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  1. Envie added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa XIV - North remembers   

    How exactly did people at the Eyrie know where Littlefinger went to forward that message that came from Cersei in King's Landing if he told them they were going to the Fingers? I also have to wonder if the Vale is going to support this move because then Roose Bolton can just call Littlefinger's bluff on that ... they aren't gonna come running to Winterfell to ally with the Boltons - they wouldn't even come out to help Robb Stark as the King in the North so LF is full of crap there no matter if he did marry Lysa he still has very little influence over the Lords of the Vale. I doubt Roose Bolton knows that so again - it's just a bluff hand to play.


    And I also agree there's a tad bit of a loose end there that the only person who can give Sansa a royal pardon from her marriage to Tyrion is the king. We're not in the war of the 5 kings anymore, and Roose Bolton isn't like Robb Stark, declaring himself a king aside from the real throne so how does he expect Ramsay marrying Sansa to actually be taken seriously? He also knows the north hates him - so this is going to be interesting to see him pull off. Because of that and my previous remark, I don't actually think a wedding between Sansa and Ramsay is going to happen.
  2. Envie added a post in a topic [BOOK SPOILERS] Discussing Sansa XIV - North remembers   

    Finally we come to a point where there is no way show or book fans have any idea what will happen unless more unfortunate leaks happen.

    I didn't know how I'd feel about the show deviating this much or when it passes the books and we're in completely uncharted territory. I'm terrified but loving it!

    Speculation whether or not they will enact the horrific things done to Jeyne Poole in the book are probably a lot of hype the showrunners had every intention of teasing and working everyone up about. Now it remains to be seen if they actually keep to it. Since they've already changed so much about the plot, I don't think they'll go there no matter how many hints actors have given in interviews about terrible things they had a hard time acting out. Hope springs eternal here!

    Overall I am really enjoying the story and Sophie's acting has been spot on perfect.