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BWB Scotland Christmas party reports


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I'm not allergic to anything.

I love food.

I'm fussy though, so forgive me if I pick and choose. Maybe after a few drinks I wouldn't care anyway, but normally my completely irrational and childish don't-like list includes: beef, mutton, pork (but I love bacon and ham), vinegar (which occurs in mayonnaise, mustard, chutneys), potato flakes, beer, licorice, marzipan and almond-flavouring (toasted almonds fine!), artificial strawberry, cherry or banana flavour, aniseed, cardamom, sweetcorn, tuna, roe, raw or squeamish-looking seafood, mango, Danish Blue, coriander leaves (but I love the seeds), and mixed sweet and savoury things (e.g. ham and pineapple, sweet and sour, and sultanas in curry). Well, you asked. :P:blush:

P.S. Tenalpia - I'd definitely try that Atholl brose :)

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Cheers Lodey!

Re-Burns Night - I'm happy enough to do it although space is certainly limited in the flat. We can talk about it further on the 27th. Whether we do a burns night ourselves or see about finding one to go out to? Only slight hiccup might be that the 28th is ms zak's birthday - she might be talked around to it though? :)

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I'm slightly confused about whether Derfel and Mormont were talking about the the Christmas thing or the Burns thing before. Anyway, If any Glaswegians are planning to get the train to Mormont's thing, I could probably give you a lift.

There are scottish country dancers in the BwB? And there'll be a celidh and Burn's night?

*is amazed*

Any chance I might be allowed to come even though I'm just a stupid newbie? I'd try to bribe you with cookies and good whisky, but I suppose you have plenty of that yourself..

:) Please?

Uh, not sure an enthusiasm for flinging people around qualifies us as scottish country dancers. But of course you would be welcome to fling or be flung.

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