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  1. Its got little to do with competence or the actual success of the various forces. We are talking about depiction. The Ironborn for example, as depicted by GRRM what you see is objectively a force which lost one rebellion, failed to hold onto the undefended castles in the North and is totally dependent upon Eurons magic for most of its success. The Slavers have destroyed one of the largest cities in the world and put everyone inside it to death. Its the single greatest loss of life in the series so far. They are also at the gates of Mereen with a sizable army and could conceivably defeat Daenerys. But GRRM depicts the Ironborn so much more favorably. Men of action, cool armor, all the lore of them fighting sea monsters, how they seamlessly fit into this wider patchwork of competing houses, the familial struggles of the Greyjoys; it all conveys a very vivid and interesting picture of a warlike seaborn society. With the slavers GRRM was at pains to show how terrible both armies were on all sides, with the vast Yunkish host routed by the fake Unsullied. Its the one eyed fighting the blind. Quentyns POV says less about the chaos of war than it spends mocking the Ghsicari armies. The role of the slightly more effective New Ghis Legionaries or sellswords is heavily played down and not the focus. So whilst there are some token elements derived from Ancient Rome and Greece these are completely neutered by his constant belittling of the Ghiscari as stupid, incompetent, bizarre and downright ridiculous. If he wanted to depict this as a serious army he would either depict the New Ghis as legit Romans or the Sellswords as Italian Condotteri. However he clearly really enjoys the ridiculous descriptions. For example, in Arrianes preview chapter she meets one of the Golden Company who is described as a bare-chested bruiser with two chains for weapons. This isn’t World of Warcraft. See when GRRM does OTT descriptions like Dagmar Cleftjaw having his face split open, it only serves to reinforce the character of the Ironborn. But with a lot of the Essos characters this doesn’t work. It comes across as ridiculous and undermines his efforts to depict many of the factions as a serious or legitimate threat. So GRRM stresses the bizarre and freakish elements in Essos. He does not, as he does with the Westeros factions, ground them in a relatable and easily identifiable setting. Being basically Western Europe in the Late Middle Ages with a splash of ahistorical viking shenanigans. GRRM doesn’t really do that much to alter these forces from the historical reality. A Lannister or even Northern army would have blended in perfectly with any force during the War of the Roses. So actually GRRM does very consciously try to ground his factions in a historical reality. I could never imagine any of the Essos armies existing. GRRM completely twists and bends out of the shape the classical world until it is unrecognizable. Which he does not do with the Westerosi factions. To list a few of the differences: · Altering the ethnicity of the Romans/Greeks · Altering the climate to be significantly more dry and arid than Italy or Greece · The Classical World was well known for masses of citizen infantry soldiers. Apart from New Ghis this is not the norm. They did not really use slave soldiers. In fact they very notion of slave soldiers is completely antithetical to both nations ideal of the citizen soldier. · Whilst the Faith of the Seven is almost a carbon copy of Catholicism GRRM makes the Ghiscari religions very different from the Olympian Pantheon. · The soldiers do not wear the same armour/weapons as the Greeks/Romans. Such as the Lorica Segmata or Linothorax. A Scuta or Apsis. A Sarissa, hoplon or gladius. The Unsullied come close and seem to fight in a bizarre amalgam of a hoplite with a pilia throwing spear. They are also supposed to wear quilted tunics with bronze helms and that could be construed as being similar to a Macedonian Phalangites armor. But every other unit we are introduced to utterly defies comprehension. From archers on stilts, to chained up pikemen, to the weird sellsword light cavalry units who seem to wear anything from bronze armor to steel plate. The New Ghis Legionaries are another odd one out. · In terms of characterization, Romans or Greeks tend to be depicted as militaristic. Think Caesar or Alexander. This clashes with the decadent and aristocratic culture we are shown; plus the many insipid characters. · Romans/Greeks did not dye their hair and shape them into horns. · Architecture. Most of the cities in Essos have very eastern architecture such as pyramids and other oriental items. Classical cities like Athens or Rome wouldn’t have had them. They would have things like victory columns, triumphal arches, paved roads, aqueducts and other such things. When you compare that to the Lannisters