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Well, I'm an Spanish fan, from Madrid, reading the books in English, very bad translation into Castellano (commonly called Spanish) by a Catalonian (Spain has several official languajes, Catalonian is other)... played AGoT card games with Greyjoy faction, tried everything, even making a character a ship... :-P also play AGoT RPG...

Example of bad translation: Bannermen (abanderado) is translated as banderizo (also in HBO serie). Well, the translator may not now any man (no father, no brothers, no sibblings, no boyfriends) ... beacause there is a famous underwear 4 men company with that name in Spain...

Other problem I find is that Reek rymes with freak or weak, but Hediondo (Reek), doesn't with monstruo or débil.

After a couple of moments of crazy Philosophy... I have to say that I enjoy reading Martin's. Not only ASoIaF but also any other thing... now I'm reading the Death of the Light... in Castellano, because I can't find the English version in the English libraries :-( (love going to libraries, taking the book in my hands... and so on).

The HBO serie is sad... because you loose too much... not only in scenes you don't see, like Sansa visiting the Queen the night before ... in chapter 7... but also for the feelings of the Characters... you can't understand Sansa's love for Geoffrey after seeing the serie... or Daenerys feelings to his brother or Drogo... why she gets in love with him... Hope that they build a very extended version...

And well... I hope that the publishers let us read the following books before next century ;-) because I believe that Martin has them writen long time ago... too many spoilers in the card game...

Some people haven't understand the 4th-5th book (they are one single book)... it is a transition book... I hope to see some kind of popular revolution, after the War on Religions and the fall of the big (and lesser) houses...

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Ello, ello! I've been reading since the end of February and just finished the series last month. I purposely made ADWD last 3+ months because I didn't want the series to end (for the time being). I love reading everyone's crazy theories as to where the books are going. Since nothing else is capturing my attention at the moment, I am starting my first reread of the series. I can't wait to see things that make me go "WTF?! I should have seen *insert crazy event* coming!"

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Hi Stubby, I've managed to keep my promise and have joined just before the weekend ends! I had to try and think of a cool name for myself and clearly I need to think on that for another year or so!!

I'll try to post comments occasionally but this is my first post EVER!!

See you in the laneway!

Welcome to the board HaaH :cheers:.

Good to see another West Aussie around here!

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Hi all, how you all doing?

My name is Zaydan. New reader of the series, finished all 5 books a few months ago, and been lurking at these forums since then. Awesome place! I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Alright, just wanted to say that I think I have never been hooked to a story like I am with ASOIAF at the moment. Finished the books, promised myself and my family that I'd move on, but nooo, I just had to go back re-reading them. Being in these forums suck me in even more. I even manage to create my own fantasy 'realm' of the North (Stark supporter here) whenever time allows me (and boss and colleagues aren't looking), LOL.

Going back to lurking now.


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Hi everyone!

My name is Charles and I'm a first time poster. I currently live in Georgia (USA), am 25, work 2 jobs, and go to school full-time.

A friend introduced me to the series a couple of months ago and ever since then all I've done in my spare time is read, re-read, and troll the forums :D (Y'all are awesome btw). I absolutely love Martin's work, especially how complex and inter-woven the character archs are.

I'm currently half-way through my 2nd reading of the books, have only watched portions of the first two T.V. episodes, and only know of the "Dunk & Egg" stories through hearsay from users on the forums, but plan on updating my collection with the 1st season DVD and the Legends "stuff" soon....I can't wait! :drool:

Favorite Characters (no particular order): Varys, Bran, & Tyrion.

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Hey there everyone! I'm Lexx. I'm new to the forum and to the series in general. Got into it because I just couldn't wait for another whole year to find out what happens in season 2 Hahaha!

I came to the forum in order to discuss the books with people who have read them, because none of my friends have read them so far. I'm currently halfway through the 3rd book, A Storm of Swords. I'll be more active on the forum when I finish reading A Dance with Dragons.

So far, my favorites are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen


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Hi, new to the forums here.

I'm from Argentina where -none- of the books have been published so i just got the epub versions and i've just finished reading ADwD. And now i'm sad cause it'll be years before The Winds of Winter comes out!

Anyway, this is probably the most obsessed i've been with a series of books: I read all 5 in the last 3 months.

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