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  1. Errant Bard

    The value of going to college at different times

    without a doubt, if you understand automation as sort-of-antropomorphic AI doing the same job as one human, the tasks that are deterministic, with no creativity involved, will be the first to go. Some programming will go away, no doubt. But the new world of communication will probably shake the way you teach Shakespeare, too. Why focus on AI when MOOCs, speech recognition and youtube exist? Think that teacher in a small class is protected?
  2. Errant Bard

    July '18 Reading - What We Read in the Shadows

    It's a good series, which, even if it uses some common fantasy tropes, is getting better as the plot is kicked in somewhat unexpected places. One of the best and a fresh approach compared to the northern european analogue grimdark that seems to be in fashion these days. I like it better than an Abercrombie production.
  3. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Agreed with the author death thing. Megacorporations (Disney...), museums and leeches (I mean, family of the author) have pushed to make copy right last longer and longer after the author's death because apparently, thry need to recoup investments done to sell the stuff. BS. I would like to raise the idea that copyright's point is not actually to remunerate the author: it's to PROMOTE CREATION by making it worthwhile, lucrative to invest yourself into it. From there what's good with selling the same thing for more than a human lifetime? I will go further than you, based on that: past the period where it really sells (say, five years), books go into public domain. Matches a salaryman experience: you get paid only once for work you did once. As for the stealing blue ray question, it's ridiculous because it's stealing, not copying, and it's not a something that ever happened, whereas making a VHS or a mix tape are practical, commonplace examples of pure copy. I understand you want to demonize the entitlement to have what you pay once for in multiple formats, but we can see that if you take examples of what people really do instead of scenarii that never happen, it's less comfortable to cast stones.
  4. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Not saying it cannot be done, just saying that it's not the same product, and producing one isn't the same as producing the other. Also, I suspect digital distribution management to be easier when you're a big megacorp. I some how feel that book publishers are smaller, poorer, more numerous and less in control (could be wrong though.) I could see Amazon proposing that kind of stuff, but not sure the concurrents or the publishers are keen on an offer they cannot match/could diminish sales that are already way way way lower than those of a movie.
  5. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    The point being, how do you know people have the ebook if there is no record? Note we already have that kind of ledger, only it's not centralized: you currently have to keep receipts to prove ownership.
  6. Errant Bard

    July '18 Reading - What We Read in the Shadows

    Finally got some to finish The Promise of Blood, tome 1 of the Powder Mage trilogy. Maybe I'm not used to napoleonic era fantasy, but I though it was awesome, a great pace, multiple flawed characters, no railroaded plot, original enough magic, and it stays pretty optimistic through it all. Way better than a Novik's Temeraire. I will have to check Tchaikovsky's Guns of the Dawn for comparison.
  7. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Not the same product, mate. You think when you buy the paper copy you pay for my software development time and for the server uptime and the bandwidth? No, actually, unless the copy is recorded in the ledger. Like, would you currently notify the publisher when you're copying their stuff? Anyway, checking which transfer of the same data is valid and which isn't was one of the biggest headaches of cryptocurrency and what led to mining. You could do that for book transfers but: 1) It does not prevent transfer, it just marks one as valid 2) It consumes more energy than what the books costs. 3) It only works if copies can only done through the blockchain. Just like DRM is supposed to only allow you to use stuff on registered devices. hahaha.
  8. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    I remember recording VHS of cable broadcast, and copying audio tapes, though, if we want to use less ridiculous analogies. (and it was legal, see link in my previous post)
  9. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Well, yeah, my response was specifically about the scenario Scott commented: lending to one friend.
  10. Errant Bard

    International News Thread

    Helping migrants: Top French court says no punishment for 'crimes of solidarity'
  11. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    This would be a nightmare. Easy on paper, then you get to the point where you need proof the guy requesting an ebook truly owns the physical copy. Not a technical hurdle but a specification problem. Why not an ebook copy with a physical book? Because you are then actually selling two copies for the price of one. The recipient can resell the book while keeping the ebook. It can be done but I venture that it would mean the publisher would be ready for a loss of sales.
  12. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Depends on the country legislation, but it was judged right enough (or impossible enough to regulate) to be a thing in my country, see Exceptions paragraph here.
  13. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    Doesn't it fall into the private copy category?
  14. Errant Bard

    Suggestion about movies

    I respectfully suggest you open the entertainment subforum. cheers.
  15. Errant Bard

    Don’t pirate books, just don’t

    The point of the thread wasn't legality but small authors not being paid, was it? Not really getting the problem with new copies versus lending. You read the book, what does it matter if you keep the bits on your hard drive, after giving it to someone else? The author is no more paid.