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  1. hiemal

    Bolton's Burnt Book: Mysterious Reading

    Was there ever any doubt? It does seem like a weird way to make that point, but this is GRRM....
  2. hiemal

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. Dead, but her child Podrick lives on. 2. Lyanna Stark 3. The Green Grace 4. Lyanna Stark 5. Illyrio's son/ Varys' nephew 6. Big Walder 7. Mance 8. Florian the Fool 9. Septon Chayle 10. Son of Valerys, the Amethyst Empress, and Rhaellor, the Bloodstone Emperor, and rider of the dragon Rubilaxes. Or did you mean AA Reborn? Danaerys.
  3. This one is long- but it's been a while. This is from a 12" I haven't listened to in ages- both are very ASoIaF but sooooo long, I actually don't think I'll subject you to all of them. The tale of Tam Lin is pretty widely known, I'm just charmed by his David Tibet's creepy take on folk music. A brief passage: I think of Bran as a kind of Tam Lin, but in truth the B-side is the one I was really thinking of in ASoIaF terms and it's... a weird one. The intro bit is by Tiny Tim who so famously wanted you to tiptoe through the tulips with him. Anyways, this reminds me obviously of Lightbringer, but also of the duality of the Stranger as well what I personally believe are the Yin and Yang so remembered by the Andals of the Amethest Empress and Bloodstone Emperor. Not here to sell it, just explaining why I find this less baphomet-ey androgyne evocative of the Lightbringer Incident and R'hlorr/Night's Queen yadda yadda. Anyways: An acquired taste, I admit.
  4. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    Good one. And right off the "top" of my head I think that the Wall and the Hightower are both dangerous and ridiculous heights. We've seen a few caves and heard whispers of the mysterious Deep Ones. Many characters reach great heights of power and renown before falling and losing everything. I suspect that Cersei will follow them in their plunges but her burning of the Tower of the Hand makes me think she might start a fires when she impacts like a bomb. She's not one to suffer alone. Exactly- that's how we think naturally as people. As the Red Woman said: ACoK But it's wrong: I think trios are important as a refutation of this kind of thinking. As in Tyrion's monochrome dream after the Battle of the Blackwater even without colors there are shades and shades putting the lie to "black and white". Real life is messy and I think one of the main themes of ASoIaF is upsetting expectations regarding the purity or absolutism of morality and ethics. Things are never as simple as we want or need them to be and so the "dragon has three heads" and so on and so forth.
  5. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    She is not, and I think that her bitterness at the inequalities she faces is the fuel that feeds her ambitions. If she had been brought up differently would she be soaring or would she have remained grounded as a proper lion should? Bah, I can't for the life of me remember the exact quote but someone remarks that Jaimie was born holding onto Cersei's ankle. Anyways, I agree completely. Oh, interesting! That brings us to the triplets that have been missing. I think Doran, Oberyn, and Elia can be compared with Arianne, Quentyn, and Trystane as well as with Rhaegar, Viserys, and Danerys. And so then it becomes Cersei, Jaimie, Tyrion. Is the ideal Westerosi family 2 boys and a girl? An heir, a spare, and a maiden fair?
  6. I've made a few stabs before at diagnosing what I call the Malady of the Seasons and I wanted to set out what I think is the best and shiniest piece of tinfoil on the topic in its own space for examination, critique, and ridicule (after all, this is pretty deep in the weeds here and tinfoil helmets are recommended field gear) without distraction. In short, I think that the magnetic north pole has been replaced by not one but two competing poles that are the focus of magical instead of magnetic energies- call them the Winter Pole and the Summer Pole. The Summer Pole is not opposite the Winter Pole on the globe, but lies on an imaginary line on the surface of the world roughly halfway to where such a pole would lie (if it exists in any meaningful way). The poles act as focal points for the energies of the nature; fire (the world's tectonic forces redirected and perverted by magic, if I am correct) for Summer and ice (the world's cycle of glaciation and ice ages redirected and perverted by magic) for winter. The Poles represent competing forces that exist in a rough sort of balance as energies gather and are distributed in a way that mirrors the soul activity of the weirwoods network of incoming and outgoing souls that Bran glimpses in his visions but are even less natural and more prone to disaster. Several times in the past there have been cataclysms caused by one of the Poles gathering too much power, creating too great an imbalance, and then things fall apart as the center cannot hold. I believe we see evidence for this in places like K'Dath (the first Land of Always Winter, I believe, and origin of the nefarious and undoubtedly Lovecraftian Deep Ones), Yeen (primal Land of Always Summer and home to the snake/lizard people), Stygai/Asshai, and Valyria. When these cataclysms take place, the magical forces are thrown out of balance and eventually the dominant force achieves the crest of its power (a Long Night or an Eternal Summer) before something acts to bring things back towards balance and a new Pole is created further to the West. This means