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  1. Hey does anybody here know any lower level football coaches I could talk to? I'm working on a football data visualization project and could use input from someone who know what he or she is talking about. We have a dataset with player positions for a couple high-ish level club friendly matches and would like some input as to whether some of the stuff we're doing would be useful.
  2. Best outcome is McGregor forgets where he is and knocks Floyd out with a knee or kick before getting DQed
  3. Other possible matchups: Cristiano Ronaldo v. Lebron James one on one in basketball Leo Messi at shortstop for the Yankees Tom Brady as a center midfielder for Bayern Munich
  4. So Trump is obviously just a populist struggling with the system while Obama was compromised by the front row kids as soon as he stepped foot in Washington.
  5. I think you might be giving the board a bit too much credit on that one. My impression of her personal advice threads was always that she'd already made up her mind.
  6. Sorry, but I'm going to briefly add a few remarks about Charles Murray: @OldGimletEye I don't know if I'd call Charles Murray a Libertarian. He's pretty much classic paleoconservative, like a distilled Ross Douthat. Sure he has a lot of fans among the alt-right adjacent libertarians, but he has a lot of fans everywhere in the alt-right and alt-right adjacent. @Manhole Eunuchsbane @Channel4s-JonSnow I think that it's a bit of a cop out to say that Murray's book was really about IQ independent of race, and he innocently put some stuff about race in a small portion at the end and was shocked by the backlash. He'd have to have been living in a cave to be surprised it was so controversial. And the fact that race was only in the last part of his book isn't really a defense in my opinion, either. All the other arguments about the importance of IQ build up to it. It's the denouement, the conclusion to all the other arguments he puts in the book. IT's like saying that Man of Steel was really a slow, touching allegory about an immigrant and adoptee having trouble figuring out his place in America, and all the alien punching is just a short portion at the end.
  7. I think there's some sort of disconnect regarding Murray. (Ostensibly) non-racist defenders of Murray will say that Murray made 5 main claims: 1. IQ is real, and meaningful 2. IQ is heritable 3. Different races have different average IQs 4. There is some genetic basis for race 5. The reasons for some races having higher average IQ than others is at least partly genetic. And only the last one is really racist, and he spends most of his book on the least racist claims (1&2) anyway. But his detractors will counter that he was using 1-4 as as premises for 5, and the entire book is really just setup for his claim that some races are less intelligent for genetic reasons. Just like Man of Steel was was 1 and a half hours of setup for Superman and Zod destroying a city while punching each other for 30 minutes.
  8. In which the Seattle Seahawks air their grievances. It's fascinating to me, because in order for a team to succeed in the NFL, they need passion in addition to talent and discipline. But too much passion, and things can fall apart. It's amazing that Bill Belichick can maintain the balance for so long. It unfortunately seems to be falling apart in Seattle.
  9. I agree, anything with Russia is basically out of the Democrat's hands at this point. On the topic of Right Wing Nationalism worldwide- I feel like Trump's election actually hurt it, by making a a senile* buffoon the face of the cause. I suspect, though I have no evidence for this counterfactual, that if Trump were elected before the Brexit vote, then the Brexit vote would have gone the other way. * A few weeks ago, someone posted speculation that Trump had dementia or Alzheimers due to the way his speech has gotten less sophisticated and fluid over time. @Ormond threw water on the speculation since they only showed one or two old Trump interviews where Trump sounded more articulate. I just saw this piece which builds a more rigorous, though by no means ironclad, case that Trump has suffered some sort of cognitive decline.
  10. It's hilarious that in 2010 they thought they had to define the word 'troll'
  11. I don't know that Zuckerberg is Libertarian. In fact, I really don't know anything about his politics, and I'd prefer to keep it that way. But I also think that the Social Network helps Zuckerberg. Because I think when most people imagine him, they imagine Jesse Eisenberg giving eloquent Aaron Sorkin speeches rather than the awkward stuttering nerd he is in reality.
  12. But the movie portrays him as an eccentric genius who butts heads with old money and guys in suits to deliver his vision. And who is capable of put downs like this. But also, I'm being semi-serious because Zuckerberg is actually running for President.
  13. It's going to be Mark Zuckerbeg- the gatekeeper of Fake News
  14. That doesn't make sense though. If the FBI is going to exonerate Trump, then having the FBI director be a guy that Trump just appointed would look even worse.
  15. The problem is that we can release all the information we want about their leaders and oligarchs, like the Panama Papers, but none of their people will care. For better or worse, authoritarian nationalists are held to lower standards of personal conduct than cosmopolitan globalists.