he really doesn’t do anything out of place. You have a recognizable Western European medieval civilization. You have got your knights, spearmen, longbows. They have lords who live in castles and cities. Sure, theres some fudging, they did not have spearmen during the war of the roses, Casterly Rock is impractically big, but these are minor quibbles; none of them undermine the essence or identity of the faction. So he makes all the Westerosi cultures easy to identify and grounded in a historical reality. Whereas he basically takes classical Rome and Greece, strips them of most of their identity, have them all dye their hair and start acting like morons. He then mixes in bizarre elements like slave soldiers which are completely contradictory to both those societies. This is a bit beyond putting Saxons on horses and calling them the Riders of Rohan. Thats a small change. Whereas, really until they mention the fighting pits its hard to clock that the Ghiscari are meant to be Ancient Rome/Ancient Greece. See I think its extremely important that you aren’t left thinking that the antagonist is a joke. In ADWD the slavers are supposed to be a threat and we are supposed to be invested in Dany making a decision on protecting those they threaten. GRRM attempts at humor and his characterization of the Ghiscari undercut that at every turn. Rather than show a killing machine that is going to murder everyone in Mereen and cast them into slavery; he spends his time showing how stupid they are as the army dies of dysentery. When your antagonists are quite literally dying on the crapper its hard to take them seriously. Instead of fearing that Dany might lose we feel indifferent to the conflict. Or when you consider the rise of the Butcher King and the mediocrity of the defence of Astapor its hard to view the diseased folk of Astapor that arrive at Mereen as anything other than a problem. Again, the only reason we care is because Dany cares. But we are meant to feel invested in her decision and thats just not enough when the momentum of the story is inexorably pushing her away from the irrelevant struggles in Slavers Bay.
  2. Because those things like the heraldry, big castles makes those factions cool. It's emphasises their identity and power as formidable and militaristic forces on the world stage. It conveys a romanticism of the factions and their whole mythology. Basically he makes them cool and it's why the show heavily leans on this symbolism in characterising the different regions of Westeros. There are plenty of powerful and cool eastern cultures that GRRM could have used for inspiration like Sassanid Persia with its Cataphracts, Byzantium with the Varangian Guard, the Jannisaries of the Ottoman Empire, pretty much any period of China not to mention all the nomadic people's. However for most of the eastern he infuses far too much orientalism into the story. All the Essos characters are bright popenjay and deeply demasculated to an incredible extent. You will find plenty of people who will think the Ironborn are cool; you will never hear the same from any Essos culture who aren't Dothraki. Because he basically portrays them as pathetic and contemptable people of no significance. The Dothraki themselves have the opposite problem. They are so OTT as to be ridiculous. As I said, they are Conan the Barbarian knock offs and anachronistic. Mongols wore armor. Having them all be bare chested like native Americans is ridiculous. Plus as I said they don't act like normal people they seem only concerned with their traditions and superstitious rituals. Its a bit like how GRRM wanted people to take Darkstar seriously as a character by making him edgy. So he has Daenerys and Jorah constantly talk about how awesome and dangerous the Dothraki are. How everyone of them seems to be a powerful warrior who doesn't fear death and takes all their blood oaths seriously. Since so much of the series is about deconstructing or at least qualifying fantasy tropes this depiction seems a little off. Here we have the author basically obnoxiously saying "look how awesome these guys are!" The result is that IMO I just didn't find them as cool or as interesting as say the Greyjoys, Martels or any House really. Again those felt like real and nuanced people whereas the Dothraki were all cartoon characters. I mean the obvious counter point is the Dornish. Clearly an eastern culture and viewed as a little weird. But they are constantly shown as real people, with a cool mythology and grounded in historical factions. So I can't see why GRRM couldn't apply those same principles to the Ghiscari, Dothraki and Free Cities who are all just weird, contemptible and cartoonish. I am refering more to the visual style of the Haradrin and Easterlings in the films rather than character building. They look dangerous. They look cool and reasonably grounded. Not the minions of Ming the Merciless.
