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Bumping for Benjen, Vol. VI

King Tyrion I

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4 hours ago, Little Scribe of Naath said:


I just came to know that "Bump" is an acronym for "Bring Up My Post". Was I the only one who didn't know that? 

I didn't know it either. I thought it was used because it bumps a thread up to the top of a forum. I wonder if the acronym is apocryphal.

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On 8/26/2016 at 2:39 AM, siyxx said:

Just curious what's this about. stopping by to say..



We will bump every day until Benjen reappears in the books. Dead or alive, we must learn his fate. Not that we think this thread will actually accomplish anything, thus its presence in the Games forum. :D 

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I enjoyed this thread most when we were creating limericks back in the day.


There was a great ranger named Benjen,

Who got lost but has a strong engine,

He knows how to fight, so he'll be alright,

He'd even beat wighted Al Swearengen


(I had to see if I could rhyme with Benjen)

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Need to work on the form a bit, Darkstream. It's AABBA, with the Bs shorter than the As. But I like the reference to Frey Pie etc applied in a new way. Gruesome, but definitely creative.

There once was a ranger went missin'
To see him again we're all wishin'
He's sure to come nigh
with Stonesnake nearby
Til that happens we'll all be ice-fishin'

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