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  1. I'm really surprised how critical some are being in this episode's feedback... stunned really. I thought the episode was phenomenal. Easily one of the best this season really... The depth of emotion in nearly all of the actors (except maybe Gregor Clegane and who cares, he's just a giant evil guy with a giant sword) - pretty much all were spot on perfect. Oberyn / Tyrion scene blew me away... I cried like a baby. I cried for baby Tyrion who knew nothing but torment his whole life from Cersei and pretty much everyone except his brother who protected him. I cried for Elia and her children and the horrific way they died. I cried for Oberyn - because his vengeance is so lost and wasted. :( ... The look of hope in Tyrion's eyes at that moment when Oberyn said he would be his champion. I cried for that lost hope. Every other scene was awesome too - even the weird Mel / Selyse scene. I liked the "Only Cat" scene even without the trademark two words being said - who cares, the moment was still very intense and well done. This whole episode seemed to be about relationships between two people who were somewhat adversary yet partnered by fate ... did anyone notice that? LOVED IT. I even loved Littlefinger, funny batman villain voice and all. I love him!
  2. I had to go back and re-watch that scene where Olenna spoke to Sansa and fiddled with her hair ... then there it was, yep - she briefly fiddled with the necklace as well. Next cut to sansa's face, you see the missing gem on the right side by her collar bone and edge of her dress. Boom.
  3. So many deviations from the books.... but so far, most of those deviations are working in favor of the story very well. I was really concerned how they writers would condense so much detail into short one hour episodes without losing the intensity we all loved in reading those details. It seems like they have an excellent handle on how to keep the story moving in the more or less same direction as the book while at the same time fleshing out some great dialogue and character development we didn't have from the book. The Arya / Tywin pairing has been absolutely phenomenal. There's no way it could have been as good if they'd kept it as it was in the books with her working the kitchens or for Roose Bolton. So glad to see Jaime Lannister back at the forefront of the story once again after a long departure from his part in it due to being a captive. The surprise with that long exposition scene was definitely a shocker and well done. Reminds everyone that Jaime is still a very dangerous man, even in chains. I am a Jon Snow fan (what female reader isn't, c'mon!) and I approve of the re-worked Ygritte character. I found her annoying as hell in the book, and was disappointed when he started to fall for her. They've done a much better job making her feisty and attractive than my impressions of the girl in the books plus her constant antagonism of Jon and how the Night's Watch are a bunch of sorry idiots without women ("With your hands then? ... No wonder you're all so miserable!") ... well that was just pure gold. I enjoyed the dramatic twist on the Qarth plot line... it was a real snooze-fest to me in the books except when Dany went in the House of the Undying, so adding this crazy drama is pretty good plot manipulation to keep Dany's story interesting. Pyatt Pree is insanely creepy and believable if not a little too powerful with his illusions. I also loved the interactions between Cersei and Sansa - makes her much more believable than she was in the books. A lot of people don't like how she's been turned into the worrisome Mother figure, but I for one appreciate the more realistic take on it.I think they're doing a good job trying to keep the audience tied in to her story...both pitying her, hating her and even admiring her at times. Tyrion and Cersei are now on the same page.. briefly. I think this was done as another illusionary tactic to make viewers think things may turn in favor of the Lannisters before Blackwater. Theon's story and scenes continue to be amazing amazing amazing. I'll discuss it in more detail i the other thread as I am too tempted to spoilers. I gave this episode a 10... the pace was faster, more intense and left almost every scene / story arc with a cliffhanger setup for next week...
  4. I also added a point simply for getting to see Gendry sweaty and shirtless, swinging a sword. Call me a girly eye-candy whore, whatever! (and we've certainly seen enough of Ros's snatch to more than make up for any weakness I may have for Gendry's body haha) I absolutely loved love LOVED the tense moment where Tywin stared at Arya and she stared back after delivering her best line of the season so far. A little girl and an old man can out-act and out goosebump everyone (except maybe Tyrion) in one scene and NO T&A necessary - phew! Jaqen is being played well. I wasn't sure about his looks at first, but his personality and style as grown on me. I really enjoyed Bran's 'management' and remarks about defending the bannermen's families. Shows he's definitely a Stark even so young. The Renly assassination scene was fairly well done. I don't understand why they decided to change it from the book however... where Renly was still wearing his armor and the shadow slit his throat through his metal gorget, which seemed like such an important clue to those investigating it...how could Brienne have done it that way? The way they made it seemed much more likely she could have stabbed him with her sword. Oh well. I wasn't disappointed with it that much. I like the Qarth stuff ok, its suitably 'exotic' enough. And I enjoyed the exchange between Dany and Daxos with his marriage proposal - it was well done. I wasn't really fond of the Dothraki men arguing over the statue, whatever. I especially liked Pyat Pree and he's as creepy looking as I had hoped he would be. Brienne and Cat's oath scene was well done as well. I gave it a 9!
  5. There's always been a lot of debate about whether Margaery was really a virgin. The show's just playing that up some more and the word of Renly to his queen may not be exact either.
  6. What does everyone think of Shae's revealing she was once a handmaiden for a "Lady Zurif" and she's not from there to Sansa? Is this yet another easter egg hint to a sub plot in Shae's mysterious story that we don't yet know? They hinted in the 'lying game' first season that Shae is someone very secret. Now this, it really has me curious! I loved this episode, wonderfully done - ALL scenes and actors were wonderful.
