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  1. WSmith84

    Why was Robert in Vale

    Rickard didn't necessarily intend for Robert and Lyanna's children to become King or Queen in their own right, but a daughter of those two would be a very suitable potential bride for Rhaegar's children, for example. And Robert becoming King naturally was not out of the realm of possibility; Aegon the Unlikely becoming King was, well, more unlikely but it happened. Marrying someone who might (even if it's only a small chance) one day be King seems like a decent bet, particularly when that lord controls an entire region of the continent. Obviously you want to marry your children to your local lords to strengthen your hold over them. Rickard still had two healthy sons to marry off. Lady Dustin even comments on how she might have ended up with Ned Stark had Brandon not died. And if Rickard desired greater influence over the King, marrying his family into other LP families is a good way to do that. Not to mention the fact that Aerys was personally very close to Robert's father. I'm not ruling out the possibility that Rickard planned to rebel, it's just that his actions are not inherently indicative of rebellion.
  2. WSmith84

    Why was Robert in Vale

    Good point. And the Targaryens had married the Baratheons pretty recently, so they clearly had acceptable blood. It's weird, but the idea that Rickard may have actually favoured improving Stark relations with the Targaryens (and maybe even marrying into them, as you suggest) rarely seems to be considered. People generally seem to believe that Rickard had anti-Targaryen sentiments, or at least was wary of them.
  3. WSmith84

    Why was Robert in Vale

    The chance to have Stark-Baratheons rule the Stormlands? That's enormous prestige, not to mention that it would give you much more influence in terms of fellow Lord Paramounts and the King himself.
  4. You're going to have to give us a quote, because I just went through every search result (from AGOT to ADWD) for 'Benjen' and not one of them have to do with guilt, innocence or some such. There's also no mention of it if you search for 'brother' in Ned's PoV. In fact, Ned scarcely thinks or talks about Benjen at all. Sorry, I think you're mistaken on this one.
  5. WSmith84

    Jon & Dany, true identities ***UPDATING***

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Jaehaerys who arranged the marriage between his children, with Aegon actually being against it (but still permitting it)?
  6. WSmith84

    Why are the Essosi so militarily incompetent?

    On the whole subject of 'Westerosi armies are just untrained peasants' I do feel obligated to post the link to a thread disputing that notion. I'm not sure if the conclusion of the author is correct, or if GRRM just wrote several contradictions, but still, it's worth a read.
  7. WSmith84

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    It's not about Cersei treating Jon like shit. It's about the fact that Cersei should not trust Jon Snow from what she knows. She views Ned as an honourable man who would not break his word. And Jon is his son (presumably with the same code of honour). Except, Jon has deserted the Night's Watch, something Ned would never stand for. Therefore, Jon cannot be assumed to be like his father, which was the only reason Cersei might have had to take his word seriously. As for the Northern lords, they didn't question Jon deserting the NW even before they swore fealty to him and were basically telling to f*** off. They brought up Robb's failures, Sansa's marriage to Ramsey and the Ironborn, but not Jon deserting an ancient institution that actually serves a purpose to these people (protecting their lands from wildling raiders). It's madness.
  8. Rickard didn't take an army to King's Landing with him because he presumably feared the Mad King's reaction. He probably hoped that by responding to the summons as a loyal servant he could soothe the paranoid anger of Aerys. Had he gone with an army, Brandon would likely have been dead before Rickard got anywhere near the capital. Aerys' reaction is difficult, because, well, the man was mad. So while he might have had rational reactions to events and rational reasons for his actions, it's certainly not a given. His reaction to the threat of losing his throne was to burn the capital down, so... The other problem is that Rickard loses more than he gains from this marriage, unless he was prepared to pull off some dirty stuff behind the scenes (which he might have been). With Rhaegar, his grandchildren would be princes and princesses, yes, but they wouldn't be King or control lands or titles of their own (save that that the King gave to them). With Robert, his grandchildren would be the rulers of Storm's End and the Stormlands. That would be 3 regions with a Stark (blood wise) in charge. That seems like a bigger prize, although it's believable that Rickard may have cared more about the prestige of the Targaryen marriage or his daughter's happiness.
  9. WSmith84

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    That doesn't really explain why others, such as the Northern lords and Cersei, treat Jon like his shit doesn't stink. Cersei tried to extract an oath from Jon, citing that as Ned's son he'd never betray an oath, while at the same time knowing full well that Jon had abandoned the Wall and been crowned King, thus breaking an oath that is punishable by death.
  10. Perhaps not on paper, but in practice it certainly would. Rhaegar remarrying means that he can have legitimate children, in this case with the daughter of a more powerful, better-connected lord than his first wife. Targaryen history (unless I'm forgetting something) doesn't show a particularly good track record of children of different mothers: the Dance of the Dragons and Maegor the Cruel. Officially, not much would change for Elia's Aegon but there would certainly be a threat that wasn't present before. I'd say that he jeopardised his son's position, even if he was naive enough to believe that he didn't simply because, legally speaking, nothing changed.
  11. WSmith84

    sansa, arya, and dany

    I think there will be some tension between the four of them. Sansa and Arya will likely think that one of the reasons Jon bent the knee is that he was thinking with his penis heart. And, honestly, who's to say they would be entirely wrong? If Jon bending the knee leads to problems, I could see there being some genuine fallout. There might also some tension once it is revealed that Jon is the rightful heir, particularly if Dany mentions that several times during her stay at Winterfell. Of course, there's going to be a lot more fallout between Jon and Sam when Sam finds out his best friend is shagging the woman who killed his brother and father by dragonfire.
  12. WSmith84

    Is Shaggydog morally grey?

    The direwolves mainly seem to reflect the temperament of their partner, at least when they're together. Rickon is wild and untamed, sometimes even vicious, and Shaggy is the same. Lady is gentle, trusting and well-behaved, just like Sansa was. When they are separate, they might be different, but together the Stark and wolf seem like a reflection.
  13. WSmith84

    Lyanna's winter rose crown

    I was about to suggest the same. That seems to be the most likely option, unless the text says otherwise.
  14. Wouldn't the annulment, which leads to a second marriage, make the Dornish angrier because Rhaegar can now have legitimate children which will threaten the future of Elia's? Taking Lyanna as mistress might be humiliating, but at least the children would be bastards and Elia would still be future Queen. By marrying Lyanna, Rhaegar's setting the stage for Dance of the Dragons 2.0 and declaring that Lyanna is his Queen, not Elia.
  15. WSmith84

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Today I watched the first episode with someone new to it all and, apart from the differences in the quality of dialogue and plot, the biggest difference is that the people involved seemed to care so much more back then. There's some genuine effort put into it all, some thought and love for the world and characters. It's just sad to see what the show has become.