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  1. theMountainGoat

    TitanCon 2017: 8-10 Sept - Belfast

    It is with great regret that I have decided to resign as Chair of TitanCon. Fear not, the convention will continue, but unfortunately, I can no longer be a part of its leadership. There are two inextricably linked reasons for this. Firstly, I am buying a house with my girlfriend which is a tremendously exciting step for me personally and for our future together. For the past few months we have been involved in an intensive process to sell my girlfriend’s house which has been problematic and stressful to say the least with many false starts and buyer’s dropping out. We intend to buy and move into our new home very soon and this is going to require my complete dedication for the next six months and probably longer. Secondly, I have found it increasingly difficult to complete the tasks needed to deliver this year's event - as I'm sure you may have noticed, given the delays in key announcements such as those for the Guests and Coach Tour. My biggest regret in all this is that it took me so long to realise that it would be impossible for me to run TitanCon for all of you again this year. I am painfully aware that I managed my time poorly during this period, resulting in late communication with volunteers and a failure to properly delegate tasks to those that were willing to help and assist me. I'm truly sorry to have let the team down in this way. I am hugely grateful to the group of senior staff that has stepped forward to ensure that this year's convention happens, and that we have a more sustainable approach in place for future years including the 2019 Eurocon event. I am very confident they will put on an enjoyable and successful convention. They have assured me that TitanCon 2017 will retain all the features of previous years - even if it is a little more compact and bijou. You have already heard from them and seen their efforts coming through in the recent announcements of the 2017 Guests and Coach Tour. I would like to thank everyone that has attended TitanCon over the past 7 years, your support and assistance has always meant a huge amount to me. Anyone that knows me personally will know just how much TitanCon means to me and how I would not take this step if it was not truly necessary. I will deeply miss being a part of TitanCon and the many great friends I have met because of it. But I hope you will all understand that I was faced with an incredibly difficult decision between this convention that I love, and my future together with the wonderful and talented woman that I love. All the best TitanCon and rock on! Phil Lowles
  2. Was thinking about you the other day. Hope things are going alright with life and all that surrounds it. Still not on Facebook? I'm getting my old ass married in May. Marrying someone that also loves peanut butter and is actually letting me play some Buckethead during the reception after the ceremony. Take care, I'd love to chat with you some time. 

    Seth Davis 

    Bangor Maine




  3. 8-10 September 2017 We are back again for TitanCon 2017 with more Fabulous Author guests, more Game of Thrones, more books, more workshops, more events and more awesome times than you can shake a spear at! Venue Once again we’ll be in the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast. The Wellie are offering special room rate deals to TitanCon 2017 attendees at the same prices as last year. Literature Night We will be kicking things off on Friday 8 September with our popular Literature Night featuring readings from our author guests. This relaxed and informal gathering is the perfect opportunity to mingle with the other attendees, catch up with old friends or make some new ones. We'll also be offering a preview of our Art Show featuring incredible pieces of art by talented local and international artists available for purchase. For the first time, we are expanding our Friday plans with some additional Literature Programming taking place on Friday afternoon from 3.00 pm. We understand not everyone will be able to make it in time, but we want to provide more things for early birds to see and do at TitanCon. We hope this proves popular and if that's the case then we may expand the Friday further in 2018. TitanCon 2017 The convention itself is on Saturday 9 September and will be jam-packed with scintillating programming and events throughout the day. Our doors open at 9.00 am and runs till 6.30 pm, with evening entertainment from 7.30 pm through till 1.00 am. We highly recommend sticking around till late for a rare chance to see some of the Game of Thrones cast members on the dance floor! Guests We'll be announcing an exciting line up of amazing author guests within the next few weeks. This will include some of the biggest names in Science-Fiction and Fantasy Literature, along with some of the best new local talent in Northern Ireland. Because of the constantly changing nature of the production schedule for Game of Thrones we will only be able to announce our full line up of Game of Thrones guests a week or two before the convention. Rest assured that we are working hard to make announcements as soon as we possibly can and we are confident we'll have a great line up on the day. We are committed to not naming guests until we are completely sure that they will be in Belfast on that weekend and available to attend. We would hate to announce someone only for them to drop out when the schedule changes. Programming TitanCon 2017 programming will feature discussion panels, interviews, crafting workshops, combat workshops, a crazy-fun quiz, The Great TitanCon Booksale and author signing session, photo sessions with the Game of Thrones guests and of course a signing session. TitanCon Coach Tour Tickets for the 2017 Coach Tour on Sunday 10 September are not available for purchase yet because at this time we have not settled on a route. But we expect to announce full details of the 2017 Coach Tour and open ticket sales before the end of June this year. Sounds great! When can I buy tickets? Tickets for attendance to TitanCon 2017 cost £28. Tickets go on sale at 12.00 noon (UK time) on Saturday 25 February 2017. Your confirmation email will include booking codes for the special room rate at the Wellington Park Hotel, so please don't contact the hotel directly until after you have bought your ticket and received the confirmation email. Supporting Membership Perhaps you are unable to be at TitanCon 2017 but would still really like to see our convention succeed. Supporting Membership can be bought for just £5 and your greatly appreciated support will help us to continue in 2017 and beyond. Supporting membership can be upgraded to Full Attending Membership at a later date for £23, just in case it turns out you can make it. Supporting Membership also counts towards your Making the Eight number! Follow us for announcements! Over the coming months we'll be announcing more details about all aspects of TitanCon 2017 so please check back regularly for news or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates as they are announced. Also check out our Official Facebook event page or Discussion Forum to get involved in the conversation. Please see our website at www.titancon.com for more information and to purchase your Membership. We look forward to seeing you at TitanCon!
  4. theMountainGoat

    Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    Hi Secret Santas I usually post here on Christmas Day but I was away at my girlfriend's house for the last few days. I took my SS presents with me and it seems I must have been really good because I had two different Secret Santas and from the labels I am absolutely certain on their identities: From @Zar Lannister The Expanse Season 1 Blu-Ray Flamingo - Brandon Flowers CD Sworn in Steel, Douglas Hulick - book (there's a bit of a giveaway to who I was SS for since I gave away book 1 in this series) From @Lany Freelove Cassandra Game of Thrones Graphic Novel - Books 1 and 2 Not sure why Lany got me presents too, but I love everything I got, just exactly what I wanted. Almost as if you'd read some kind of list of all the things I wished for, so clever. Thank you Santas, great job! Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas!
  5. theMountainGoat

    Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    And a second unexpected parcel has arrived today with three more packages from my Secret Santa...
  6. theMountainGoat

    Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    An unexpected parcel has arrived from Amazon which can only mean one thing - my Secret Santa has delivered. But I have patience and will be waiting for the 25th to open the two gift wrapped boxes I found inside. They are a curious size though so I'm not quite sure what's in them, could be a pair of books methinks...
  7. theMountainGoat

    Secret Santa XI - Santas are no longer secret!

    Thanks for the reminder Lany, I might have missed this otherwise which would have been tragic. If it's not too late then yes please, count me in for delivery to anywhere. Questionnaire 1 Are you over 18? YES Are you willing to ship internationally? YES Favorite Type of Food (i.e. Italian, Mexican, McDonald's, Burger King, etc): Italian Favorite Candy (things that won't melt or go bad in mail) : no candy Favorite Scent (i.e. Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, etc): don't really have one Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, Photography, things you collect, etc): reading, computer games, running Game of Thrones fan conventions. I have an Amazon Wish List for most of these things Favorite books or types (romance, true store, mystery or just one you would like): fantasy, sci-fi - see my Amazon wish list for more details Favorite animal: cat Favorite movies or types (romance, comedy or just a DVD/VHS you would like): action, comedy, sci-fi - see my Amazon wish list for more details Favorite Color : purple Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: Rock, metal, indie - see my Amazon wish list for more details Do you collect anything? Not really Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need? Some computer games would be nice - see my Amazon wish list for more details Anything else you would like your SS to know about you: Have I mentioned my Amazon wish list?
  8. theMountainGoat

    Dark & Sleek CSS Style for A Forum of Ice and Fire

    Hi Woel, with Stylish you need to add !important to every CSS rule otherwise it won't be applied as Woftis is finding here. An irritating requirement and I don't know why they implemented Stylish in this way, it should have been the top layer CSS automatically overwriting all other rules but unfortunately that's not the way it is. As mentioned before I really like the skin, I think it's easier on the eye than my Targaryen skin.
  9. theMountainGoat

    Dark & Sleek CSS Style for A Forum of Ice and Fire

    Hi Woel Nice to see someone else working on forum skinning, I like the work you've done here. I did a similar thing a couple of years ago when the latest forum design was introduced and we lost the old Stark and Targaryen skins that were available on the previous version of the board. The Stark and Targaryen skins I created are for Stylish and there's a thread about them in the Help section here. It might be a good idea to add your information from this thread to the Help section before General Chatter moves on and this thread gets lost. ETA: or come to think of it a better suggestion may be to ask a Mod to move this thread to the Help section.
  10. theMountainGoat

