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  1. It's hilarious that in 2010 they thought they had to define the word 'troll'
  2. I don't know that Zuckerberg is Libertarian. In fact, I really don't know anything about his politics, and I'd prefer to keep it that way. But I also think that the Social Network helps Zuckerberg. Because I think when most people imagine him, they imagine Jesse Eisenberg giving eloquent Aaron Sorkin speeches rather than the awkward stuttering nerd he is in reality.
  3. But the movie portrays him as an eccentric genius who butts heads with old money and guys in suits to deliver his vision. And who is capable of put downs like this. But also, I'm being semi-serious because Zuckerberg is actually running for President.
  4. It's going to be Mark Zuckerbeg- the gatekeeper of Fake News
  5. That doesn't make sense though. If the FBI is going to exonerate Trump, then having the FBI director be a guy that Trump just appointed would look even worse.
  6. The problem is that we can release all the information we want about their leaders and oligarchs, like the Panama Papers, but none of their people will care. For better or worse, authoritarian nationalists are held to lower standards of personal conduct than cosmopolitan globalists.
  7. They've got a lot in common with the guys who planned the Fyre Festival. I guess we know where Ja Rule's working next.
  8. Right. To paraphrase Dwight D Eisenhower, predictions are always wrong, but making predictions is vital. You think you could propose an acquisition to Blackstone without building a model and making predictions? I thought this was the Party of Business.
  9. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/5/4/15536422/health-care-hot-potato-ahca Game Theory time: It's a like a prisoner's dilemma. Nobody really wants this to pass since that'll hurt their reelection chances, but they don't want to be blamed for killing the bill and bringing on primary challengers. You have a habit of being a smug, insufferable douche in these threads, and you're making vague insinuations. Of course people will think the worst of what you say. If you don't want people putting words in your mouth, then say what you mean. None of this, sniping from the sidelines, 'I'm just putting this out there' bullshit.
  10. It's a risky game to play. For example, the DPRK seems to have just told the PRC to fuck off. Who knows, maybe they choreographed this dance for Trump's benefit. But having a prickly, belligerent nuclear armed state on your border and not to far from your capital can't be a good thing. That doesn't mean they don't prefer the status quo to the alternatives. China doesn't want millions of refugees streaming into Manchuria, or a large scale military conflict, possibly involving nuclear weapons right on their doorstep. They certainly don't want a border with a US friendly state. But the status quo isn't ideal for them, I don't think. It's far too volatile.
  11. I think you have a point about this. There is a split between the Economic Justice and Social Justice Wings of the Democratic base. Most of the democratic base will support both, but will only really be driven to vote by one. I'm not sure this proves as much as you imply. In certain instances, where industries are doing well, and possibly facing a labor shortage, where employees have mobility and options, a company can eventually treat employees so badly that it starts to cause a problem for them. But do you deny that on the margin, it's much worse for an employee to be fired than for a company to have a single employee leave for greener pastures?
  12. Because unless you're a C-Suite exec, top 5% of your field technician, All-star level basketball player, or franchise quarterback, negotiations between you and your employer are not going to be on even close to equal ground.
  13. I'm a bit late to this, but more economically progressive Senate candidates like Russ Feingold lost by even more than Clinton did in their states. That reminds of this rebuttal* of that general sentiment here: * Not the idea that people are angry, but that you can glean any actionable insights from your anecdotal observations of people's anger.
  14. I think out of Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, and Pat Mahomes, Mahomes has the best chance of succeeding in the NFL. none of them is an Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, or John Elway who can succeed no matter how shitty their situation is. Trubisky is with the Bears, an organization so dysfunctional, top to bottom, that I think we can just write him off. He's off to wherever they sent Gabbert and Ponder, and where they're about to send Goff and Bortles. Watson is in a better sitiuation, but Bill O'Brien's track record with developing quarterbacks is: 1. turned Hall of Famer Tom Brady into slightly better Hall of Famer 2. Christian Hackenberg 3. held a quarterback competition between Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallet. Made a big show of choosing Hoyer. When Hoyer had a bad game in the opener, switched to Mallet. Went back and forth for a couple more times that season. Mallet ended up cut, and Hoeyr ended up laying an egg in the playoffs. 4. Brock Osweiler Mahomes is described as a big armed and athletic, but inaccruate and poorly disciplined. Andy Reid had pretty good success developing a quarterback like that*. He's also really good a running a competent offense. I think this is the perfect sitiuation for a raw but talented QB. *Ok, fine, McNabb was a lot more athletic than Mahomes is.
  15. His combine time was ~4.6. That's bad, but it's 'should be a safety instead of a corner' speed, not 'should be a nose tackle instead of a corner' speed. I don't think that straight line speed will make a cornerback good, but there has to a minimum track speed to be a viable db in the NFL. Unless you're Richard Sherman, your eventually going to have to deal with guys running past you, and even Sherman ran a 4.56 in the combine. You just can't be an NFL corner if receivers can easily outrun you. Now there's the possibility that he just choked during workouts, but I find that unlikely.