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NASFiC 2020 - Columbus OH

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Since the 2020 Worldcon is not in the US, there will be a NASFiC held that year. The winner -- and sole bidder, I believe -- of the site selection process was Columbus, OH.

Guests will be:
Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson -- authors
Stephanie Law -- artist
Christopher J. Garcia -- editor
Mark Millis -- science
Sue and Steve Francis -- fan
Eric Flint -- 1632 Minicon

For more info, see their website: http://columbus2020nasfic.org/

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7 minutes ago, Padraig said:

Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson.  Surprising.

Given the Villeneuve Dune will be releasing its first part just a few months after, if it sticks to schedule, it's rather canny. But surprising, yes.

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