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[Poll] How would you rate episode 506

How would you rate episode 506?  

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It's too disjointed. People were bitching about the changes and the cuts, but there should have been more cuts, not less. Dorne is terrible, and should have been cut. I'm sorry, but Arya's story is happening in the middle of nowhere. It, too, should have been cut. Thank the gods they cut Aegon, JonCon, the Greyjoys.

KL stuff was good. I'm glad they got Olenna back. I liked LF's betrayal. It's completely in character for him. I'm just not sure whom he is betraying. Probably everyone. They have a very strong group of actors in KL now.

I'm probably alone in finding Sansa bits fine, too.

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And I thought this would be a Dorne-centered episode given the title.

Nope, 3 minutes of pointless talking and a shameful fight sequence, better save time for rape.

At least the Dornishmans wife is in. And the hall of faces, too.

3/10 is more than enough

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Absolutely the farthest down they could go. Circling the drain. Everything since butchering Selmy in that alley has been a downhill ride--right to creepy, crazy I'm going to just watch "AngryGoTFan"'s tweets from now on. The only reason to even watch more is to see Lady Olenna take down Cersei, and if that's as badly written, who will even care? It's like the skeleton crew running the show, they don't know what to do. The Red Wedding was shocking, it was also planned out and in the books and not for shock VALUE.

There are no sharks in Dorne because you can't jump them? Won't save this show.

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While the House of Black and White continues to be completely devoid of substance, and while the Dorne storyline continues to be completely brain dead, the rest of the episode keep me on edge until the end. It cannot be said enough times how amazing Alfie Allen is; that last scene with the shot of his reaction said all that needed to be said. The look of horror on his face was probably representative of just about everyone's reaction, unless you're like Ramsay.

King's Landing is also getting more interesting, and I'm glad Littlefinger's trip down there added another dimension to the game instead of being another pointless excursion -- we'll have to see how that plays out though, or even if it does.

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The House of Black and White - 9 (They don't call him the Many-Faced God for nothing!)

King's Landing - 7 (Olenna's return made the watered-down intrigue easier to stomach. Littlefinger is the Pac Man of Westeros.)

Winterfell - 5 (I loved Sansa putting Myranda in her place, but the bedding/rape was revolting and unnecessary.)

Dorne - 3 (The Sand Fakes were awful once again. Keisha Castle Hughes needs to ride her whale back to New Zealand.)

So it's another 6, and only four episodes left for this lackluster season to turn things around.

Edit: I forgot about the continuing misadventures of Jorah and Tyrion, so I guess they weren't memorable enough to affect the rating.

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As far as the last 10 minutes tonight, you sheep who are righteous all of a sudden, just remember this sets up for Sansa to exact some serious revenge.

Did she really need another excuse to exact some serious revenge? The Boltons turned their cloaks on her family and were complicit in the killings of her mother and brother. I can't remember the last time I watched a male character have to be raped before seeking revenge for the wrongs perpetrated against his family.

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I'm fine with the show, but will admit Dorne sucks and would much rather see more time given to the riverlands and North. Jamie in Riverrun is FAR more intriguing.

I can't argue with you about Dorne. It's boring, acting is awful, and the snakes are actually kind of cool in the books.

I'm sick of Obara and her disheveled look all the time.

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