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  1. I agree, Stannis has the record, and is the only flexible commander having led all different types of battles, naval and land I'd never use Tywins quote though as to me it's an absolute ass pull. With equal numbers to Robb or Renly he was the bigger threat but there's not a hope that at that time Stannis and his 5000 are more of a threat then Renlys 80000 and Robbs 20000-30000 (with the potential for a lot more)
  2. I'd take Jaime any day of the week. Ya he got caught in an ambush, by arguably the best commander in the books, and the best team in Robb and Brynden. Jaime wasn't rash at the time, he took 2000 men to deal with a supposedly small body of men harassing his army, which is actually very cautious He also had his army well layed out in Riverrun, defended by pikes and such. So I never count this as a point against Jaime, just a point for Robb When taken into account what he did to the first two riverlands armies and has new more mature outlook I think he's very formidable. And he's got what few others do, reputation and charisma
  3. I've always said for the Others to be more of a interesting threat they need to be more than what we've seen and most surmise so far. We already have one confirmed "supporter" of the Others in Craster. I've said before I think Euron might also be a candidate, along with Roose (eyes like dirty chips of ice, destabilised the North ie first barrier after the wall) and possibly Qyburn (blood magic, who knows who controls UnGregor?)
  4. I feel Euron may be taking Victarions plotline as well as some of his own e.g. he loses the Kingsmoot (otherwise why bring back Theon?) and he's sent (or goes himself) to find and manage an alliance with Dany, planning to marry her and usurp the throne. Meanwhile Theon convinces Asha to help the North, meaning we have a Vale, North, Ironborn alliance I would also hate though to have Ramsay and his 20 good men so good in battle that it takes that much might to bring them perhaps Theon and Asha will be sent to Dany. Someone has to go, otherwise we have too many Krakens spoiling the broth so to speak
  5. Exactly, his troops. Whatever happens in the books, and I can see Sansa brining Vale troops North with her, the Vale won't be Littlefingers troops. To see Bronze Yohn reduced to that...does he not have any of his own men? Who is he lord to then? I'd prefer the kill him, sway SweetRobin to your side, give Bronze the army and voila! Alliance without the nauseating LF
  6. I also detest the thought of Jon and Sansa needing LFs help in retaking the north....especially if it means slaughtering the northern lords. Jon and Sansa should both want to kill LF
  7. Anyone thinking the ironborn might show up? Theons going to help Asha take the throne, which likely means she wins. Could Theon sway some men into joining hin in helping Jon and Sansa? He kinda owes an excellent way of redemption
  8. Also, I was watching next week's preview on YouTube when it automatically loaded the next video, the behind the scenes talking one. Actually thought it could be interesting for a minute until I heard the part about Ned and how this shatters the perfect unsullied image of him we have. I mean what? How? I stopped watching after that
  9. Is anyone else slightly worried that this is so bad perhaps it's actually what George has planned? It honestly seems like d and d have given up on logical thinking or even plausible come to think of it. Actually I'm tempted to say they've stopped thinking altogether I'd be hoping for a reboot at some stage down the line where they do characters justice but the thing is the show continues to be popular with the public at large and so many likely think this is as good as it gets
  10. So how about in GOT Robert after already swearing joffrey would marry sansa, turns around to Ned and says, my son actually married Maergery Tyrell, sorry about that, but your daughter can marry another high lord which I have already procured for you and which will increase your families standing, land holdings and money. So Ned says ya I'm pretty angry but ok and invites the king and his party to Winterfell for the wedding. Then they go up and are having an alright wedding when Ned and his men murder the king, most of his followers and take the rest captive. Is that ok? Was Ned just soothing his wounded pride? Or was he thinking of the men who died fighting for him to nake Robert king? No, no
  11. Walder was completely within his rights to be pissed off with Robb, well within his rights to take his men away and command them to fight Robb. He was well within his rights to bend the knee to Tywin or anyone else and fight against the men who used to be his allies He was not within his rights to pretend to still be an ally and murder 3500 men. That's the truth, the whole truth and ...ya know. Comparing it to Oxcross or any number of battles is just completely off point
  12. I think the point of Frey hate and distrust throughout westeros is pretty clear. George only has a so much time in his books to write about every nuance which we make a mountain of, so mentioning Freys in derogatory terms a few times speaks volumes as to what the author wants us to think imho
  13. That's not bad, some errors in amongst it, but he key message is spot on -Robb already has enough faults and enough mistakes made that making up more is really not necessary Although quite a lot of it is based on the show storyline, which is incomprehensible. In saying that anyone who fails to see what a good strategy it was to get Tywin away from KL is not worth the time
  14. Lol ya, that has about as much merit to it as the rest of this thread so why not?
  15. Some things never same shit different thread Duhuh duh ehh what did Robb ever get right? Hurrdydur Why don't we cherry pick any other character? Tywin, slaughtered thousands of westerlands men and destroyed two of his own houses, sold his daughter to a womanising, abusive husband, failed to see his children were riding each other, allowed his golden child to be captured by a 15 year old, was forced to leave an incredibly strong position by said 15 year old, was killed taking a shit by his son for being a dick, alienated a large amount of houses by having the largest stick in westeros stuck up his hole Or how about Doran? Didn't send enough men to protect his sister, sent his brother to kings landing to die, sent his son to Dan to die, hated by most of his family.