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  1. I've always said for the Others to be more of a interesting threat they need to be more than what we've seen and most surmise so far. We already have one confirmed "supporter" of the Others in Craster. I've said before I think Euron might also be a candidate, along with Roose (eyes like dirty chips of ice, destabilised the North ie first barrier after the wall) and possibly Qyburn (blood magic, who knows who controls UnGregor?)
  2. Delighted. Is it not a bit odd though that he answered a question people have been agonising over for a while now though? Maybe hes getting soft.....Id like Hyle to be alive as well-seems like a nice enough guy!
  3. See there are just some things that dont make sense. When Bran and Rickon are leaving we know the ironborn are gone. How did they get out of a siege first? If it wasnt Ramsey outside but normal loyal Northerners why wouldnt they have entered once the castle was empty? Why would they leave fires lighting? Its the strongest castle in the North and the capital. Why would they abandon it? In the books Ramsey razes it and leaves with his prisoners. Makes sense. The alternative show version doesnt make sense. Most people are waiting for the confirmation that R+L=J but would watchers even care? They dont even know who L and R most likely but this is going to be an important moment in the next book or the one after. They had to set this up I havnt really minded the changes until now other then the lack of Tullys and any Tully man. But THOU was pretty bad. Its already been said everywhere so i have nothing to add Thought the Others were epic. The white walkers are supposed to be slow like zombies while the Others are elegant so no problems with this at all. Sam was stupid unless hes going to stab the other with dragonglass and the rest flee after seeing their leader fall. There was no reason Sam couldnt get away or be at the fist Did Qhorin give Jon any instructions? Why couldnt he have leaned in when he was dieing and said something like remember who you are,do your duty? Pointless Biggest WTF moment? Robs wedding. Wrong Gods. How does nobody go hold up this is wrong during filming? Great to see the dragons and Summer and Shaggy. Theon speech was great. Got me pumped up a lil. Wheres he gone now? Overall i enjoyed roughly half of it id say
  4. Ha right thanks iv never heard the latin for it but as a saying its right up their with my favourites, along with its neighbour. Does sound cool
  5. Mixed feelings over the episode. The Lannisters are stealing the show-the actor who plays Tywin is as good as Dinklage for Tyrion in my opinion. Robbs also doing a great job. There are financial constraints but is it that expensive to show even a few men fighting? For a non-reader hearing that the Starks lost one for every five Lannisters sounds good but it doesnt show the tactical brilliance of Robb, and the ineptitude Stafford. Nor does it say where the battle took place. Its key to know at this point that Robb has caught Tywin off balance again and is now in the West Joffreys scene was shocking but thats the idea i suppose. Most of the reactions to Joffrey so far is that everyones waiting for him to die. Imagine after Neds death last season, what the uproar will be like after the RW with Joff still alive. Episodes do seem shorter. Renly and Stannis was handled well. I was indifferent to Mel at the start but i think shes doing a good job now. Also Catelyn seems to be growing into her role. The shadow looked excellent. Pity about not seeing Storms End. Would non-readers know how outnumbered Stannis is? Loved Harrenhal. Gendry and Aryas storyline is coming together nicely. Lancels part was also played well-just what i imagined hed be like Quarth will be interesting-looks good
  6. I liked it over all.I dont mind the renly/loras scene. I wouldnt say i enjoyed it but i can definately see why it deserves a place in the series. When Renly died in the book not many people cared. Now theyre making it so people will. Margaerys pretty hot!! She seems very capable and as someone before said she seems like someone to stand up to Cersei. However i dont know how theyre gunna pull off her and Tommen. Thats a huge thing for me. Greyjoys were very good. Added a lot of depth to Theons character. Briennes perfect. I dont think shes super ugly but i think she does credit to the role. Mountainesque A lot of tyrion. I imagine the next episode will have less. Great performance form Dinklage again. Nice to see Shagga. Cant imagine what non-bookreaders think of the feed cock to goats line :P Shae just doesnt do it for me. Also alot of Tyrions mileage revolves around their shenanigans of which wev seen nothing so far
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