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US Politics: What will the InJustice League do next?

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20 minutes ago, JGP said:

Of course they are, but definitely puts a chill on the discourse, doesn't it.

The more problematic aspect is they won't work with the West on combating climate change if the latter also wants to press them on their shitty behavior. And ironically enough, the SC also handed them a win there because the US is probably going to get worse on the issue and they'll just point to that and ask why they should have to make sacrifices when the US won't. And further down shit mountain do we all slide down. 

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1 hour ago, DanteGabriel said:

Well salted with his tears, of course.

Crying in one’s beer is very poor form for a SC Wizzard. 

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Posted (edited)

The vice tightens. But when does the blowback begin?

First, we have an exodus of employees from the faraway land of Virgina as a result of being ordered to report to work physically by the state's R governor. Interestingly, his administration also lamented the loss of skilled field hands. (most of the comments were supportive of the governor)

Over 300 Virginia state employees resign in wake of Gov. Youngkin's telework policy (msn.com)

Louisiana effectively banned all abortions - but there is confusion as to which set of guidelines to follow.

Louisiana trigger laws banning nearly all abortions allowed to stand (msn.com)

Then Pennsylvanian authorities decided that 'coal was king,' no disputes allowed. (and conservatives cheered)

Court blocks Pennsylvania's carbon emissions plan (msn.com)

And in Texas, Governor Abbot is testing out the whole 'militarized police state' thing.

Texas governor authorizes state forces to return migrants to border | PBS NewsHour


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