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College football 2016 - aSECendency


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7 hours ago, HokieStone said:

If they can't play on Saturday at home, the question is, when/where will they do it.  Still at UNC, but move it a day or two earlier...or move it to Sunday or Monday?  Postponing till later in the season isn't an option because there are no other bye weeks.  Postponing to the end of the season, and pushing the ACC championship game back a week is also problematic - they already had to scramble for a new location due to the HB2 issue, and the stadium in Orlando had to jump through some hoops to reschedule High School football playoffs that were originally supposed to be there. 

Of course, an obvious solution (one that VT fans would certainly embrace) would be to move the game from Chapel Hill to Blacksburg.  This is not unprecedented - South Carolina played a "home" game at LSU last year

So, we'll see...some interesting decisions to be made in the next day or so.  I haven't checked on any other games that maybe affected, for teams in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Sometimes they just get cancelled and not rescheduled... happened to LSU a year or two ago, albeit it was against a cupcake team.  Not sure how conference games would work... seems like they'd make a bigger effort to get the game in somehow in that instance.

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1 hour ago, Rhom said:

I'm headed to Lexington for the Vandy game to witness Stoops' last stand.

Should be a good game.  Have to win 3 in a row in the SEC to make a bowl.  When's the last time that happened?  I can't remember.

(Looked it up.  2006 with Miss St, Ga, Vandy.  Really thought it had been much longer... that was the year everyone was calling for Brook's head when he finally turned the corner after getting drubbed by LSU).

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