  3. Because GRRM belabours how silly and ridiculous the people in Essos are. The dress, the customs, the hair, what they do, what they say and this all demolishes any feeling that this is a real and grounded world. What makes the Riverland peasant scene work is that this is an ordinary humble man making an impassioned retelling of what happened to Ned. He feels like a real person. Now when we have perfumed toga people with bright red horned hair going about and then in ADWD GRRM wants us to take these people seriously it becomes really quite difficult when we have to imagine these people complaining about what Dany not letting them cut peoples nipples off. I mean GRRM dedicated whole pages to describing how pathetic and ridiculous the Yunkish army was, whilst at the same time trying to say how they were a threat to Daenerys and build up hype for a big battle. Want example of non-European civ's in other fantasy I like? * Seanchan * Aiel * Seafolk * Tsuranani * Haradrim * Easterlings Also the first four all get major characters and their civilisations aren't depicted as cartoonish jokes. Basically the above factions are cool. Most have a solid militaristic edge to them. Within the context of their own worlds they feel believable enough and theres none of the silliness like you get with all the Essos cultures. Why is it for example that GRRM can write the Lannister army as a powerful, militaristc war machine. But depicts all the armies of Essos as either cartoonish jokes or silly Conan the Barabarian knock off's. The Aiel for example have far more development and characterisation than the Dothraki do. They are shown as varied and real people who are mature actors in the story, some are good and some are bad. They aren't just brainless drones who mouth "it is known" and blubber about not shedding blood in the sacred city. So even in whats an extremely high fantasy and idealised faction the Aiel still come across as a real people and are cool. The Dothraki come across as cartoon characters and third rate Conan knock offs. Compare that to when he writes about any Westerosi characters. Briennes trip in the Riverlands where we see ordinary people dealing with the consequences of war. Where she speaks to many people as actual intelligent actors. Then we have Tyrion who meets an obese man who keeps a menagerie of deformed slaves. One makes me yearn for peace, the other makes think the world would be better if all Ghiscari were exterminated.
  4. You are making an insinuation not supported by the text. On three occasions this subject of marching out of Slavers Bay comes up. Not once, not once is the Dothraki Sea mentioned as a route. It is omitted. Why would the characters, who are all actively looking for any vague possibility of travelling not going to mention this route? That's trying to justify a plot hole. Given how extreme the Demon Road is, my guess is that GRRM wanted to make Danys decision to stay in Mereen and Jon Con to leave for Westeros appear like an impossible scenario. Really, she's no more in danger on the Dothraki Sea than she is in Slavers Bay. It isn't the hostile powers like Mantarys that puts either side off, it's the environmental effects of the Demon Road. These are not present using the Kyhzi Pass. You have a clear contradiction. A safe route to the Dothraki to enter Slavers Bay. But three times in which it is emphatically stated that no army can march into or out of Slavers Bay. If Dany had been told, we can take the Kyxai pass, but MAY fight some Dothraki her reaction would have been to fight them. She can't beat the Demon Road she can beat Dothraki.
  5. Well I really must disagree, Dany is definitely going to Westeros in the final novel. I can't tell if you are trolling me or being actually serious. What would be the point of having Tyrion and Vic go all the way to Essos just to sail back? That would be filler. We know Tyrion is going to have a reckoning with his family, hes got no stake in anything in Essos. Dany has visions of fighting undead on the Trident, those are specific to Westeros. The journey Aegon is currently doing. Dany lands with a small army and finds herself involved with the Game of Thrones and has to win over various factions to her cause. Her dragons aren't fully grown and she is beset by problems. That is the journey I want to see. Not, whats likely to happen where we have all this occur in a second rate Conan the Barbarian land and by the time she finally gets to Westeros in the final book her only serious opposition is Arthas from World of Warcraft. The Game of Thrones is the heart of this story. Because the factions in Essos are dull, boring and do not capture the imagination like the Houses of Westeros do. I would care if, I dunno, Bear Island got destroyed. Didn't bat an eyelash when everyone at Astapor dies. Because GRRM depicts everyone from that region as downright bizarre and frankly it dehumanises them; they stop being real people and become caricatures who have silly haircuts, who have soldiers on stilts and are all morbidly obese and shifty. Whereas all the Westerosi characters are more grounded in reality and you feel as if these are real people going through real problems that matter. So when a guy from the Riverlands comes before Ned you get a reaction. Plus it just isn't coming from the direction I prefer my High Fantasy. Never cared much for Conan the Barbarian and the whole oriental fantasy thing, always felt very strange and bizarre. Honestly I only cared about any of these people because Dany cared, because they were just "feet with mouths" as Dany uncharitably thought of them. The only good thing likely to come from the next book is that she will go Genghis Khan on Essos and kill most of them off. None of the Essos cultures feel real or like something that could exist. They deviate wildly from Westeros which is mostly just an adaptation of medieval England and Islamic Spain. The stuff in Essos is like Flash Gordon with swords. One of GRRM great strengths is that his Westeros feels more mature and grounded than say Gondor; that just goes out the window with Essos. Of course its filler. Dany should be in Westeros by now. GRRM is just writing all this to keep Dany out of the stories he has going for other characters. There is no reason he could not explore thematic and character driven stuff with Dany in Westeros and should insist on having it take place on another continent. Yes I want to see the character succeed after reading about their story for so many books over so many years. Why would I want to see them fail? If Dany fails then it has to be a statement, like Neds death about the pitfalls of power and morality. Dany will be like Robert Baratheon, she will take the throne but have that realisation too late. I also don't think its duty to her people that she needs. What Dany needs is something she has had from the beginning with Drogo, to be loved and live a quiet life. The whole House in the Red Door. So my guess is that she will lose any chance to be happy. That to me feels more GRRM to do than having her do what Rand does at the end of Wheel of Time where he plays his part and then departs quietly. Essentially, Danys story is good despite it being set in Essos. Everyone else's is better for being set in Westeros.
