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Non-spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who've not read the books or those who have but are happy to not actually reference them at all in discussion, taking each episode as it comes.

This topic should open automatically when the show begins airing.

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Why is the episode even named so?

I expected it to be a full Dorne episode

Why? We've had house words as titles before, it has never meant anything. It would also be very weird to have a one-location episode in the middle of the season. And there's not even enough material in Dorne to fill an entire episode.
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i agree with you both Rhae and FoMN...i believe those words worked for every bit of the show this week...sansa's new struggles, tyrion's ability to protect himself even when you think he might not, ...and not nearly enough shit going on in dorne (or enough geographic space) for an entire epi...

furthermore as house words go i think these are pretty good for a show title...

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