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  1. Nice to see Rolland get a breakaway stage win. Good timing, good strategy and nice strong push from him. No one could get their act together and he just slipped away. I'm a day behind so looking forward to watching Stage 18 tonight when I get home. Finally have race season coming up on the NBC Gold package - Dauphine, Tour De Suisse and then TDF!
  2. Someone up thread mentioned this earlier but funding for education is overwhelming based on state taxes, not federal. Sure there are some important programs that the Feds fund and no one wants to see draconian cuts but the overall percentage of federal funds that go to schools is less than 10% based on a quick google search. Two big issues I see - State education mandates and funding calculations at the state level that are not fair. State mandates handcuff local schools. It results in teaching to the lowest common denominator instead of being able to fully teach all students based on their capabilities. I pulled my oldest out of public schools because they don't offer any honors or advanced classes. She was mixed in with students that had behavioral and emotional issues who would disrupt classes and teachers would have no power to address it because they were restricted by IEP's and a myriad number of rules and regulations. The school felt it was okay to maintain no separation based on capabilities so we pulled her out and sent her to private school. To add to this the funding calculations the state uses favor the poorest and the richest communities. My town was one of 6 schools in the state that received less State funding from 2005 to 2015. Yes, we received less state funds in 2015 for education than we did in 2005. One of only 6 towns in the state. The poor towns got money because they rightly needed it, the rich towns got money because they can work the system and have political influence. The middle income towns were left to increase property taxes to fund schools therefore making the property values go down due to higher taxes. It hit really hard in the housing bubble but now we are starting to come back. Unfortunately there has been no change at the middle school level around programs to support higher achieving kids.
  3. Tour of California has been pretty entertaining this week. If you have a chance, it is worth viewing. Yesterdays stage was pretty exciting at the end.
  4. Not having an American GC contender is not allowed. Until someone else comes along TVG is the great American hope!
  5. Agreed, I've been following cycling for the last few years and I can't recall him ever being someone who took risks or attacked on climbs. Even in the years when he was among the Top 10 in GC in the TDF he was not much of a factor. It might be good for his career to step away from the pressure of GC contender. Free him up to go after some stage wins on a Grand Tour. It could revitalize his career a little. He must be feeling a loss of confidence.
  6. Thankfully it gets interesting this year. I watched the first two stages of the Tour of California last night. Tom Skunjins had an absolutely horrific crash on an ascent of stage 2. It was almost compounded by his staggering attempt to get back on the bike as riders were ascending past him. One of the worst crashes I have seen. Guy did manage to get on the bike for a little while but Cannondale pulled him off the course.
  7. He will definitely lose some time tomorrow but it is pretty clear that he will win on the mountains. Weird things happen after rest days. It would be great to see Q falter on the time trails and let Dumoulin and Pinot overtake him.
  8. That was crazy. At that point the race had started so I am not sure what they could have done to change it. I thought the Giro was lucky the official standing in the road a couple of stages ago did not get himself or other riders killed. They dodged a disaster that time but no such luck on this stage. Good battle up the mountain with the remaining contenders. Got excited for Pinot when he did his initial attack and initially I thought Nibali might be stronger because he was staying in saddle. Quintana is just too good on the hills right now.
  9. Found replays online of the last 20km's for all the stages so I am now up to date on the Giro Felt bad for Conti on the hairpin turn at the end of stage 8. Tough way to end the day!!!
  10. Watched the replay of Stage 3 on youtube. I love when cross winds factor in on flat sections and the peloton gets broken. Not as good as last years Sagan/Froome break but Jungels pushed it nicely. Kind of pissed off at the cycling access situation here in the US. Apparently the only way to see the Giro is to obtain a Fubo.Tv subscription over Roku. NBC had the streaming rights for all the other events except the Giro. Fubo is $34 USD per month! I'm stuck trolling YouTube for replays and most of the posts are highlights or shitty quality. I will be watching the Tour of California live next week.
  11. I always called it "smoke shows". After I googled it I asked the gear head who sits next to me about hooning and he spent 10 minutes talking about tires, hand brake set ups, lift kits and driving techniques. Finally had to cut him off!
  12. And i was lying. Everyone was very nice. Even the guy I thought might have been you!
  13. I went to one of the Boskone events years ago. Went to Kelly's Roast Beef and got GRRM a RB sandwich and fries. All the people I met were really nice expect for one guy, that was probably Scot!
  14. I learned a new word.
  15. Karaddin, I thought I was pretty clear that I am not questioning Scot's story and there is nothing in my post to indicate I don't believe the person exists or that Scot has a transgendered friend. To strip this all down, I'm basically saying that if the religious friend is a big enough asshole to write an email like that then it seems pretty likely they would have extended that message to the transgendered friend regardless of any actions the government takes to shield them from liability. It just seems a little dubious that the EO was the catalyst for that action.