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Football: 3rd Season Meltdown


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1 hour ago, Calibandar said:

Hahaha. Love it.

The main thing is to get Mourinho out. It will not get better before that is done. He needs to be rooted out and then we can start mending.

We are probably preparing for his exit if all the rumours about a DoF are true. The problem is that if Woodward wanted to go in this direction then he should have gotten rid of Mourinho at the end of last season. While Mourinho does shoulder blame for clueless football and failing to get the best out of his expensive squad, the board are at fault for poor planning - either they should have backed Mourinho in the transfer market or sacked him if he didn't fit with the plans. Now we go into the season with a pissed off Mourinho whose toxicity is going to infect the entire squad and we are in real danger of this season tanking and being a complete write-off.

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31 minutes ago, Mexal said:

I've never been impressed with Pogba. Don't know what it is but he reminds me of how people feel about Ozil. He's probably impressive if you watch him often but he rarely stands out for me on random viewings.

I see what you're saying but imo this is based on what you see of United Pogba.

Juventus Pogba was top class I thought, he seemed like a real winner. Everbody agrees that he has not even come closer to that level at United, because clearly, he has not. But you think to yourself, thus guy has only just entered his prime, surely he will regain that level. I've not given up on him.

Ozil for me is a different story, a player I never cared for and always considered very overrated.

At Madrid he didn't seem to work out but at least he was ok. It's been at Arsenal and the German team where I've just wondered why he'd even start.


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