  6. You go up and then you go West. Its not even a particularly big detour. If 8000 Unsullied at Qohor could beat 100,000 Dothraki I am not sure a Khal would try his luck. None of the Khals have such a large host. Plus you are assuming that Dany would care given her attitude of kill what is in front of her. Dany only refused the demon road twice because it was essentially "if you go, your army dies." so she took that to mean it is impossible to leave. Plus its far more important that this route is not mentioned as a possibility. In every instance we are only told about this demon road to Volantis as if it is the sole land route out of Slavers Bay. That is contrived, especially since in ADWD they introduce the pass which allows a Dothraki Khallesar to come down on Dany when she could have used that road to leave. Either this pass didn't exist until ADWD, or GRRM avoided mentioning it because he couldn't think of any reason Dany would not use it to leave during the peace negotiations and didn't want the GC going to Mereen.
  7. In the first book she is the only POV in Essos and is from a family which was ousted from power. Everyone else is from Westeros. We have never had an Essos POV. Dany constantly talks about Westeros and the only characters she has significant conversations with pre ADWD are Jorah and Barristan; both Westerosi characters. The conflicts in Essos are distractions to the main event and always have been. Why can't she learn to be a ruler and do al her conquering in Westeros? There is no benefit to the plot by keeping one of the major characters essentially forced to play a side story that has no impact on the main plot. Well he was originally going to gloss over all of the Greyjoy/Martell stuff in a prologue and have ADWD start with Dany flying off on Drogons back after a five year time skip. He also intended ADWD and AFFC to be one book and also that he would keep the Battles of Ice and Fire to the end of ADWD. He failed to achieve all of these things by his own admission. So yes, I question his direction for the series and think adding all of those POV's rather than just letting Dany march to Pentos was a mistake. He now has no choice but to waste another novel tying up all the loose ends and unimportant rubbish in Essos. She has no history with the characters in Westeros because GRRM hasn't let her go there. If GRRM had Dany set sail at the end of ASOS, like Aegon casually does during ADWD then I am sure she would have been more central and have a more grounded relationship with all the Westeros characters. This is why he shouldn't be putting himself in the position of having to cram all of that into the final novel. Dany should be an active part of the main story and not irrelevant stories in faraway continents that do not matter and will be forgotton about as soon as Dany leaves. Notice how Qaarth, the subject of an entire novel became nearly irrelevant once Dany left. The same thing will happen with Slavers Bay, on which at least three entire novels will have been wasted. All those interesting characters and plotlines are being settled before Dany will ever set foot in Westeros. You are stating a problem as if its a positive. I want to see her try to get the Iron Throne. The journey, not the destination. That is the journey I signed up for. Not the journey where she meanders around Essos meeting various people who are to stupid to realise that they can get rid of her if they simply facilitate her leaving. I honestly never got why the slavers never try to buy Daenerys off with ships; but its established they do this all the time with Dothraki. Instead they try to buy her off with gold and then decide this is a war of annialation. I don't think GRRM intends to kill everybody in Westeros and move the plot to Essos. You don't spend so many years building an immense world in Westeros just to wipe it out by OP zombies. At that point we have already lost and there isn't anything to fight for. I think that's a bizarre theory. Essos is irrelevant. None of the Free Cities possess a standing army. The Sellsword companies, with the exception of the GC are inferior to Westerosi arms and have been repeatedly proven useless. The Unsullied lack modern plate or mail, fighting with antiquated tactics and cannot easily be replaced. The various freedmen soldiers Dany has recruited are again unreliable fodder that isn't the equal of the Lannister army. The Dothraki can only cross the Narrow Sea in limited numbers, if Dany can't move 8000 people to Westeros I fail to see her moving 500,000 and won't fare well in the winter. So essentially Essos is militarily irrelevant to an invasion of Westeros. You can't pull off D Day in the middle ages, definetly not in winter. So basically Dany was only ever going to be able to pull off what Aegon did and land 10,000 decent soldiers and hope the realm rises up. Or rely on her dragons. She has been able to do that since early ASOS. Having her establish some empire in Essos is frankly irrelevant. What matters is conquering Westeros. You mean