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How would you rate episode 406?

How would you rate episode 406?  

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I gave it a 10 for 2 reasons. I thought The Ironborn trying to break Theon out was cool. I liked seeing Theon's sister go hard for her brother. But Peter's performance on trial was outstanding to say the least. And when he was going on the Lords and Ladies saying "I should have let Stannis KILL YOU ALL!!!" I thought was hilarious. Oh and one more great thing was seeing the Titan Of Braavos, it's incredible to see it on screen like that.

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8 , I didn't like the Asha thing, I get how it needed to set up the reek scene but they could of just done it so much better

*pulls out key to dodge cage*

*cut scene to them by the boat*

Not looking out of breath or anything just a little bit of ketchup on her face, like she's a sloppy eater or something

rest of the episode was solid though

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Seriously -- when Asha/Yara gave the Pulp Fiction hardest pipe-hitting Ironborn speech at the end of Season 3, I was expecting to see them getting literally medieval on the Boltons. Instead, it's like, "no harm, no foul, you keep Theon, we'll just put our tails between our legs and sail all the way back around Westeros, see you next season."

This right here. She was like that biker chick at the end of Weird Science, "You have a lovely home." And Ramsey...what was that? He looked like uncle Joe fixin' to carve up the Christmas turkey and then he sicks the Bumpus hounds on them? Really? Wuss...

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Quite simply the best episode ever, and I've been pretty critical of the last two series. Helped significantly by the decision by Sky in the UK to include only a single ad break. Acting of the highest order from the real actors of the cast. Dinklage, Dance, Coster -Waldau, Dillane and Cunningham

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there is no way McConaughey doesn't win the Emmy. His monologue in 1x2 about his daughter actually almost brought me to tears, and nothing I watch ever does. One could pick any scene with McConaughey in it and present that to the Emmy's.

I agree. After the second episode it was over. Everything else was just Matty piling on. The monologue about dreams and monsters at the end of it? I'm still waiting for the right time to break that one out...

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9 from me. Loved it all. Enjoyed the Dreadfort scene which many don't seem to - we needed some action and the first part was pretty much what the Ironborn did to break into Winterfell, I can understand running from attack dogs, and the real purpose was to show how much Theon had lost it which was amazing. Don't get the minor fuss about the bones - that was clearly a pre-cursor for later. And yes, the trial was pitch perfect all round and one of the best moments of the whole series.

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Somebody give that Dinklage an Emmy! - He was electrifying! :bowdown:

And wasn't it just brilliant to see the Titan of Bravos at last? (and in the credits, too!). And Dany's throneroom! And (at last) some more dragony goodness! And a fantastic alternative way of cooking goats...

I liked this episode about a thousand times more than last week's. I know it's not always possible, but I think the individual episodes are a lot stronger when they limit the number of POVs portrayed to just a few. Giving the trial air time and breathing space really made it for me!

I have mixed feelings about the Dreadfort scenes. For no rational reason at all, I didn't loathe it like the Craster's stuff. I think it's a good way of keeping these characters relevant, when they seem to drop off the radar in the books.

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9 for me.

The Yara scene was a bit daft and I wasn't overly keen on the Stannis scene.

The trial was however great and the hall at Meereen was pretty much exactly as I'd pictured it in my head. Peter Dinklage was absolutely superb though.

Not sure on the guy place Mace though, he seems weak

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