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  1. Perhaps not on paper, but in practice it certainly would. Rhaegar remarrying means that he can have legitimate children, in this case with the daughter of a more powerful, better-connected lord than his first wife. Targaryen history (unless I'm forgetting something) doesn't show a particularly good track record of children of different mothers: the Dance of the Dragons and Maegor the Cruel. Officially, not much would change for Elia's Aegon but there would certainly be a threat that wasn't present before. I'd say that he jeopardised his son's position, even if he was naive enough to believe that he didn't simply because, legally speaking, nothing changed.
  2. WSmith84

    sansa, arya, and dany

    I think there will be some tension between the four of them. Sansa and Arya will likely think that one of the reasons Jon bent the knee is that he was thinking with his penis heart. And, honestly, who's to say they would be entirely wrong? If Jon bending the knee leads to problems, I could see there being some genuine fallout. There might also some tension once it is revealed that Jon is the rightful heir, particularly if Dany mentions that several times during her stay at Winterfell. Of course, there's going to be a lot more fallout between Jon and Sam when Sam finds out his best friend is shagging the woman who killed his brother and father by dragonfire.
  3. She's not a relative of Robert's at all. She's his widow. The throne should presumably have gone to the nearest blood relative. And Cersei's not even attempting to maintain the appearance of a link to the Baratheons (I believe the costume designer said as much). She's crowned herself as a Lannister, her trappings are Lannister, her armies are Lannister...
  4. The only thing that makes me think that they might not be OK with it (in the show) is that the show characters sometimes have some very modern views when it comes to certain things. For instance, very few people in the show seem to care about lines of succession (anymore). I'm sure they will once Jon is revealed to be Rhaegar's heir, but no one seems to have batted an eyelid even though Cersei's on the throne.
  5. But again, the only indication we get in the show about Elia's feelings is that she loved Rhaegar. We hear nothing about her being reluctant to marry him, or wanting to return home.
  6. Sorry, but I'm extremely reluctant to use any information in the books now to determine backstory, motives, explanations in the show because it's been shown to be wrong so many times. The Iron Bank of Braavos funds slavery in the show, polygamy was never apparently a thing in the show, murdering your king and telling everyone about it is OK in the show (Euron/Balon) etc. So now I just consider them completely separate canons and don't use either one as evidence for the other. So I won't accept the prophecy was a motive for show Rhaegar without actual show evidence. Actually, I don't think there's anything in the show that mentions that Elia couldn't have more children anyway.
  7. WSmith84

    Can we talk about Jon?

    I also really disliked how Jon reacted to Mel's advances in the show. In the book, Jon tries not to associate with Mel at all, untangling her arm from his and attempting to keep a distance between them, because of his mistrust in her, particularly in sorcery ('sorcery is a sword without a hilt' and all that). In the show, he's copping a feel and stopping at the last minute because of Ygritte.
  8. WSmith84

    Can we talk about Jon?

    Except it was established that Jon didn't know if the Northern lords would follow him in his decision to bend the knee. Jon needs to ask himself: what will he do if the Northerners (such as his sisters and brother) say 'no' to Daenerys? What will he do if they refuse to bend the knee alongside him? Will he fight against them, lead the armies of Daenerys against the armies of the North? Will he let Dany burn Sansa, Arya and Bran alive like the Tarlys? It's such a fucking stupid decision because Jon had already secured her support to fight the army of the dead. And I guarantee that the Northerners would be a lot more inclined to bend the knee to a Targaryen after she's helped them defeat the army of the dead.
  9. You're bringing a lot of book material into this that was never mentioned in the show. There's been no mention of Rhaegar having any knowledge or interest in prophecies, or needing three heads of a dragon, so to try and understand that as his motivation (in the show) seems sketchy. As for Elia... Well, since we're basing this purely on the show, the only indication that we have is that she loved Rhaegar (per Oberyn). So, in terms of the show, I can't see why she'd agree to this annulment and marriage to another woman. There's no prophecy for her to believe in, she'd have to be a fool not to be afraid of a legitimate child of another woman from a more powerful House and, if she did indeed love Rhaegar, she'd probably be reluctant to lose him. Even if we allow the prophecy as a motive in the show, Elia should still have been reluctant about Rhaegar picking Lyanna. She didn't have to be the mother; any woman could have done. Rhaegar could have gotten himself a tavern wench, knocked her up and legitimised the child. Annulling Elia and marrying Lyanna just causes a political shitstorm and threatens the position of Rhaegar's other children.
  10. WSmith84

    Targaryen Morality

    Yes, that was my thinking as well. The minute a King can be deposed legally, there's not much to stop it happening to a lord. Lord Varys' suggestion of removing mad heirs from the line of succession is theoretically sound, at least.
  11. WSmith84

    Targaryen Morality

    Thanks. That (presumably) explains why Rhaegar took so long to do anything about his father once it became clear that he wasn't fit to rule.
  12. WSmith84

    Targaryen Morality

    I was more wondering what institution (if any) a King could set up to remove mad Kings, and not simply bar them from inheriting. As you pointed out, Aerys II wouldn't have qualified for being disinherited when he was young. But could one set up something that could effectively remove a monarch from power without seriously weakening the position of King/Queen?
  13. WSmith84

    Targaryen Morality

    I'd like to see the evidence that Aegon the Conqueror conquered Westeros to help the smallfolk. I'm not saying he didn't, but I've always thought his motives were pretty ambiguous and not explicit at all. Thus I always concluded that he did it for the same reason most Westerosi Kings conquer new territories: power and prestige.
  14. WSmith84

    Targaryen Morality

    Well, they might have done the things that Egg later did (and his descendants undid) a tad sooner, while they had dragons to enforce the changes. They might have actually been able to make them stick this way. They could have actually written down some more laws so that the law was clearer. Maybe done something to stem the steady loss of NW members. Just small things, really. I think the Targs did OK. While I agree with the concept, how would it be enforced? Who decides if the King/Queen is insane and needs replacing? And if the future mad monarch is a dragonrider, who is going to make them stand down? I wouldn't want to be the man who has to try and make Maegor the Cruel abdicate, for example.
  15. WSmith84

    Targaryen Morality

    Well, I'm not a big fan of the Targs personally. I feel like they should have achieved a bit more than they did during their reign, and the incest doesn't endear them to me either. But I don't think that they were all that different from their peers, just slightly higher up, and they did achieve some things.