new season, users are going to migrate to those forums and so they just placed them at the top. After the season is over, they should get switched back.
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