  7. I gave this episode a big 10 way up there. I felt ALL scenes were relevant and well done, no wasted bits at all. I especially loved Tyrion's 'test' with Pycelle, Varys and Littlefinger - so well done! A lot of people aren't liking the change of Shae becoming Sansa's handmaid, but I actually like it. They have to cut characters where they can, and cutting Lolly out now is probably just as well, her purpose was pretty limited and pathetic as semi-retarded and getting raped / pregnant and all that. They'll find a different way for Bronn to get his lordship and I'm ok with that somewhat wide deviation from the plot. I liked "Yara" better this week. She still acts too sullen and broody for my tastes, but if she's supposed to act and look like Balon's son/daughter well she's got that part down. Again, I feel really sorry for Theon. He's making a difficult choice and we all know where that leads him. The Yoren, Gendry, Arya scene was again - very well done and so intense this time. I also was ok with the Loras / Renly scene and felt it was important as a lead in to why Renly won't do the deed with Margaery. I like that they added her willingness to 'help' her King consummate the marriage, with or without her Brother's help, haha!
  8. Ok here's my likes: - Pyke / Balon Greyjoy - just the way I imagined them, perfect casting and artistry in rendering the island keep, walkways, gloomy interior complete with kraken fireplace. - Loved the Tyrion / Janos Slynt scene - perfectly done. Pretty much every scene with Tyrion is spot on. - Arya/Gendry/Hotpie/ - Jaqen, Biter etc. etc - great scenes, true to book, well casted actors, great chemistry happening that conveys a sense of growing friendship that's essential for later parts of their story. Dislikes: I wasn't fond of the Tyrion / Cersei scene this time around. Lena Headey seemed a bit off this week, I'm not sure why. Maybe this is my perception of her 'slipping' a bit further out of control? Didn't like the cliffhanger ending with such a drastic change from the books. I realize they need a way to tie in revealing what happens with the boys and all that, but Craster smacking Jon over the head? That's so far off the story - I'm disappointed. Didn't like the Ros / Littlefinger scene - even though I couldn't hear it, even knowing now what the convo was about, I felt it was pointless And lastly - I don't like the actress picked for Asha Greyjoy at all. I'm female so I'm not going to go on about her not being 'sexy' enough (that's personal opinion)... I just don't feel she portrayed Asha's incredible quick wit, smartass attitude and huge confidence nearly well enough AT ALL. Her eyes are too droopy, she looked constantly insolent... not cocky and self confident.
  9. Thank you SO much - man that scene confused the crap out of me. I knew Littlefinger was threatening her somehow but since I couldn't really hear what he was whispering that well, and none of that is from the books, I lost the whole conversation pretty much. I'm not sure why that scene was necessary AT ALL. I have defended Ros's addition to the cast in the past pretty heavily - saying how she's been a great transition device to tie together some of the loose ends with a few characters we don't get all the details about in the show... and that she's probably headed for another role in Alayaya's place... but this scene with Littlefinger seemed complete pointless unless I'm missing the point along with my hearing! :(
  10. Can someone please summarize the scene with Littlefinger and crying Ros - I'm totally lost. I have a hearing loss and even with headphones on and the sound cranked, I could not quite make out the entire convo since he whispered the entire thing. Ugh, frustrating! Who was the guy she was supposed to service and didn't? What's the story Littlefinger tells her about? I got the gist of it that she's really upset about the murder of the baby and LF is telling her about another woman (and that's the parts I couldn't hear right) -- would like hearing someone else's take on it.
  11. I gave this final episode a 9 out of 10. I really really liked most all of it. I'm in the camp that didn't mind the extra Varys vs. Littlefinger verbal sparring and Pycelle w/ Roz scenes. At first I was doing a head scratcher as to why they felt the Pycelle thing was necessary, but as I said in the other thread regarding it - I think it was necessary to help non-readers better understand just how corrupt all of the little council members seem to be at this point... all vying for some small power within the castle - they too are playing the game of thrones in a different way than those out on the battlefields. Showing Pycelle feigning his weak old man routine is a good way to help watchers who didn't get all the details in the books to see behind the facade. I docked a fraction of a point for the bouncy scene to scene rushing. I felt it was a little rushed to cram everything in that final hour. This season really could have used just one or two more episodes to flesh out the final setup for book 2 in my opinion. I also docked another fraction for my disappointment that Daenerys' hair didn't get burnt off like in the book. A nit-picky detail to be sure, but it seemed significant to me in the book, and as someone else said, signified her 'rebirth' along with her dragons. I felt moving up the scene between Catelyn and Jaime from book 2 to book 1 was a good move for plot sake, but I wasn't sure I liked the way Catelyn portrayed it in the television version. Finally, the last tiny fraction of a point will go to Shae. Like others, I'm not crazy about the way they are portraying her, last episode or this final one either. Overall, my fractions of one point don't add up to much but nitpicking and opinion like everyone else. It was a phenomenal season end and HBO and the creators get massive kudos for tackling such a monster saga as this one and doing it justice. I had huge doubts going into the idea of watching this on HBO - but my skepticism was immediately put to rest from the first episode right on through to the last. The dragons look GREAT! Two thumbs way up.
  12. Loving the HBO series so much I'm re-reading GoT and coming here to fan it up!

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