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  1. hiemal

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 802?

    9 but leaning towards a solid 9.5 I thought this was a great episode that had a lot of immediate impact while also steadily building tension for the Battle throughout.
  2. Lord Manderly: Stormwrack Elder Brother: The Father's Justice Edmure Tully: Rivers' Wrath Dosh Khaleen: Widows' Wail. Obviously. Missandei: Butterfly Stings Septon Meribald: Orangepeeler Margery Tyrell: Sweet-thorn Moonboy: Dancing Crescent Rennifer Longwaters: Skeleton Key Lady Frey: Fat Chance Amarei Frey: Gatekeeper
  3. 1. Probably, but I doubt he will live through the encounter. ASoS This always sounded like Cleganebowl to me, but of course it doesn't actually say they would be fighting each other... 2. I don't see it
  4. hiemal

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. Old enough to know better 2. Male 3. Favorite POV chapters to read or favorite (best) person? 3a. Arya and Tyrion tied 3b. Brienne of Tarth 4. Euron
  5. hiemal

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Yes. Valar Morghulis, after all.
  6. hiemal

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    For Jorah Mormont: (a cover of the song by Vangelis, but I like this version) I'll Find My Way Home- Project Pitchfork: For Robb Stark: Gimme Shelter- The Rolling Stones: And because, well, duh.... Hazy Shade of Winter- The Bangles:
  7. hiemal

    Aerea Targaryen

    That would raise even more questions.
  8. Neither worth an entire thread, but still worth at least a mention? Strange Fruit: The Literal Children of the Forest What if Children are the "seed"-bearing fruit of the weirwood trees? What if the roots we see growing from the greenseers in Bloodraven's cave aren't growing into their bodies but out of? This would explain the bloody appearance of the paste that Bran is given without resorting to Jojen. It would explain the significance of sacrifice- the First Men seeing them preparing a "seed' for planting would probably be misinterpreted? I can't think of any way it would really impact the story or even be really "testable" but it seems like GRRM might played around with ideas like this in his Tuff Voyaging series so I thought it worth bringing up... The Yellow Emperor and the Mirror People Not an expert in Chinese mythology but I recently stumbled on the legend of the Yellow Emperor and the mirror people: basically in the ancient past people from the Mirror World invaded ours and were only stopped by being the legendary Yellow Emperor who used his magic to imprison them for 10,000 years. During this imprisonment the lowest ranking members of the mirror folk must take on human form and mimic the actions of people who look into the mirror. The flash of light a person sometimes glimpses out of the corner of their eye is related to the seal that keeps them imprisoned and on the day that it is no longer seen the mirror people will be free to invade once more. OK- so we know that there are are/were Yellow Emperors in Yi Ti and what I'm pondering is the Wall as the "Mirror" that divides the two worlds, the White Walkers being the members of the Others' race that mimics humans, many descriptions of light flashing or glistening on the Wall, and the long time spans involved. It seems possible to me that this legend might have been one of the threads woven into lore of Ice and Fire, but probably not one that reveals anything particularly important but also warranting a few words.
  9. hiemal

    Aerea Targaryen

    1. Probably Valyria. Although we have no definite information, I can't think of anywhere else that could be so deadly and yet might draw in either Balerion or his rider. 2. I'm guessing another dragon or possibly a firewyrm. 3. No idea. It could just be a specific date to provide some "historic" verisimilitude. 4. No idea. 5. To spare his feelings? 6. I think they were the souls of Valyrians who died during the Doom and were trapped in the arcane "residue" until Aerea cut herself somehow and they were able to bond with her blood and begin attempting to rebuild bodies for themselves using her substance as fuel. 7. Wouldn't you? 8. I doubt it. I think they were being poisoned by the maesters. And a question of my own, if it isn't too bold- 9. Why the long gap between her leaving on Balerion and returning? Did she survive on Valyria for that long, was she somewhere else for a time? How old are Balerion's wounds and how long has Aerea been infected?
  10. Was Viserys mad, though? Or just an entitled little shit?
  11. hiemal

    Shade of the evening.

    I think the idea is worth mentioning that the shade of the evening trees are what remains of the Essosi weirwoods after being mutated by either deliberate contamination with Oily Black Stone or by the inadvertent release of OBS dust into the atmosphere during the Long Night Catastrophe. It would not surprise me at all if there is some form of sacrifice associated with them: Spitball: The little dwarves are the mutant form of the CotF, the mobile "fruit" stage of the weirwood lifecycle- human sacrifice comes from the CotF using their bodies (which contain the seeds) to grow new trees or make the paste needed for greenseer integration....
  12. hiemal

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Myself included, or at least, I think he is a sphinx. I'm more inclined to consider him a non-valyrian variety, although I don't discount the possibility at all and have a slew of tinfoils hanging from that very pin. Arya is making herself a sphinx piecemeal by way of Names and Sarella has riddled her own into a mirror. Jaime and Cersei would make a matching pair, and in true Valyrian style. I'm not sure Dany is a sphinx? She is not, in my mind, a bit of this and a bit of that nor is she a guardian of anything. She is all dragon.
  13. hiemal

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Of course not- I started a thread a while back to try and discuss twin imagery and other kinds of dualities that keeps popping up like dandelions, but it was pretty vague stuff and I got distracted by my own "cleverness: Jaime and Cersei embody so many different dualities that it's almost hard not to discuss the topic and not have them pretty well front and center. I'm not sure what kind of duality the Valyrian Sphinxes represent, either the pair in KL or the seperated duo in Essos. Tyrion refers to a "dragon queen" which of course most urgentlyrecalls Dany and her Moon and Stars and if that pair of sphinxes guarded anything it is long plundered or forgotten. Hmmmm, spitballing here but perhaps sphinxes of the Valyrian variety guard secrets and the traditional sort knowledge? That seems a good duality...
  14. hiemal

    Hardhome got The Color out of Space-d

    I think you are on the right track in terms of Lovecraftian contamination but I think the "impact site" is probably K'Dath to stick with the Lovecraftian theme.
  15. hiemal

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    It does, doesn't it? If the "traditional" sphinxes are guardians of knowledge, I wonder what Valyrian sphinxes guard? Could this hint at Cersei and Jaimie's rift as well as Dany's marital misfortunes?