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ASoIaF 20 Questions #106

a free shadow

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1. Not a person

2. A place

3. Seen in the 5 books

4. In Westeros

5. Not South of the Neck

6. Not a family seat

7. Man made

8. Not north of the gift

9.made of stone

10. Not the nightfort

11. Not abandoned

12. A single building

13. Did not change owners

14. western

Hint just barely

15. Not in the Barrowlands

16. Not seen in Theon Pov

17. Not Torrens square

18. Not in the Wolfs Wood

Hint: Bran POV

19. Not Queens Crown.

Hint: Unnamed building

Hint: look

20: Not Tumbledown Tower

Hint before I give it away: bran 1 is correct. ASOS is not

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