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Gaston de Foix

Song of Shattered Sands (A Veil of Spears SPOILERS)

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I just finished A Veil of Spears.  Curious whether others on this forum have read the series and whether they have thoughts.  I picked up the first novel at the recommendation of GRRM on his Not A Blog. 

My initial impression of the series has been positive and enjoyable with a few caveats.  If you are interested in non-Western fantasies, this is one of the best around.  And if you like your politics vicious and your world building detailed, this qualifies as well.  The author is producing books regularly, and deserves a wider audience. 

That said, I found it incredibly difficult to remember the 12 Kings and their unique attributes in the first couple of books.  An appendix would have been nice.  Similarly, a summary of the events of previous books (whether online or elsewhere) would be handy.  

The most recent book had some strengths: great world building and the gradual introduction of the Gods and the broader world outside Sharakhai.  It also had some welcome reunions and important plot developments. 

The biggest weakness was the plot armour that the lead character is endowed with.  There was a major twist at the end about which I was also somewhat iffy.  But all in all a strong third book.   

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I've only read the first two books but enjoyed both of them. I've got the third downloaded and waiting in my to-read queue.

Regarding your points, I agree that some of the King's aren't very well fleshed out, but imo they seem to be fleshed out and developed a bit more as and when necessary. As of the end of book two I feel familiar enough with all of them except perhaps Besir and Mesut. Oh and Our, though I always know who the others mean when they reference him. Seems like there is more focus on each when they become relevant to the plot of each book.

I agree that Ceda seems to have a lot of plot armour but I can more or less overlook that, though it does seem too much at times. The convenience of the adichara petals as stimulants also bothers me at times (like after she's been tortured and had a freaking awl driven into her leg bone yet is able to kill Yndris and hot foot it back to the House of Maidens...I know it's fantasy but...)

I enjoyed the brief glimpse of Qaimir at the beginning of this novel and look forward to seeing more of the world in future books.

I do hope this doesn't spread itself too thin into a 12 book series (i.e. one king one book). Its entertaining but I don't think the premise will carry that long. I also don't think the 'flashback' structure will work that long

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Husamettin being Ceda's pappy makes sense, though the first book gives her somewhat affectionate bonds with several kings to throw you off.

I had hoped that Cahill had died in book 2, but alas. Same for Yndris. In the end Kiral really didnt make that much of an impression.

I really like the Ceda chapters, im fine with Ramahd, but I don't really care for Emre and Davud puts me to sleep.

That beach scene with Sumeya in the second book...well im happy they didnt take their passion too far, that would have not been fun down the line.

so far I rank the books Blood > Kings > Veil, though I still like each one and I consider them worth the time and money.

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