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  1. She was finalist of Nebula and Hugo for short stories written as Megan Lindholm in 1990. (A Touch of Lavender, and Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man)
  2. Gaiman, Williams, Bakker, Hobb, Beagle, and Tchaikovky, that it? I've trust Tchaikovsky will write two or three pieces between now and the end of the year, considering how ridiculous his ouput is, but the others are not publishing anything this year, or have I missed something? Speaking of odd writers, I've seen some good buzz around Vandermeer's Borne, maybe he could have a shot. Then again there was nice feedback about Benett's divine cities and Gladstone's Craft, yet they fail to appear in those shortlists. Except maybe series category, but they finish last)
  3. All books published in 2018 are eligible, right? Gnomon, A Veil of Spears and Grey Sister could end up on my list, from what I read so far. Record of A Spaceborn Few too maybe. I would vote no award before RF Kuang for a Campbell though. (The Poppy War seems oddly popular, wouldn't surprise me to see it nominated)
  4. Anecdotical, but one of my sisters chose to settle in Ireland (well, more exactly, Dublin) over UK or France because she felt women were more respected there. If that can help.
  5. If this can help even a bit, I have been raised in such a 'broken' home and I feel better for it. Sometimes separation heals both parties and becomes a godsend for the children. Do not take it badly, but a disfunctional relationship between parents, and abuse towards the children feels broken already.
  6. Errant Bard

    Board Issues 4

    About the loading problems from a few weeks ago, I also have no more issues, not sure when it went away, suspecting ISP cache refresh (usual time is 48h after all) Anyway, I wanted to report a weird behaviour on the mobile version: it's not the first time I have it, but I seldom use my phone to access the site anyway, but sometimes, on a page or another, the site refuses to display as the mobile version: the full one tries to load, and it just takes forever. I can try to click "use mobile version" all I want, it does not work... What works, sometimes, is clicking "back" (goes back to previous page and nice mobile theme), waiting some time and reclicking the link. I got it recently when not logged in, multiple times on the main page, opening gen chat and opening lit. I wonder if one ad could not force the site into full version.
  7. Errant Bard

    Board Issues 4

    Yes, the pages load... some times only.
  8. Errant Bard

    Board Issues 4

    I am having the same issues as JonCon's Red beard, I have cleared my cache, several times, to no avail. The pages half load, or don't load at all, staying in "loading" mode, and I need to either reload or go back one step and reclick the link, and do that three or four times before the page displays in full (when it does, it displays fast) Considering what manages to load (half the posts, the left panel) before it locks, half the time, I'm not convinced the DNS is at fault. I would hate it if it was some hidden caching proxy on my ISP side.
  9. Welcome. But I have to point that actually, there are some bards you can trust.
  10. We should all pay attention to Errant Bard. He has that rare combination of insight and eloquence.

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