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  1. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    I interview a lot of people at my job. We make everyone check in at our HQ building and we usually have to walk them to another building. It is a pretty common occurrence for a candidate to hop into the revolving door section with me when leaving the HQ building. It is only set up for one person to comfortably go through and it makes for an awkward situation. It is actually amazing how often that happens. Back to walking patterns - spent an afternoon at Disney on Friday. Oh. My. God. The incorrect walking patterns were off the chart. They really need to paint some lines on the ground there. Never seen so many people completely unaware of their surroundings. I almost had a panic attack.
  2. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    I would add that in a grocery store environment you need to be responsible for 360 degree self awareness at all times. People who stop their cart parallel to an oncoming cart to block the whole aisle should be immediately escorted out of the store. Wake up! There are people behind you!
  3. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    Uphill hikers have the right of way. No real rules on which side to pass but I always treat it like a road, stay to the right or be shot into the sun.
  4. I was actually impressed that the police were able to remove him that efficiently in such a closed environment. I would have strapped myself in the seat with my seatbelt and iron-manned my grip on the arm rests. No way they are dragging me out. I would not have started squealing until they went into "don't taze me bro" mode. Seriously though, whoever is managing that situation is a moron and needs to be fired. Once people are on the plane you can't asked them to get off. Everyone was sitting, had put their luggage away and had won or lost the arm rest battles. You can't ask people to leave after that. Take care of that shit at the gate or figure out plan B to get your crew to Louisville...
  5. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    same rules on the trail Larry. Pass on the right even in the woods. Failure to comply gets you the stink eye!
  6. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    You folks must all live in Cambridge Seriously though, I think you need some fundamental rules around how to behave when walking on a sidewalk with moderate or heavy foot traffic in a city. You may find it ridiculous but we cannot just accept chaos. The best rule I can think of is to mirror the way vehicle and bike traffic is handled. Otherwise you have situations where you are constantly blocking people and causing issue for everyone else. You are essentially acting like the pedestrian version of the bad driver Astro mentioned. I would like you to use this as a teachable moment and from now on get over to whichever side of the sidewalk makes sense for your country.
  7. I'll preface this in the beginning by specifying this is a thread from the perspective of an American... So I've been obsessing for years about how people in Cambridge do not seem to be able to walk on the correct side of the sidewalk. When on the sidewalk you need to emulate the the traffic patterns and stay to the right while walking on the sidewalk. If everyone follows this rule the result is a generally acceptable experience while walking to your destination because you will not have to randomly veer off in one direction or another to avoid oncoming people. I run almost every morning before work and I am frequently walking between buildings so while it may seem trivial to some, a significant part of my week involves being on the sidewalk in a city. It is maddening to be in situations where you are politely keeping to the right only to find yourself engaged in a game of sidewalk chicken with someone walking towards you who is keeping to the left while you are keeping to the right. I've long held the theory that the primary reason for this common occurrence in Cambridge is due to the large population of foreign nationals coming from countries where driving and walking on the left is normal practice. It is not unusual for a student to attend Harvard, MIT, BU, Northeastern or the other dozens of schools in the area and never actually drive. I believe they naturally follow the walking patterns that were embedded into their brains at a young age. I have my own opinions about whether they should be a little more proactive about recognizing local norms but I think that is an argument or some other thread. In the grand scheme of things I really am not one to judge considering that i once drove the wrong direction in a roundabout in Bermuda on a moped. I chalk it up to natural conditioning. The question I am curious about is whether "stay to the right" is grounded in any scientific reason? it would seem that the more common approach when dealing with traffic theory is to stay to the left. I also wonder how did some countries end up on the right and others on the left? Is one side better than the other? I would theorize that more people are right handed and it would make more sense to be on the right side of the road or walking path but I have no idea if that is based on scientific reasoning. Can someone please explain this to me?
  8. A lot of this discussion had tied opioid addiction to pain management and i agree that is a huge component but the way we treat mental health needs to be looked at. I believe a significant contributing factor to the growth in additiction is due to the very early conditioning we are giving people with pre-existing mental health issues. The message they received is that the answer to all their problems are tied to medication and drugs. This correlation naturally leads to expansion to illegal drugs. I have no good answers on how to solve this but I can guarantee you there is a large population of young people being over prescribed a variety of medication related to behavioral issues that could likely be dealt with outside of using medication. Those young people are now conditioned to look at pills and medication for solutions to problems that they would otherwise would have been taught to deal with more inwardly. The next natural progression is illegal drugs.
  9. Tomahawk missiles hitting Syria by the US.
  10. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    He won an award for "most courageous". Not the same as "best teammate". His actions on the sidelines and with the press do not point to someone who is "all about football".
  11. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    If statistics/production were the only measurement then you might have an argument. Unfortunately in Kaps situation, you have character and leadership deficits that add serious concerns to General Managers thinking about adding him to a team. He was never someone who was great at motivating and leading a team and over the last few years he has regressed significantly in those areas.
  12. Podcasts and Organizing them

    I just wrapped up the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. I thought it was really well done. I'm a little bias because I love Richard but the story is fascinating even if you have no knowledge or interest about him. Some other podcasts in my rotation right now: Last Podcast on the Left - Comedy podcast about paranormal, serial killers, true crime... The Unresolved Podcast - unresolved true crime and paranormal stories, really well researched Guys We F***d - comedy podcast hosted by two NYC comedians. They have an assortment of guests and talk about being female in the comedy industry, living the single life and dating in NYC The DIS Unplugged - I got into this while planning a trip for my kids and became addicted. It is mostly gay guys discussing Disney World theme park topics. Oddly entertaining and i love how passionate they are. The Rialto Report - Interview podcast focusing on the early days of the adult film industry in New York City. Many of these people have lived very interesting (and often tragic) lives. The POX and PUSS Podcast - Appalachian Trail Thru-hiker podcast
  13. I would not necessarily turn the idea of "friend zone" directly on the person being zoned. The original post talks about third parties calling out the dynamic but a lot of this discussion is turning towards the male in the "friend zone" relationship. I know plenty of people that are perfectly happy having friendships even though they recognize that moving towards a romantic relationship would be preferable. In my experience the bad turns happen when third parties call the dynamic out and try to denigrate one or both party because of it. Regardless of this, I think it requires some further step to slide into "rape culture". Not sure what that is but simply calling it out or recognizing it is not passing a boundary into something that serious. Just seems like we are setting the bar pretty low.
  14. The dark underbelly of Facebook groups

    Don't try to apply logic. I can only imagine what happened when they discovered Stranger Things on Netflix. They must have gone nuts and felt instant validation.
  15. The dark underbelly of Facebook groups

    The trick is finding groups that are crazy enough that they can easily be mocked, yet harmless enough that you won't be too invested in caring.