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1 hour ago, BlackLightning said:

Do we know the reason for the reshoots?

Since they couldn't make any changes to the scripts during most of the filming due to the writer's strike, I'm guessing that they wanted to improve some sequences that they normally would have fixed while filming.

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4 minutes ago, The Dragon Demands said:

Writers strike

But what does the Writer's Strike have to do with reshoots.

Did the showrunners create a rough draft of the season and the reshoots are pretty much the final copy?

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nvm Ran answered my question
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This was heavily discussed at the time: rewrites and reshoots during filming are a normal and indeed essential part of the process. The strike happened just as filming began, when the scripts were “done” but they couldn’t do concurrent rewrites. Even at the time, HBO acknowledged “we’ll need a month of reshoots at some point after the strike is over”. 

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Seems probable that we're getting the full trailer end of next week - presented by JB Perette of WBD's Video Game division: 



Thursday March 21 from 15:30 to 16:00 GMT (for me that's 11:30 to 12 noon EST)

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