    Unofficial Stark and Targaryen Skins for Westeros

    Hi gubemton I'm not sure how that should look exactly. Do you just want to remove the parchment style background? Should all the colors remain unchanged or just certain bits? If so can you be more specific about which parts of the page should retain the default colors and which should be changed? Are you after lighter variations of the sandy and blood red colors or something different entirely? I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work something up but I'll help if I can.
  11. theMountainGoat

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    White Walkers = Others Wights = Wights
  12. theMountainGoat

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Perhaps my experience of episode 2 was coloured by the fact that I was in a pub with 30 other fans and sat three feet away from George RR Martin, but I think I'd still think this was a brilliant episode had I been on my own at home. So many of the scenes used dialogue straight out of the book and everything looked great, especially Pyke. I definitely prefer it when some characters are left out so the show can put a greater focus on the storylines they are following that week. It works so much better. I was surprised there was no Renly this week but I'm sure there will be a big chunk of his story in episode 3. The only thing I didn't really like was the whole Yara/Asha thing but we knew about that long ago and it's already been argued to death. The gratuitous sex was gratuitous but is fast becoming the norm for this show. I did not mind the Ros/Littlefinger scene this week to be honest because we saw a different side to her character which felt like the right choice for her, although I do think it's a little incongruous with the previous episode where she appeared to have become the madam of the brothel and now she is back to being just another whore. I think making Bronn the captain of the goldcloaks is actually a really interesting change. I was surprised because I thought that Jacelyn Bywater had been cast but perhaps I am mistaken. It does make me wonder if they are going to keep Bronn around instead of having him disappear off to Stokeworth, but he's such a great character I don't think I'd mind if they do go that way. Also I'm glad they kept in the line about how much since that tells you everything you ever need to know about Bronn. The end of the episode was so awesome I can't believe that scene wasn't in the book. The absence of the Others in the second book has always been a strange choice and for the TV show we definitely needed that reminder that the White Walkers are still out there. I got chills when I heard the ice cracking language echoing through the trees and the visual of the White Walker picking up the baby and walking away was creepy and beautiful. It will be interesting to see how they handle Jon Snow waking up next week. Will they have already left Craster's when he awakes in a litter or will he awake in the midst of Craster and Mormont arguing. If I had one complaint about it I'd say the fact that they had not established that there was a newborn baby son in the household when the Night's Watch arrived made it seem like the baby came out of nowhere. Just one line about a pregnant daughter about to give birth or Gilly saying something about her sister giving birth to a son yesterday might have helped with that. And yes Ghost looked awesome. Overall it really was a fantastic episode, a great improvement on the first episode which I thought was awkward and had some poorly thought out ideas. I know George liked it and was happy to see so many fans enjoying it in person. He had already seen the first two episodes before they aired so we did not get to see any reaction from him as he watched but George has not seen any of the other episodes yet. I'm not sure if he will be able to watch episode 3 when he is in Portugal next week but if anyone finds him in a bar watching it you may get to see his reaction, although I suspect he may wait till he gets back home before watching it.
  13. theMountainGoat

    Unofficial Stark and Targaryen Skins for Westeros

    The following skins have been updated: Stark skin v3.1 Targaryen skin v3.1 Option: Remove BG and logos v1.1 I have amended the background of unread topics to a lighter grey on the Stark skin as requested. Please let me know if there's anything else that needs a little tweak.
  14. theMountainGoat

    Unofficial Stark and Targaryen Skins for Westeros

    I will see what other suggestions come in and issue a new version soon with a lighter grey for unread threads. Unless Apple decide to allow developers to release add-on apps for the browser the answer will unfortunately remain no.
  15. theMountainGoat

    Unofficial Stark and Targaryen Skins for Westeros

    New versions of the unofficial Stark and Targaryen skins now available for Westeros: Stark skin v3.0 Targaryen skin v3.0 Also now available optional extras: Option: Hide Avatars v1.0 Option: Remove BG and Logos v1.0 Option: News Right v1.0 Please note you will need to be using either Firefox or Chrome with the Stylish plug-in installed in order to use these styles. Download and installation instructions available on my website www.sermountaingoat.co.uk If anyone encounters a problem using the skins, or has an idea to improve the style of the skins, or even an idea for a new useful option then please let me know and I will see what I can do.