because they don't matter right now? I can already tell you that Arriane will marry Aegon, learn about Q dying and turn her husband against Dany. Does this need to be the subject of so much material and which was responsible for trashing GRRM five year gap and the Meereenese knot? It never should have taken so much time to explain such simplistic plot twists. Is he worried we'll take Danys side unconditionally if Arriance does this unless he spends a whole book giving her side of the story and another stressing that Q was a really nice dude? Its called overkill. For all we know Victarion, whose journey will have spanned 3 entire novels, is likely going to end up dying in the first few chapters and not linking up with Dany; failing exactly like Q and amounting to nothing. Again, more irrelevant dead ends and filler that only exists to keep Dany away from Westeros. I think GRRM is the only one being stubborn. Theres a bit in ADWD between Tyrion and Aegon where T says something along the lines of "you should have brought your dragon where the heart of the action is". I think that's entirely reflective of the problem GRRM has wrote himself into. Dany is clearly too far away from the main story unfolding in Westeros. However I think he is loathe to cut away dead ends like the Dothraki, like the Meereenese and that Essos only made sense when Dany was unable to get to Westeros. Now the other obvious problem is that Dany is getting exponentially more powerful the longer she stays in Essos whilst everything else in Westeros is getting weaker. He has to balance that right. It has to be believable that Dany will not be so powerful that nobody sane would dare oppose her and that her opposition isn't so depleted that they can't. If you have a weak faction, with a weak ruler opposing Dany with 3 full grown dragons and a quarter million Dothraki. I mean the North is already scraping the barrel. Which is why it made a lot more sense to get Dany to Westeros earlier. Or, he would have to start spawning armies like he did with the Greyjoys and Eurons 1000 ships and would throw realism out of the window. I mean my assumption was that the conclusion of the War of Five Kings with a united if shaky Lannister rule was the perfect set up for her invasion. Tyrion even tells Aegon precisely this. Instead he seems to be setting the realm up to implode even more completely than last time with more of Westeros being drawn in. All that will deplete and split many of the factions that could oppose Dany. You're trying to argue that GRRM has some genius plan to make Essos the centre of the narrative and that all the stuff he has done in Westeros actually is filler. That does flip my argument around but its a silly notion. Theres subverting tropes and then there is purposeful misdirection. Why was one of the salient points about ADWD that Dany should be a conqueror and leave Mereen to the Mereenese if she wasn't going to Westeros? Why have characters like Quathe and all the visions in the House of the Undying pointing to her destiny in Westeros? I could go on. Essos isn't important. It really has just been giving Dany stuff to do until GRRM feels its a good time to let her into the real storyline. When I read Danys POV her thoughts are very much on Westeros, her family and this sense of destiny that she has. They are purposefully written to get you invested in her wanting to go to Westeros; because it is what she wants to do. Like theres a bit where she thinks to herself that a cave isn't her home but her home is a place of Knights and castles; but its all very romantic and stresses her yearning for home. Its a very important and recurring theme. Its one of the main things she shares with Jorah for example; they're both exiles. So GRRM is intentionally creating a desire to want to see Dany get to Westeros whilst at the same time constantly frustrating that with "ohh yeah, theres this demon road and it will kill your whole army...and the slavers burnt their fleet and every piece of timber for hundreds of miles so you can't build more ships" Then later on he mentions that theres a pass to the Dothraki Sea from which a Khalessar can move down on her...and the slavers can magically import all of the wood they need for siege machines. Apparently she can't just use that pass herself to leave Meereen and can't import timber to build ships apparently. I mean if you take one of the largest and richest cities in the world I kind of assume you would have enough money to build ships or hire sellsails. I mean Sallador Saan is doing a terrible job finding work considering this successful Queen who should have a lot of money but doesn't have a lot of boats. But no apparently its impossible to leave.
  8. That only counts in ASOS and it means there's no safe land route out of Slavers. The Kyzai Pass contradicts that entirely. In Dragons both Dany and JonCon discuss using it for purely military means with a force of 10k. Dany in the event of a Qaartheen peace agreement. It is dismissed as suicidal and that both armies would be destroyed.
