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  1. I love the added drama of Landa knowing he is probably the strongest rider right now. Must be so tempting to want to add just a little more time into the GC race.
  2. I'm hoping some of the flatter courses get interesting due to cross winds or breakaways. Stage 11 last year was awesome, love to see another replay of something like that.
  3. Point is wasted opportunity to improve the economic status of a huge population. I also think we need to spend as much time pointing the finger at our education system as we do at industry when discussing problems related to lack of diversity in particular fields.
  4. This is the CS Table for Masters Students. Apologies for not adding the year column but i'm lazy (96 to 2015). You can see that there is a steady increase in female MS students. Almost all of this can be attributed to increased enrollment of foreign students (55% of the graduates are foreign). Somehow other countries (Primarily India and China) have figured out how to incentivize females to study CS. Imagine what would happen if this section of students were to go away via an H1B policy change? There are very few US citizens to step in to fill this void. Master's degrees Total Males Females Females as a % 10,513 7,526 2,987 28.41% 11,765 8,343 3,422 29.09% 12,843 8,866 3,977 30.97% 10,579 7,729 2,850 26.94% 14,990 9,978 5,012 33.44% 16,911 11,195 5,716 33.80% 17,173 11,447 5,726 33.34% 19,509 13,267 6,242 32.00% 20,143 13,868 6,275 31.15% 18,416 13,136 5,280 28.67% 17,055 12,470 4,585 26.88% 16,232 11,985 4,247 26.16% 17,087 12,513 4,574 26.77% 17,907 13,063 4,844 27.05% 17,955 13,019 4,936 27.49% 19,516 14,010 5,506 28.21% 20,925 15,132 5,793 27.68% 22,782 16,539 6,243 27.40% 24,514 17,472 7,042 28.73% 31,474 21,892 9,582 30.44%
  5. Below is a historical view of CS Undergrads since 1996: Something to think about the next time you hear about the struggles of big tech firms with diversity. Somehow the education system has been able to deflect the bad press and they are not being held accountable the same way that industry is. Year Bachelor's degrees Total Males Females Females as a % Number Annual % Change 1996-97 25,422 3.70% 18,527 6,895 27.10% 1997-98 27,829 9.50% 20,372 7,457 26.80% 1998-99 30,552 9.80% 22,289 8,263 27.00% 1995-96 24,506 -0.09% 17,757 6,749 27.50% 1999-2000 37,788 23.70% 27,185 10,603 28.10% 2000-01 44,142 16.80% 31,923 12,219 27.70% 2001-02 50,365 14.10% 36,462 13,903 27.60% 2002-03 57,433 14.00% 41,950 15,483 27.00% 2003-04 59,488 3.60% 44,585 14,903 25.10% 2004-05 54,111 -9.00% 42,125 11,986 22.20% 2005-06 47,480 -12.30% 37,705 9,775 20.60% 2006-07 42,170 -11.20% 34,342 7,828 18.60% 2007-08 38,476 -8.80% 31,694 6,782 17.60% 2008-09 37,992 -1.30% 31,213 6,779 17.80% 2009-10 39,593 4.20% 32,414 7,179 18.10% 2010-11 43,066 8.80% 35,477 7,589 17.60% 2011-12 47,406 10.10% 38,796 8,610 18.20% 2012-13 50,961 7.50% 41,874 9,087 17.80% 2013-14 55,271 8.50% 45,320 9,951 18.00% 2014-15 59,581 7.80% 48,840 10,741 18.00%
  6. It is a problem because it is a significant driver of future economic opportunity that is not being utilized by people who might otherwise be set on a path to success. The issue for why US students are not interested in pursuing STEM fields at the level needed to keep up with demand are more complicated than simply assuming computer nerds are just looking for girlfriends. When you start to look at Ethnicity it gets even more dire. Almost 600,000 degrees are conferred to Black and Hispanic students per year but only about 65,000 are in STEM and only 15,000 in CS. There were 51 PhD's issued to Hispanic CS majors in 2015. The reason for the large number of foreign students is due to the economic incentives tied to coming to the United States. The typical path for Indian nationals is to complete their undergraduate studies, work one to two years at a consulting firm or large US tech company in India and then come to the United Stated and spend two years obtaining a Masters Degree. They typically pay full tuition for the MS and when they graduate they move into the work force with a degree from a top US school, two years of prior work experience and can command anywhere from 80k to 120k to work at large tech firms. Clearly not all students have the capacity to study CS or other STEM fields but there are plenty of students who opt to pursue majors that provide less long term economic benefits that could otherwise have pursued a STEM field.
