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  1. Which nobles? Which ones who loved Jon? what is the point in lords getting their own vote is if, as this post suggests, they all just over who their Overlord wants? Plus I'd like to point out that the North takes the vows of the Nights Watch very seriously, some may not be in favor of Jon being allowed to leave.
  2. The fact that multiple characters, including Stannis himself, point out that he should have been there longer. he was expected to be there longer, that is a fact. The only reason he was not there longer was because he had a magical shadowbaby, this is not something that others could have expected. Yes, as he had no idea that magical shadow babies are now a part of medieval warfare. that is not something he could have reasonably expected. same goes for Renly against Stannis. Of course, that is the nature of warfare, there is no such thing as a 'sure thing', but commanders in war can have expectations and Stannis, due to a combination of his personality, the importance of the Stormlands capital and how well protected it is, was expected to be there for longer than he was. the characters in the book point out that Stannis was expected to be there longer, I really don't understand what your problem with this is.
  3. War is unpredictable, but that does not mean you can not expect certain situations to happen. I said Stannis was 'expected' to be there longer, he was. That is simply a fact. Storm's End is a hugely formidable castle, and should have been able to hold out much longer, as it did during Robert's Rebellion when Stannis was inside rather than outside. And both Tyrion and Tywin knew that Stannis was a methodical commander rather than a daring one, and therefore would be unlikely to leave an enemy stronghold untaken in his rear. There was also the psychological aspect, as Stannis himself explains to Davos; he could not risk being seen as having suffered a "defeat," however minor. - GRRM At no point did I claim that he was 100% nailed onto be there, I said he was expected to be there for a long time. "Both of them." Storm's End was strong, it should have been able to hold out for half a year or more . . . time enough for his father to finish with Robb Stark. "How did this happen?" no one has claimed you could 100% accurately predict something like that, but you can expect certain outcomes. A castle of Storm's Ends strength can reasonably be predicted to last for months against an enemy. This is not a case of flipping a coin to reach a decision but taking a reasoned guess on the outcome.
  4. i'm sorry, were is this mentioned in the books? which northern characters have indicated they love Jon? and how is Edric not seen in a similar way? as Edric is seen as Robert's son. I'd argue that Edric is more popular with the Estermonts and Florents than Jon is with any house. Given that Penrose gave up his life for him I'd imagine that Edric is far more loved than Jon is. sure, the Starks would want Jon but the same would be true of the Baratheons and Edric. Being an acknowledged noble on both sides Edric would have more support and given that his personality is more in line with Robert/Renly than his uncle Stannis it stands to reason that he would find it much easier to find support than the sometimes morose Jon. Did the boy charm you? He has that gift. He got it from his father, with the blood. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no, not really. they don't vote as one powerblock. Robb being accepted as king of the Riverlands makes a lot of sense, he was half Tully, betrothed to a Riverlander and had saved many of the nobles at Riverrun, Jon is another matter and the Riverlords are not going to vote for him just because the lord or lady of winterfell is in favor of it. For all Robert's faults, popularity was not one of them. Robert was also beloved and Edric is his acknowledged son while Jon is the acknowledged son Ned Stark, without a paternity test there will always be doubt with who his real father was. you have not really demonstrated that anyone outside of the Starks would support him..
  5. by who?
  6. I took it as a sarcastic comment, I don't think it was intended as a serious allegation.
  7. yeah, that has not really cleared up what you meant, sorry.
  8. why? it is not like Littlefinger has five other legitimate kids who he treats 'better' than her or that he has a wife who sees her as a threat to her children. What new perspective has Sansa learnt considering that as the daughter of Ned Stark she was being betrothed to the heir of the kingdom and as the 'daughter' of Littlefinger she is being betrothed to the heir of the Vale. Her position means she is treated like an equal by Myranda Royce, while she herself orders the likes of Mya. She has not really learnt anything about Jon's insecurities about being a bastard, if anything she should be wondering why he was so morose, apart from being the daughter of an inferior House not much has changed.
  9. I kind of doubt that only two Aenys had lived before Walder named his third son that, there would have been others some more inspirational than others. But it could also be in tribute to the Blackfyre prince given how hated Bloodraven was and how controversial Aegon's reign was I imagine that Aenys may well have been romanticized by some as a figure who could have brought peace to the kingdom. There is actually another Aegon, the son of Aenys, born around the same time as Jinglebell, so I don't necessarily think it was meant as an insult. Another interesting part of the Aeny's branch is that his granddaughter is known as 'white' Walda. I'm guessing that this is because of the colour of her hair rather than being based on her temperament, it is possible that either her Beesbury mother or Wylde grandmother have some targaryen/velaryon blood.
  10. Daeron was Aemon's grandfather, not uncle, more importantly he was the king and patriarch of the family. He would have had control on the matter just as other head's of the House would, we see this with Walder, Tywin and Lady Waynwood.
  11. It is probably not that strange, his father clearly took no enjoyment from the throne, his older brothers, uncles and cousins all met tragedy of some kind, his grandfather's reign was blighted by the fact that he was at war with two of his brothers, his great grandfather is probably the only king in the last century who enjoyed his reign and history hated him for it, the generation before that saw the bloodshed of the Dance. It is easy to see why Aemon could feel that way.
  12. how so?
  13. Why quibble over a term that is subjective? Not everyone is going to have the same criteria as you. For example we hear of Tywin's victory during Robert's Rebellion as being great Marillion bounded to his feet. "My lord of Lannister!" he called out. "I would be pleased to entertain you while you eat. Let me sing you the lay of your father's great victory at King's Landing!" which is something I disagree with. Some may judge battles were larger sides beat smaller sides, such as Stannis against the Ironborn or Tywin on the Blackwater, as being merely 'good' rather than 'great'.
  14. How so? Black Walder seems to enjoy rubbing people up the wrong way, a gifted warrior who has refused to become a knight and is the antithesis of chivalry while he is happy to sleep with anyone. In contrast Daemon was beloved, it is his popularity that got him his support, he was a renowned knight who had the support of most of the chivalry of westeros while many have romanticized him by claiming that love was one of the reasons he went to war. I don't think they could be more different.
  15. is there any need for the petty insults?