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Hi! I joined this forum a few weeks ago hoping to read up and eventually post about Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. I got introduced from the TV show and I'm slowly reading through the first book now. I've been loving the discussions here so far and hope to be able to participate soon. :)

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I'm Verboten because I thought it sounded cool. I live in Winnipeg (which is in Canada for those who don't know) and am studying law, history and whatever else I can cram in there during my first year. I like the books, and the forum seemed interesting.

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Thanks to HBO for introducing me to the story and to GRRM. They do things right sometimes.

Anyway, I got the first four books around the 5th episode and finished ADWD two weeks ago and literally do not know what to do with myself waiting for the next book. You poor people who have been doing this for years..! I am taking suggestions on what to read next. Looking for the Dunk & Egg stories on a format I can use for my iPad.

I read the Narnia books as a kid, the LotR books in high school one summer in the 80's, read Dune and other interesting Sci Fi books here and there, but really haven't read much fantasy stuff, but wow... I am grateful I got to know of it.

I like Arya and Jon Snow and Theon. Tyrion Lannister is about the greatest character ever created, and I can't believe how well the little feller on the HBO series portrays him.

Quibble with Martin's writing style: it seems at least 1/3 or the words in his books either describe the color and cut of garments worn by characters in the scenes, the form and variation of banners and sigils present, or describe the meals being prepared and served. By the third book, I started to chuckle each time he got into the clothing description "zone".

As for me, I live in LA, sell car parts, watch a lot of soccer and play a little bit, I have two rapidly growing kitties, enjoy beer with friends, whiskey with better friends, like words and languages, haven't gotten a speeding ticket in 3 years, just cancelled my Netflix subscription and would like an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

Been lurking on the site for a few days now and really enjoy and appreciate the well crafted viewpoints and opinions, and have to take my hat off to the mods and admins for running a very productive and functional forum. The Citadel is a wonderful resource.

Thanks and see you around...

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Hi i'm Beth, and I hail from Ballachulish, Scotland. I'm currently in Manchester, England (boo) where I work/study as an archaeologist!

I've been lurking here for ages and finally decided to sign up :)

Long time fan of the books, and loving the HBO series. Very excited for season 2.

My favourite characters are Tyrion, the Hound, Arya and Brienne. Honestly though, I pretty much love all of them (except Theon and Joff...).

I enjoy music (especially folk, rock and classical), fencing, kittens, reading, walking, museums and sausages. I play the flute and clarsach, and also am a bit of a language geek...

Tapadh Leibh!

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.....enjoy beer with friends, whiskey with better friends...

Aye! Wise words. :)

I totally understand about "the descriptive zone" too. Every night my 12 year old asks what happened in the books that day (I'm almost done with SOS) and sometimes I answer, "Oh...you know, the doublets were velvet, the swords aflame, the leaves smelled of death, the weirwoods wept and many meat pies, dishes in cream sauce and lemon cakes were had by all".

I love when I see someone break free from The Lurkes and join the boards. Very smart writing and ideas here.

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I suppose it is time for me to introduce myself. I'm planning on mostly being involved on the wiki, but if there is as long of a delay for the next novel as there was for the last I'm sure I'll be posting more here begging for it's release.

My name is Hooper (that is my full name, I'm one of the western world's few mononymous people outside show business), I'm a small business owner from a even smaller town in western Kentucky, and the Vice Director for a international tabletop gaming club (OGREs: The Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts). I'm a super geek, with two great kids and a trophy wife with low enough standards to have married me.

My darkest secret is that I would kill someone for more Madea movies.

Edited by Hooper
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Well, I am Jen from Boston. I flew through the 5 books like they were short kid books. I subscribed to HBO just to see the show, after I read the book. I have seen all the episodes except for the 1st. HBO put the 1st episode on demand.

I love to read and am fascinated by history. When I am not reading, I slave for a real estate company and try to keep it all together.

just a peasant

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Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Just signed up here. Finished ADwD like 4 days after it came out in my local book store, and I’m fiending for more. This looks like the ideal place to get my geek on. Thanks by the way for all the awesome work you guys/gals put into your parent site. It has helped me immensely in formulating all my crackpot theories about this and that. I am all caught up in the world of ice and fire, and I love it.

Uh. A little about me, I’m from the USofA. I’m into computer technology, videogames, comics/manga, rpgs ect. Basically all the awesome things in life. I have little to no geek outlet in the real world, save for a couple friends and few of the architects’ I work with, and I kind of hate them cause they make my life miserable (the architects that is).... So here I am.

