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  1. top generals in ASOIAF

    am...really? It's impossible to equate Ned with the other two. Even disregarding that Inry and Stafford were incredibly unsuccessful in their endeavours while Ned was the exact opposite
  2. Roose Bolton a Ice priest?

    This isn't the Roose Bolton story But it very well could be a tale about the hordes of ice monsters in the north wreaking havoc down south. Most people, myself included, have so far preferred other events such as the Stark and Lanmister war, the politics of kl etc.  But there is an invasion coming. George hasn't set up the others as compelling characters. Books like these often fall short because the final chapters/big baddies are lacklustre e.g. the Forsaken in the wheel of time series. I honestly believe Roose is a priest or a follower of the others, quite possibly a decendant of the nights king. And I think the others having human allies makes them both far more interesting and far more dangerous. 
  3. You mean being morally superior. Whatever Ned's faults he did try to do what was right in his eyes. He would never have ordered or sanctioned the murder of children. Others who would (Robert, Tywin) are morally repugnant. So Ned would be justified by feeling morally superior In any case I don't blame Tywin for this. They two houses were stupid, too prour. But the children was too far. I belive he should have had the males killed or exiled and had his brothers or loyal bannermen marry the most eligible heiress. That way he's assimilating the power into house Lannister instead of just ruining both houses and getting nothing from it but a rep for being ruthless
  4. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    But it's a tiny royal presence....and I think they'll pay for it
  5. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    I would say it gives him the opposite. Tywin is more likely to leave him bend the knee if he's not already been a king twice
  6. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    True but then how many people aren't more formidable then a dullard? I don't think it's high praise tbh. He also doesn't bring a large number of men with him, either for lack of men in the west 9r lack of authority from him. You could say he doesn't need them but I'd prefer not to be outnumbered by the riverland lords
  7. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Except for Bran or Rickon (looks at Manderlys actions). Even Arya and Sansa. The same can be said for if Tywin does during the war. Jaime is already in chains. Tyrion and Cersei have a high chance of dying. Balon invades Lannisport and does away with that branch... I actually don't even think Daven can lead the west in the same way Jaime could. You the name, authority, reputation, personality. People seem to think Daven has it...but where's the evidence?
  8. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    As I pointed out earlier the north needs Robb to return. He's needed to set the realm at peace and to return order to it. He needs to get rid of the ironborn, start work on winterfell, pay honour to his dead brothers, stop the war over the Hornwood lands, and possibly even install an heir. He also needs to restore the faith of the north in him and to do so he need to go home. Now another named man could do some of this, but not all of it. George has said not just anyone can rule the North. It must be a Stark and Robb's the only one around Seriously you just have to think about it logically for a minute. Robb knows some ironborn have left. So there's a few thousand tops left up there. We already know that there are thousands of mountain men. We know that there are men left in the Umber, Karstark, Manderly and Bolton lands. Does Robb not know any of this? Of course he does. But they need him there to give them a singular purpose. That's why the Stark name is key And it's not just in the north. Imho with the vale or west in the same situation the need would be similar. It's why people take the great house names in times of need
  9. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Fair play to him, that's a nugget of wisdom Although if his plan was always to bend the knee to the eventual winner then I question him crowning himself
  10. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Which troops did I mention that are not in the books? Dustin and Ryswell are in Dance. 600 men with Ramsay are in storm. The men fighting the civil war are in clash. The clans men are in dance. Literally every troop I mentioned and several that I didn't are in the books. Manderly mentions his men in Dance and Rodrik broke Dagmer in clash. That is not fan fiction and tbh your making even less sense then usual saying it is
  11. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    God that's cringe worthy. Every troop I mentioned there is clearly in the books. If your level of debating is that bad... I'm not debating that Robb took the better men, in large part he did. But it should be obvious why Robb needs to go home. Ironborn in the north is one problem. His others- capital a ruin, brothers dead, no heir, civil war over the Hornwood lands. The ironborn are just one of the problems that Robb needs to attend to in the north (they caused others) but it is obvious he needs to go back. No other lord can do all this He needs the Freys for men, supplies, holding the Riverlands (strategic value of their lands) and for getting to and from the north. They're of paramount importance and he was a fool for pissing them off
  12. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Forgive me if I am wrong but in his initial outline of his "plan" does Balon mention bending the knee once the Iron Throne has a competent leader again?
  13. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Which is obviously bullshit. How much does Balon know about the North? How about the 600 high quality troops with Ramsay? How about the cavalry that broke Dagmers shield wall? How about the fact the Reeds and Ryswells didn't send many men south? How about the heavy cavalry that Manderly has retained? Or the thousands of mountain men. His speech is absolute and utter bollocks
  14. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    At the beginning. He changed his plan to go with the reality of the situation, a good move imo
  15. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Top quality posting as per usual 😂 Balon was a fool