  9. Its extremely unlikely that Daenerys will stay in Essos during the entirety of the series. I mean in ADWD we have entire arcs given over to characters whose sole goal is to get Dany to come to Westeros. Dany herself wants to go Westeros. Would have went during Swords and Dragons had it not been impossible due to the Demon Road being impassable. The only obstacle to this happening is the continuous delays by irrelevant side stories and endless contrivances. How can the Golden Company easily invade Westeros but Daenerys can't pull off the same feat after all these all novels and is beset by difficulties? What would be achieved by having the entirety of Winds take place in Essos? We already explored the Dothraki in the first book. We already know the Slavers are not going to win. Nothing is at stake here. So the whole arc would be basically counting time as we wait for Dany to get on a boat. It would not surprise me if GRRM is having as many problems with Danys arc in Winds as he did in ADWD. He must be aware that now Dany is powerful and has the will to go to Westeros there isn't a reason for her not to be there. We are counting time. Basically he's probably rewriting all the Essos filler to try and make it less boring. He can't not be aware that Danys arc and Essos in general was heavily criticised in ADWD.
  10. Well unless you believe the Dothraki are going to kill her or keep her at Dosh Khaleen for her whole life it's the only way GRRM can resolve it. If she simply escapes, well that would have been another pointless detour and filler. So the only way the story can go is that she gets the Dothraki to join her. It's very predictable. Yes the real story is in Westeros. Her entire epilogue chapter is about stressing that it is her destiny to go to Westeros and become a Conqueror like Aegon. GRRM really is saying that the Mereenese plot is an irrelevance and that Dany getting to Westeros is all that matters. The fact he continues to write Essos filler baffles me since Dany has been trying to get to Westeros for 6 novels...when Aegon does it in a few chapters.
  11. Which is irrelevant. We have to spend an entire novel waiting for a predictable situation to unfold until Dany finally gets to Westeros. So basically this amounts to more Essos filler and less time with Dany in Westeros where the real story is. Also I have to be that guy. But it means Winds will end with a cliffhanger of her sailing off and another 6-7 year wait to get those 6-8 Daenerys chapters where she actually does stuff in Westeros... GRRM ended ADWD by introducing a new plot line which should have been quickly resolved rather than be the subject of Danys entire arc in Winds of Winter. It will involve more pointless Essos characters and meandering about as the author invents various geographical features to stop the plot advancing.
  12. Why doesn't Dany just go to Qohor and then Pentos via the Dothraki Sea then? The route you are suggesting is never brought up. But there is no logically reason it wouldn't be viable and get Dany safely to Westeros. They talk as if the Demon Road is the only road.
  13. For something to be cliche it has to be done repeatedly. Most books do not involve female characters being a messianic figure and conquering the world. Believe me, I ve looked, this is unique to asoiaf. There are not Daenerys equivalents in other fantasy novels. Jon is literally "some ranger from the North". He is an incredibly derivative and generic archetype of the male fantasy hero. The bastard with a hidden royal lineage. The master swordsman. The budding leader of men. An honourable man driven by his compassion and flawed by his untenpered and youthful impetuousness. It's been done and it's been done better. So to me Danys story isn't cliche because the whole arc is a subversion of fantasy tropes. Jon is not. Jon is a trope.
  14. If you look at a map of Essos, Dany being able to march her army to Qohor would give her a clean run to Pentos. If Slavers Bay was as easy to access then why does the whole Essosi plot hinge upon it being suicide for Dany to move her Unsullied out over land and impossible for the Golden Company to go to Mereen. They do not talk about the seasons and the Dothraki Sea is never mentioned. The obvious insinuation is that such routes do not exist because both parties would have used them. Which contradicts the place having overland trade routes that involve the movement of large slave armies and Dothraki. I mean it's an obvious contradiction that Volantis and the other slave cities can easily move hundreds of thousands of soldiers AND ship the Golden Company to Westeros but it's repeatedly stated as being logistically impossible for Dany to move the Unsullied. Why aren't the Slavers having the same problems moving such an enormous army with units from as far afield as Qaarth and Volantis.
  15. Dany is fully prepared to move on from Mereen twice during the books. It's taking the Death March that dissuaded her both times. GRRM would not have laboured the geographical reasons so heavily if those other reasons were compelling enough to justify it. The GC in particular labours this point. Dany wanted to just take all the slaves and move on like she did with Yunkai.