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Belfast signing 3rd November


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Time to announce that at the Belfast Moot next week I will once again be running

The Brotherhood Without Banners

AWESOME Book Raffle Prize Draw Thing

in aid of Children's Literacy Charity

Teachers & Writers Collaborative (www.twc.org)

Tickets will be £1 each with ALL proceeds going to our chosen charity. The first winner picked gets first choice of which book they want. If you don't like any of the remaining prizes you may choose to pass.

Here is the list of prizes that I will be giving away!

  • Nights of Villjamur (hardcover) - Mark Charan Newton
  • Heir to Sevenwaters (hardcover) - Juliet Marillier
  • Perdido Street Station - China Mieville
  • The Dreaming Void - Peter F Hamilton
  • The Temporal Void - Peter F Hamilton
  • The Ghost Brigades - John Scalzi
  • Empire in Black and Gold - Adrian Tchaikovsky

I think that is about the limit of what I can carry on to the flight but if anyone else wants to donate something to the cause please do, but keep in mind we are only looking for brand new unread quality, nothing tatty thank you. Let me know if you are going to donate a book so I can add it to the list.

How can I afford to give books away, I hear you ask? Well the parent company I work for is Macmillan Publishers which means I can get brand new returned books at the bargain price of 50p for softcover and £1 for hardcover. All that money goes to our charity Macmillan Cancer Support so I am not worried about getting that money back.

So everyone who is coming along to the Belfast Moot bring some extra money for the prize draw. We raised US$180 at Worldcon in August so that is the target we've got to try and beat!

PS: Have not heard back from The Linen House regarding our booking, will let you know when I receive confirmation.

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I have received confirmation of our booking with the Linen House. We have the 10 bed dorm to ourselves.

Monday 2 November




Romulocks' +1

Jamie Heron

Knight of the Teabags

Tuesday 3 November

All of the 6 names above plus:





Wednesday 4 November

Only Knight of the Teabags staying on the 4th - you may have to share with some non BWB folks on this night.

Cost is £10 per person per night.

The Linen House also require a security bond of £10.00 per person on arrival. This can be paid with a pre authorisation transaction using a credit card or cash.

eta: Nick Snow has not returned my PM so unfortunately has missed out. But Nick if you do see this in time and still want to stay at the Linen House I don't think that will be a problem for them but you would need to stay in one of the other dorms, sorry about that Nick.

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just as a quick note, i went to over to scotland and doune castle today, saw them editing the show.... looked FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

im not kidding, i honestly don't believe they could've done a better job with the roughly 1min of footage i saw on their screens.

on the ferry back to belfast, having dinner at the pub tomorrow, using the full power of my aussie charms to get the staff to fall in love with me so therefore we will all be treated like royality and drink for next to nothing.

wish me luck!

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I've finally done it! Booked the flights tonight, will sort out the hotel tomorrow.

Arriving 9am-ish on the 3rd and leaving 4.30pm on the 4th. Belfast International (times of flights to city just wouldn't work :( )

Can't think of a better way to spend my birthday (OK, if pushed ... ;) ), looking forward to seeing you all in Belfast!

Jac and the Bean stalk ;)

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Hmmm... Not really very good with this website or how to find the place I am meant to post Scotland filming... If a kind soul wants to post a link that'd be cool.

When I was at the castle on Tuesday, to get the part of the castle where you can head up the stairs to the upper part, you had to walk through this part called I think the called the lords hall. In that hall they had props and all sorts of stuff relating to the filming, old food, banners etc. When I came back down the stairs, just on the left hand side as you walk back out of the hall, where a couple of screens and what I can only assume was people editing part of the show. There was no sound but on the screen it looked the hall was full with the people from kings landing. The outfits and hall looked spot on and I glimpsed part of a conversation between a brown haired lady and what look like Ned.

There was artist screenshots on the wall too, I'm guessing they show what was meant to be happening in the scene.

All in all, it did look to be very impressively done. Hbo certainly gone all out for this one and the result has been nothing short of fantastic.

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People seen this from Not a Blog?

Things are shaping up for the signing at Eason's in Belfast. Last night after the filming wrapped we stayed up late drinking with the cast, and I think we convinced a number of them to join us at Eason's. Should be a hoot and a half, assuming they don't come to their senses in the cold grey light of morning. I told them my readers were essentially harmless. Hah.

Heeheehee :)

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Yeah I saw that! Very excited! Also just recieved the news, I'm going to be a guardsman... They said I'm a barristian but unless I'm a member of the kingsguard or the kingsguard have guards of their own now, I'm guessing I'm a Baratheon guard and they just mis prenounced.

For the record I'm only 26 so there is only a very, very tiny chance of me being barristain the bold... But who knows hey? Bit of make up... Ah a man can dream surely?

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Huh. Another castle. So we'll have 2 castles portraying Winterfell? Or, this will be a scene set in Kings Landing. Maybe they have selected a Red Keep.

Is the Red Keep even in the pilot?

Sounds like they only used Doune for the courtyard and great hall. Maybe this other castle will be the exterior and/or bedchambers/Bran's tower.

And congrats Ace!

If you get a cast member to wear a blame Pod shirt, we want pictures.... ;)

If they don't wear it, then I guess we'll just blame Pod for that.

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