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  1. House Foyle: ruled by Morton Foyle, Knight-protector of Crazytown from MadHouse. They swear fealty to the Tyrells. Words: "It's all connected!" Sigil: 3 magpies natural in flight bearing shiny streamers in their beaks on a gray field. Morton's brother Beston is the archmaester of tinfoil at the Citadel. House Morton follows the Seven as they are primarily of Andal descent. They are not wealthy enough to own any Vayrian Steel.
  2. hiemal

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Faceless of Death edition Jaqen H'ghar: People Are Strange, The Doors (to the House of Black and White) The Kindly Man: Don't Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult (More cowbell!) Arya Stark (a girl): A Stranger, Ordo Equitum Solis (order of the Knights of the Sun) Bonus song for "Show" Arya sung by "Show" Gendry: Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder
  3. hiemal

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Cleagnebowl in two songs, one singer: Gregor Clegane: And Sandor Clegane:
  4. hiemal

    The appearance of The Others

    People also thought the Others were either extinct or a fantasy to begin with. That some people think they are, anyways.
  5. hiemal

    The appearance of The Others

    From what?
  6. hiemal

    The appearance of The Others

    Not to split hairs, but I think that there is a distinction between the White Walkers and the Others- all White Walkers are Others, but not all Others are White Walkers. I think the humanoid form is only one form taken by a polymorphous race that includes at least the White Walkers and Ice Dragons, and probably a primal or original form. As for the WWs, I picture them pretty much as shown in TWoIaF, like Sidhe made of glacial ice.
  7. I suspect that the original sword Ice may have been given to the Starks by the Others to seal whatever pact was forged to make the Starks the Kings of Winter. This may or may not have become the sword Dawn after the Battle for the Dawn after being taken from a fallen Star(k).
  8. hiemal

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    Power always comes at a price. Prophecy is always misleading. So are dualities.
  9. A soul cycle is not an afterlife- it is, after all, a cycle. It is the hypothetical flow energy from individual beings into the weirnet and back out again. Individual personalities and memories seem to play little part in this overall. If so it would seem to be the weirwoods' repository, and not the Children or humans, because it is the trees own "experience" that greenseers draw on. I agree with you there. Another piece of tinfoil I have is that the weirnet can be used offensively not just in mobilizing animals via warging but focusing energy somehow to produce events like breaking the Arm of Dorne and the Nagga Incident remembered by the Ironborn. It might have been to power such a network that the seasons were originally put out of whack as they sought to create a Land of Summer for themselves... Perhaps, but IIRC, other greenseers are clustered together and a good Hodor-back ride away- Bran describes seeing many of them and thinking they were dead until he saw eyes moving. Perhaps it doesn't mean anything in particular, but I'm bored and exploring the possibility that it does. Me either. I don't know what meaning time has "inside" a soul cycle, but joining one is more like moving energy around than an afterlife. I'm sorry if I haven't been clear on that but in this case "soul" is more about some kind of "animus" or life energy than a transfer of conscious awareness. All the evidence I've seen points to those things being tied to the material world. That's true, but it is the name that GRRM gives and that he uses it throughout. I also think that their own name for themselves fits this as well- they would be the voices as well as the hands, feet, and a part of their reproductive cycle in such a case. If the Children were produced by the weirwoods the trees could have made them so that they would fit in with the life around them, perhaps going so far as to produce the appearance of separate genders -or- it could be that the CotF are capable of reproducing themselves but only produce trees under special circumstances. Mankind was an active threat, they had to reach an accord or be wiped out. All of the weirwoods in Essos were already gone and they were making a good start on Westeros. Maybe, but I think it is more likely that human greenseers are a little different than their Children counterparts. The name Bran is pretty significant in the whole ragnarok/yggradisil thing so I think that may be pretty much what he is. Pschopomps not priests. The ravens also serve this purpose. While the Seven may promise an afterlife, the Old Gods do not. To try and fit it together with the history of the rest of the world- both the Children and giants seem to have existed historically on other continents. When did traffic stop, if it ever existed? I think those differences pale in comparison to the CotF and the merlings. I don't know how much evolution had to do with it, though. More likely mutation (like that found in places like Stygai and Mantarys) and genetic manipulation (such as was carried out on Gorgossos) .
  10. hiemal

    Is GRRM As Complex As You Believe He Is?