that the imaginary line between Winter (North/South) and Summer (East/West) moves and the cardinal directions are redefined. I believe this is one of the reasons that there are no magnetic compasses in ASoIaF and characters must resort of a Pole Star for their reckoning: ACoK Ominous, right? Now that the Summer Pole has disappeared in the fiery Doom, Winter is on the rise and a new Pole must be established. Personally, I believe it will on the Isle of Faces in God's Eye and that the new Pole Star will be: ASoS This would make the North into the South, I reckon, which has probably already happened at least once. It is said that the North is the oldest of the Seven Kingdoms, which makes zero sense if folks actually came across the Arm of Dorne and hauled ass from one of the least hospitable kingdoms to settle in the other. Either the climate was different or they didn't actually cross there (or, as I believe, both- but that's another thread). This could, after establishing a new Pole also go a ways towards satisfying Mirri Maz Duur's maddening prophecy (or acid taunt): AGoT On the other hand, perhaps it would be enough to simply destroy the Winter Pole and nature would reassert itself? A few thoughts of the history of Cataclysms and the races involved: I feel that the Deep Ones are one of the prime suspects for agents of infection (magic). They seem to associated with the mutation and perversion of existing lifeforms and K'Dath is described thusly: TWoIaF This fits exactly with Lovecraft's K'Dath, which exists outside of time. Since cyclical time and prophecy are issues at play here I am looking in this direction. Perhaps the Deep Ones (not yet Deep, obviously) created the serpent people as slaves who then rebelled and precipitated the crisis, leaving behind a population to become shrykes. Regardless, I think this is where the Others originally come from, as well- assuming they are not simply a form of alien life with liquid oxygen for blood. Not a lot is known about Yeen, but as I've said I think it was the capital city of the Serpent People, who I believe originally tamed wyverns and firewyrms as instruments of war. I think they were the original "Greenhands" and their cataclysm was an explosion of cancerous fecundity, probably infused with the unwholesome energies of the Deep One's Oily Black Stone that have popped up again and again. I think the Mazemakers were the ancestral form of the Children of the Forest, the Giants, the Lengii, and the Merlings. I think they were wiped out by forced evolution by a combination of the powers of Yeen and the Deep Ones, who essentially split the race into diverse forms, one of which formed a pact with the weirwoods of Westeros and used that power to resist Deep One incursions by sinking parts of their own continent and forcing the Deep Ones into the Deep. Those CotF that were drowned became merlings and their associated weirwoods, underwater but still living, were poisoned by the Deep Ones to become the Drowned God (Oily-Black Stone infused weirwood or Shade of the Evening). The weirwoods seem to have subverted parts of the natural cycle involving souls, life and death, and somehow, the ability to drown continents. Plate tectonics- stolen. No random earthquakes, until the cataclysm anyways.The Horn of Joramun and the Hammer of Waters are of the Children and it may have been them who infused wyverns with the Fires of the Earth and created dragons. Or not- it may have been the Dawnites. It seems certain that they created Dragonriders during the Lightbringer Incident at Stygai that brought about the Long Night but the origins of dragons are less clear. Regardless that cataclysm is the best documented and I think it also created R'hlorr, when the Bloodstone Emperor "downloaded" his mind into the planet's molten mantle and became the "god of flame and shadow", and Night's Queen when the Amethyst Empress died birthing Azor Ahai and came back as something Other. The LB incident probably involved a combination of Dawnite, Deep One, Yeenite, and CotF power. I think Summerhall is a reflection of this. I'm tapped for now. Back when I think of more.
  7. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    I've always wondered if the Loras/Margery dynamic might have shown us how things could have been if Cersei and Jaimie had popped out in different order- if Cersie didn't feel, at least as keenly, that she was being deprived of her "rights" solely because of her sex. Would she have suggested her brother shave his mane off, lay it at her feet, and put on a white cloak instead? Might she have tapped further into her potential as a human being or would she have simply remained a pawn all of her life?
  8. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    I keep bringing up the Stranger, btw, because I forgot to mention in the OP that I suspect that the Stranger might be a memory of the AE and BSE's union, with the other members of the Seven being rounded out by previous gemstone Emperors.
  9. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    ? I haven't seen it- similar plot points?
  10. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    I don't think skinchangers in general have the same kind of innate soul bond as dragonriders because there are fewer souls going through the Firenet? I think the pool of available souls for dragons is confined pretty much to other dragonriders by design. One of the dualities at least. She seems like a Stranger analog?
  11. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    The Stranger?
  12. hiemal