My work season is going to becoming to an end soon, so now that winter is coming(no pun intended) I’m going to be having more and more free time to to putter about with. I have started a half arse roleplaying game of thrones based of the old Ultima Online client, for my gaming buddies and I. Its coming along... slowly but surely. I’m still working on the terrain layer, having had numerous issues trying to fit westeros and the better part of essos into the space that the game allows..... but no pain no gain I guess.

Anyway glad to be here, I’ll try not to act a fool.

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Ok, this is my first official post!

I'm always horrible at introductions, I never know if I'm saying too much (a little mystery is always good), or not enough. First I want to say that I found out about ASOIAF from the HBO show Game of Thrones. The first preview I saw really didn't catch my attention, but Lena did. So I watched it to see what new project she was in and I was so glad I did. Turned out to be the best show I've ever seen. It got even better when I found out it was based off of some amazing books that I quickly devoured and can't wait to read again.

Here's a little bit about myself:

I'm in my 20's and married with two children. I'm a nursing student in my third semester (one more to go!) which means a re-read of ASOIAF is going to have to wait (boo). School has left me with very little social life (meaning none) and kids have left me with very little sleep. I'm struggling with trying to decide what type of nurse I want to be. I hope to move to Australia for a few years in the near future, and then off to some other country. I'd love to travel to as many places as possible. I also enjoy writing but I have no illusions that I will ever be a writer, I just enjoy it. I think that's enough about me for now, if I don't stop I'll just rattle on forever.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hi Westeros! I'm SnowStorm. I'm a recent fan of ASOIAF, thanks to HBO. I'm Portuguese, 20 and a student. I've read the first four books and just started the fifth.

Before I start exploring the forums, I need to ask, are there any spoilers from DwD outside the A Dance with Dragons sub-forum? Ah forget it, just found the announcement :P

Edited by SnowStorm
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Umm... hello.

Well, I've been lurking here for a few months. I found about ASOIAF on tvtropes (along with a few other things), and it really caught my attention. I got the first book last Christmas, but didn't start it for a while. When I heard that GRRM had announced a release date for aDwD, I started reading the series and was hooked.

Don't have HBO, so I didn't see the show, with the exception of the first episode cause HBO showed that the weekend it was available to everyone. Yeah...

As for my username, well, I wonder if Gerion Lannister is somewhere in Valyria (whether or not he's sane is another matter), and I figured that if we ever got a POV from him, it would be titled something like my username. Umm... I'm not gonna say my real name.

So, hope this is awesome. Although some of you people scare me a bit.

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A newbie and probable lurker saying hello.

My position is initially horrendously behind the times in that I discovered GRRM through HBO's GOT. Not at all hardcore! Then I started reading GOT in July and finished ADWD last week......couldn't put them down (or the Kindle to be precise). Now bereft as I consider the length of time I have to wait until it is resolved. Even my wife noticed I was a tad morose at the prospect of being without new product. I shall of course re-read them all in 2012 to fill the void.

I came to the site last week and I'm blown away by some of the insights.....awesome stuff. I have had to re-think lots of what I had thought I'd taken from the books already.

Keep up the good work folks....it is appreciated by those who might be less sure of their own theories!


A Blue Bear

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Welcome, welcome, welcome! :)

Ah don't worry about not being harcore, a lot of people aren't (like me!). The show brought a lot of new insight and fans, so that's a good thing.

This place is crazy and fun, and totally addictive. I started reading in late march, joined the forums in July and finished Dance soon after...needless to say, I'm a little worried about having to wait 6 years for the next book. The forums make it a lot easier...and harder to cope hehe

but now I'm on my second reread and it's almost as good as the the first time around because even though you know all the big, shocking stuff that happens, you pick up on the little things!

Have fun!

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I am pretty new here as well. I also started reading the books because of the tv show GOT. I thought it was awesome and had to know more!

I suspect that there are a lot of fans that came here as a result of the show as well. ;)

Believe me when I say that it is fun, interesting, and entertaining!

I am so glad that I have some where to discuss ASOIF while I am awaiting the next book in the series.

Hope to hear your thoughts and ideas soon.

Edited by Daughter of Dragons
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You think back to even a single page or a conversation and someone has a theory as to how the whole future of Westeros hinges on it.

It is exciting and yet makes you feel really stupid!!!

I read a lot of fantasy but little has the depth, humanity and scope of this......clearly GRRM has rejected old fashioned heroes, villains, good and bad. One thing that came to me was that although he can do a great battle scene there does appear to be an anti-war thread though the books. War distorts, tears families apart, ends badly and solves little. Conversely some people come through changes for the better after the annihilation they've witnessed.

I'll be getting lost in it again....still not discovered the whole site. The section on maps alone looks like hours of wasted time!!

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