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  1. More Lannister love with their army that can miraculously seem to get larger each season.
  2. While some of the general broad strokes may remain the same from the original outline, you can't make the argument that things haven't changed. Tyrion was originally a bad character as he burned Winterfell to the ground. Jaime, too, was pretty evil in the original outline. The fact that George has said the original ending is still the same could be as basic as "Westeros is torn apart, the others and magic are gone from the world, the Iron Throne is destroyed, and the survivors are piecing their lives back together." Regarding the specific outcomes of individual characters, George could have changed things significantly. He already has in many respects. He has also stated semi-recently that he doesn't even know how things will end for some of the minor characters. That to me says he is still writing and changing things. So I agree with everyone else that potentially some of the 5 big characters could die and Jon and Dany will not marry and stay together out of love. Though, I guess this is all moot as we won't ever get a completed book series. At least we can speculate.
  3. Yep. Pretty crazy to think that Theon chapter could have been written maybe 15 years ago, and it still isn't in a published book.
  4. Yeah, he was perfect in Tombstone. Among his many other great roles. Heard he was always a good guy in real life too. Sad that he passed. "Shut up, Ike."
  5. Both good lists. Haven't played Oracle or Four Swords, but Minish Cap is a great game. Has good humor, story and good dungeons. I have your 2D list the same, but I would tuck Minish Cap between Link's Awakening and LoZ.
  6. Yep. I should have prefaced that. Cities and Knights is a great game because it adds more dimensions and ways to win. Haven't played any of the other Settlers expansions, but I've heard Cities and Knights is the best.
  7. I agree on the dungeons and that is one of the reasons BOTW is only number 3 on my list and why ALTTP and TP are 1 and 2. I think the dungeon design in Twilight Princess is among the best. Snowpeak Ruins in that yeti's mansion is one of the best dungeons ever along with probably the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time.
  8. Yeah, Twilight Princess might have my favorite story as well as its soundtrack. Midna's Lament But A Link to the Past still takes the cake. I Remember getting the game in 1992 on my SNES (that still works to this day!) and just falling in love with it - the story, the soundtrack, the gameplay, the adventure. So great! But I definitely recommend tearing into Breath of the Wild when you finish SS. It's one of those games you can really just get lost in. I love turning off the map and just exploring. Many memorable moments for sure.
  9. Settlers of Catan is a great gateway game to get into much better board games out there. I used to play Catan all the time years ago, but now that I play other games, it's hard to go back to it. My favorite games currently are: Sapiens La Isla Smallworld Don't mess with Cthulhu Don't mess with Cthulhu is a great party game if you have 6 people.
  10. So I am about 150 hours into Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so I have a fairly good assessment on the game and what it has to offer. I was curious where other people rank the game among Legend of Zelda games. It's tough to compare it to other games for the fact that it is the only open world game. Among gameplay, I think it is the best out there. There is so much to do, and it is a lot of fun to play. Story definitely lacks, though. Not a lot to it. Taking what every game offers into consideration my top 5 Zelda games: A Link to the Past Twilight Princess Breath of the Wild Majora's Mask Ocarina of Time Where does everyone else rank it?
  11. Shawshank, Green Mile and Stand by Me are his best adaptations as far as acting and production. I grew up on King and his books and movies, so there are several out there that are bad by movie standards that I love. The Stand is among my favorites. It, The Mist, The Langoliers, and Silver Bullet are all great, though. Gary Busey getting drunk and thrown around the living room in Silver Bullet is just great cinema! Worst by far is 11/22/1963. What a major letdown from what was a great book.
  12. SNES is still the best console of all time. The amount of high quality games on that console is staggering. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid and Final Fantasy 3/6 are among the best games ever.
  13. Yep. The only things we'll ever know about RR will come in whatever visions they show us from TV show Bran. We'll get the bare bones stuff about R+L=J and the reality behind the ToJ and RR, but not much of anything specific beyond that. GRRM may show us some in TWOW, but since that will be the last book that gets released, we won't know anything more beyond that.
  14. It should be no one but Sansa and she should have done it two seasons ago. However, since the show has made her completely stupid, she honestly doesn't deserve it. Pimped out by Littlefinger once, shame on you. Pimped out by Littlefinger twice, shame on me.
  15. Arianne Martell, Val and Jon Connington as larger characters. Garlan Tyrell and Tytos Blackwood as smaller characters. And for characters that made the show in a hollow version of their book forms - Wyman Manderly, Jaime Lannister, all of the Umbers and Sansa Stark.