    In the end, I'm not sure it matters- the hours of enjoyment I have had reading the theories of others and polishing up my own bits of tinfoil are real even if I and the others are simply projecting a depth that isn't really there onto a less elaborately imagined Song. We've seen that GRRM is capable of a great deal of interweaving in this and other works, IMHO, so the question of how much of this is intentional and how much a kind of literary pointillism is interesting but I don't let it ruin my fun. To quote from another favorite series of mine:
  11. But all followers of the Old Gods join the cycle of souls on death, unless something else claims their soul's energy like a valyrian steel sword. What is gained but a kind of half life? Is the reasoing for doing so and the end result the same for CotF greenseers and for human ones? Bloodravens throne seems to be removed from the other CotF that Bran finds in that state. Well, they don't NEED to enter the weirnet that way, obviously, but I would assume that the souls released in sacrifice WOULD enter the weirnet. But that's not what I'm driving at. There's the name- the "children" of the Forest. It could be that it isn't just about their small size. He identifies them as appearing male and female, anyways. Why would she? We don't know how long a hypothetical "fruiting" stage would last for an imaginary species, anyways. Why would there be a problem? Both are from the families of First Men whose ancestors "bought into" the Old Gods soul cycle with blood sacrifice. I think you might be confusing the act of buying into the soul cycle (the weirnet) and that of propagating its physical manifestation., i.e. the weirwood trees. General mistrust of the timelines presented to us and other tinfoils as to the nature of the continents and the species that first arose on each. The CotF claim an awfully long period of isolation from the rest of the world- is that realistic, is it honest? I'm not sure, but I'm certainly not convinced. Perhaps the CotF are simply one form of a species with a lot of physical variance. My "main" tinfoil on the subject is that they are one branch from a world-wide tree that originated with the Mazemakers and includes the giants, the Lengii, the Naathi, and the Merlings and the Children and their Essosi counterparts.
  12. I think of it as covering all of the bases. And I am wary of dualities, even of the either/or variety. If the CotF are some kind of seed, then I think the physical structure of the weirnet itself, the trees, would incorporate the soul energy of the Children -and- be perpetuated in some way by their physical essences. Since the weirnet exists to some extant outside of linear time I'm not sure the usual chicken/egg dilemma applies, anyways. Could be. Why, though? The greensight works without such extreme measures, it seems, so the only other reason I can see for doing so would be to somehow to preserve the life of the greenseer, which we are told is shortened by their gift. Plausible, but it smacks of trying to work around the natural order weirnet seems to represent overall so I like to consider other alternatives. I don't think greenseers are needed for that preservation- anyone who has bought into the Old Gods' soul cycle with blood will go into the weirnet on death, barring unforseen circumstances. I think the cycle is powered by blood and souls and accessed the same way. What determines how much access an individual is given, whether it be greendreams, skinchanging, or the greensight, is unknown and not really covered by this topic as I'm more talking about the CotF's relationship with the physical trees not the weirnet that the trees manifest. Are the CotF a seperate species that like man has formed a relationship with the trees through blood sacrifice or might they creations of the trees? Or at least claiming to be... Could be. Did they do so solely on Westeros?
  13. Humanity is always humanity's ultimate enemy. When the external threat is gone, of course the story is not over. After all: Don't get distracted by the purely elemental Ice and Fire...
  14. If the 3EC is indeed Bloodraven, then I would say that human greenseers would have to be integrated into the weirnet in a different way than the CotF since humans don't contain any hypothetical seeds by either allowing roots to enter their flesh -or- that maybe they could somehow also become "seedlings" by ingesting the paste and sprouting like a psychic potato with a thousand eyes and one.
  15. hiemal

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    1 for re-establishing Velaryon dominion over the Stepstones