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  1. Errant Bard

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    It only shows that I am speaking from a remote viewpoint in a discussion that is very US centric. Minimal reading comprehension would show that when I mention laws existing here against that kind of thing, it means I know it is an issue here, only it's framed differently. But I know how you debate and you always attack something your interlocutor did not say, so forgive me if I do not care much if something I did not say undermines anything else in your mind.
  2. Errant Bard

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    Seen from across the pond, the concept feels instinctively to be a mix of failed multiculturalism, individuality cult, and capitalism worship. Failed multiculturalism because it seems to have been born just as ethnic groups in the US, instead of living together and sharing their cultures, seem to now be more and more divided and hostile and worse, essentialized. Individualism and capitalism because the concept relies on property, that must belong to one person/group, and for someone else to use it, or, god forbid, profit from it is implicitly bad (see accusation of theft in this very thread.) So it feels alien here. I've listened to a fair number of academics and politicians from all over the political spectrum broaching that issue and this was a generally shared sentiment (trigger warnings and safe spaces were usually lumped with it, for good measure.) I must reiterate that left and right share the stance. This being said, while nobody cares about the "cultural appropriation" that is Aladdin's genie saying "c'est l'amour" while wearing a beret and smoking under a streetlight, or french fries or american pizza, we do have actual laws against racism: you demean or harm an ethnic group with speech or representation, you're liable to be censored and punished. Look for "banania" on google... that does not fly anymore and a good thing too. Speaking for myself, it all hinges on consequences: 1) The "appropriation" no matter the intent has no other consequence than offend people who feel only they can use that symbol: it's fine, screw the cultural scrooges. 2) The "appropriation" is harmful (hate incitation, encouragement of racism, etc), then smash that shit. I've come to this after an ex-friend rambled about gay marriage being offensive to him and harmful to "tradition" and I was like "dude, who cares about what you feel is culturally yours and what you find offensive, who is hurt?". Mileages vary.
  3. Errant Bard

    International News Thread

    I listened to an interview of frei betto, a dominican monk, and founding member of the Partido dos Trabalhadores, where he was saying that if Bolsonaro was elected he would go into clandestinity. That's how scary things are. From all accounts Bolsonaro got elected because both of a deliberate push from media, justice and government to make leftists into the devil and because of the unbearable violence on Brazilian streets. He intends to inject more guns and fuel more conflicts and violence. do the math.
  4. No, no, I just wanted to understand the reasoning that led to no want to condemn a device created to allow what you consider abuse and how you thought this could be regulated in a concrete way. Anyway, budget time. Is austerity over? Is it ok to open the spending tap even though brexit is coming? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7604610/hammond-austerity-spending-budget/
  5. Forgive me, I still don't get it, it seems to me all you did here was to say "it's abused when used in an inappropriate way", without really defining what inappropriate means, and how what you think is appropriate is in any way relevant to reality if it's not in the law and cannot be enforced, even if it was defined.
  6. Errant Bard

    International News Thread

    is it? What ought to happen, that does not, then, in your opinion?
  7. What do you mean by "abused"? Seems to me both NDA and zero hours contracts serve the purpose for which they have been created, and both parties sign the agreement. Are you talking of the power imbalance between corporations and workers that the government not only fails to correct but accentuates in its mad worship of "growth", maybe?
  8. Errant Bard

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    "takes place in space". That's what I challenged. Yes, there are ships and pilots. There are ships and sailors in most fantasy, doesn't make them high sea arventures. If I say that I think Dune is as much a space opera as Pern or Altered Carbon or A Fire Upon the Deep or Blue Remembered Earth or Anathem or H2G2, or any other sf book with spaceships and pilots, would that be ok with you? This being said, those categories only make sense in the context of a library shelving system, and if I was looking for Dune in a library, even if it would not be my first move, I would definitely look at the space opera shelf.
  9. Errant Bard

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Uh, from your link: Does dune take place in space? No.
  10. Errant Bard

    Still Looking for a Good Space Opera Series

    Meh, there's no space in dune. The other planets are a new theater set for villains to have their monologue, but the story is on Arrakis, where the prince of good guys' kingdom is chased from his castle by a family coup. Since he has destiny(tm) and magical powers, he survives, trains with a local tribe, and comes back to get his crown once his power among the people is great enough. Also included: swordfighting, taming mythical beast, and feudality.
  11. Errant Bard

    Most filmable adaptation

    A few? I won't argue about numbers but in any case I don't want another Dungeons and Dragons adaptation. An animated movie. With songs.
  12. Errant Bard

    Most filmable adaptation

    Check this thread: Funny that it's been twice in a short time that a first time poster has asked the same question. Is it in the Zeitgeist to desire tv series adapted from sff, any sff?
  13. Errant Bard

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    New? The right has been going on forever about the left's laxism, how they enable delinquency and so on. If anything that the right has to reinforce that discourse, in my view, highlights the fact that socialism/communism/radical left is not an absolute taboo anymore. Media and acceptable opinions move from the center to the extremes and the divide becomes more openly belligerent, helped by the the way most approach society through a technological prism in the hands of a few powerful people (men, gurus?)
  14. Errant Bard

    US Politics: Red Whine Hangover