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  1. Hard to argue with that one. He is in the same metaphorical styxian boat as the Night's Watch in his exile, and then the greyscale adds another layer of "dead man walking". If legitimate, he certainly qualifies. If not, he belongs with the counterfit kings? The Mother Rhoyne seems like quite the source of these rebirths. I'm starting to think there might something going here even beyond the hypothetical Stone Statue Men. Which makes me wonder about the Orphans of the Greenblood. And the entire Golden Company. It seems like it might be easier to catalogue the characters who aren't in some way dead... I think not- I'm pegging them as pure soul energy enmeshed in elemental shadow.
  2. A Persephone-type like I suspect Arya to be?
  3. I'm sold on indigo and the Stranger. If the Shadow Tower is comprised solely or partially of the Revived, what or who might be reviving them? The Night's Watch are symbolically dead already, casting off their names and histories as well as any crimes, so it makes sense to have a Tower devoted to them. Do we know how the Shadow Tower is situated? I don't recall a detailed description, is it one side of the wall? Built into the rock face of the Gorge and seperate from the Wall? Could that be a means by which the Revived might skirt the protection of the Wall and enter the South?
  4. Merci I was unaware of that part of Patchface's lineage- it is missing puzzle piece for this mythic mongrel.
  5. Was Rhaegar the goal or an unintended consequence? I had assumed that the goal was literal dragons, but that's something new to chew on. Thanks.
  6. I think that the fact that the lurid tales of his monstrous deformities that circulated around the time of his birth proved to be such exaggerations might argue against Tyrion being a sphinx. I'm on the fence with this one. 50/50 Tyrion is the Targ sphinx vs Jaimie and Cersei being the matched Valyrian Sphinxes...
  7. Great one! I hadn't really considered them "alive" before they were kindled, but there it is straight from GRRM's mouth.
  8. Give me some more details than that! Summerhall is definitely a crux moment in the history, the way GRRM is holding those cards to his chest. I know its not exactly on topic but don't be a tinfoil tease! As for me, I'm not sure stutter is the right word, but to expand: I think Aegon V was trying to force prophecy before its proper fulfillment? Trying to bring about the image that he thought aligned with Daenys' vision but ultimately trying to force events and breaking things instead. I think Aegon IV did something similar putting his willy in so many places and legitimizing his bastards.
  9. This is good stuff. It puts a new light on the fake Brothers put up at Castle Black and on Dolorous Ed's story about the guy (can't remember who off the top of my head) who fell from the bridge and landed in a pool despite being already dead? Still pondering this one. Nice! One tongueless, one tongue-tied. A lot to think on.
  10. Hunting the Woodwives (CotF?). Considering the number of one-eyed folks, and those who pose as the one-eyed (Euron and Turnberry, spring to mind)... I honestly hadn't made the 8-legged connection. Nice. But I was also thinking of Finvarra, from the Hollow Hill of Knockmaa. GRRM has in a SSM, IIRC, described the Others as icy and alien Sidhe.
  11. The Others with their Ice Spiders would make a good semblance of a Wild Hunt.
  12. He does use the words "pyromancy" and "hydromancy". "Fire wight" was coined by readers as a convenience. It makes discussion easier to have a shared vocabulary. Always a possibility. What I know of GRRM suggests that his greatest skill is as an editor, not a writer- his genius is in interweaving existing elements into something new? I think there is some kind of underlying order to what's going on, but how fleshed out it is and how much of the things that we are attaching importance to are no more than window-dressing I haven't the foggiest. That's what tinfoil is for, however.
  13. Makes a lot of sense and puts the "sphinx" thing in new light. I wonder how many of the historical miscarriages were on women without any Targ blood in their own families?
  14. There seems to me to be a game of souls going on in Dany's pyre- Drogo, Rhaegal, and MMD it seems to me- I don't think the eggs had souls until the pyre. This might be an extreme form of the Targ custom of placing eggs near their children. An egg won't hatch unless some kind of soul transfer can take place?
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