    Twinfoil: "Lanns the Clever" and Others

    That would be interesting.
  13. ASoS Dualities and dichotomies of various sorts are recurring theme in ASoIaF, starting strong with Ice and Fire right there in the title. We have dualities in opposition and in synthesis. We have false dichotomies that bleed into grays and of course we have many, many (like albinism, perhaps more than "normal" genetics would account for?) cases of twins- fraternal and identical- but no triplets or onwards that I am aware of. We have House who lives in the Twins and the song "Two Hearts that Beat as One". And within those groups of siblings we have many relationships embodying the various types of dualities already mentioned. So... bring me your tinfoil and your theories on twins. A couple to get things started: Lanns the Clever- I think the founder of House Lannister may actually been a set of twin siblings who would pose as one to take advantage of people. We have some reason to suspect that twins are not uncommon in that House, and the idea of twins impersonating each other is brought up by Cersei but never really utilized fully, IMHO. This is my shameless attempt to rectify that and I admit I have no real reason to believe we will ever know if my hunch is right- it is sparkly, though, ain't it? Amethyst Empress and Bloodstone Emperor=twins- Pretty self-explanatory. I think they were a set of twins exactly like Cersei and Jaimie, and that of them was born Azor Ahai. AE "dies" in chilbirth and is reborn as Night's Queen. BSE becomes R'hlorr and the Ice and Fire from the Song become not just opposing dualities, but twins whose synthesis is Azor Ahai. The Others and Dragonriders could be cousins, of sorts. One of the ideas I've kicked around regarding dragons and souls is that the dragon/rider is originally created by twinning- one twin lives and the other is absorbed and their soul transferred to the dragon egg- possibly even after the survivor is born accounting the custom of placing eggs in Targaryen nurseries and possibly for the occasional stillborn monstrosity?. It's not my favorite- I'm currently leaning towards Targ souls in general returning as dragons by way of the R'hlorrian version of the Weirnet, the Firenet- possibly by a non-linear timeframe, so that Aerion Brightflame may indeed have been transformed into a dragon, just not in the fashion he envisioned. So- what have I missed? Any secret twins, or evil twins (or good twins)? Twins seperated at birth? Any other good tropes I've forgotten? I definitely feel like there's something I'm missing...
  14. hiemal

    Thrones, plural. Not just iron.

    Here's a good one: TWoIaF It ties together the Iron Born, the Deep Ones, and the Merlings in one chair-shaped bundle of tinfoil.