  7. It was a total disaster. Should have just taken an Intro to Sociology class and moved on with life. Shockingly, even now I don't have a very good understanding of human sexuality.
  8. And neither of us got laid either. It pretty much sucked.
  9. Doing some work and one of my tasks is to collect data on the University Pipeline in the US. Lots of pressure around hiring and making sure we are finding diverse candidates. Some interesting data: 2015 Total Grads - 2.8 Million Degrees (57% Female / 43% Male) 2015 STEM Grads - 476,000 Degrees (34% Female / 66% Male) 2015 Computer Science Grads - 93,000 Degrees (22% Female / 78% Male) Bachelor (18% Female / 82% Male) Masters (30% Female / 70% Male) PhD (22.5% Female / 77.5% Male) 55% of Masters and PhD studying computer science are foreign nationals so the 30% of female students studying for masters degrees in CS are likely disproportionally non US citizens. The same trend holds true for STEM Grads. When looking at most of the major tech firms they tend to get the negative press around not doing enough to increase the diversity in STEM and CS but the reality is that the University and High School level education systems are not doing as much as they could either to grow the pool of students going into these majors. It seems like the University level has more incentive to continue to grow their Masters programs which are predominately foreign national students. Nothing wrong with that but it leaves many students behind and if the H1B program were ever taken down there is no backup plan to fill in those lost students with US citizens. I don't have any good answers, I just find the topic interesting and I like pointing these things out because it really drives home the opportunities that exist for students willing to focus on STEM.
  10. I think some of these companies have a not insignificant, up front product purchase requirement which probably brings in decent revenue plus it creates "stickiness" because the member is now significantly invested. This is how they likely drive members to take aggressive measures to get people to parties and to go after family and friends. The Herbalife/Beach Body/Shakeology people used to drive me nuts on my facebook feed. I finally started blocking all of them because I could not stand the spamming.
  11. I took a Human Sexuality class as an elective to cover a pre requisite in college (early 90's). I took it strictly to meet girls and I figured it would be a nice ice breaker if I could actually get one to speak with me. If I got really lucky I might get on a group project with two or three girls and then who the hell knows what would happen... First day of class I walk into a room that was about 50/50 male female. The teacher was what I would term an angry feminist who had little tolerance for anyone who was not taking the subject seriously. She was probably the closest I saw in college to indoctrination but most of the stuff was pretty tame. One of my fraternity brothers was in the class with me and he always got straight A's and he did not do very well in the class. We all felt pretty sure she was grading the men differently but there was little we could do about it. Most of my other professors were pretty neutral politically but to be fair, that stuff was not on my radar when I was that age. Too busy drinking and unsuccessfully chasing girls.
  12. I would add to this list "Spent significant time and effort covering and lying about her true actions to the victim's family and law enforcement after the death". I know nothing about the legal nuances of a case like this but the text messages between her and the boyfriend are tough to read.
  13. That's awesome. I'm assuming he had his money and figured he would get out before dying? I just checked out some pictures of Mount Kenya. Looks like a beautiful mountain and a pretty good climb.
  14. You have to see it. On a clear day you get an entire view of the Pemi Wilderness. Looks like a perfect bowl of wilderness. You can also see the Appalachian trail as it goes across Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette and all their slides cutting through the back of the range. A sunrise hike timed so you get to the cliff just before daybreak or a trip during foliage season is a must.
  15. Go at it from the south, park at Lincoln Woods off the Kanc. The Bondcliff, Bond and West Bond out and back is around 19 miles. It is a long haul but the good news is that the first 6 miles is flat on the Lincoln Woods Trail. It follows an old railroad logging trail before you ascend. The ascent up to the Bonds is not bad at all. Just steady. The hardest part is the mental grind on the way back on the flat section. I'm a trail runner so I've done that hike with a hydration pack and light gear. Got to Bondcliff in under 2 hours and done with the whole trip in less than 6 hours. Plenty of stealth camping off those trails too if you want to set up off the trail and do an overnight. Bondcliff is one of the most amazing places on the planet. When you step out and look into the Pemigawasset Wilderness it is almost a religious experience (and i have no use for religion )