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  1. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Thanks for the link. For someone who claims to have cleared his schedule of pretty much everything non-ASOIAF about 2 years ago according to other blog posts from him, his schedule sure seems pretty full.
  2. Yep. I agree with that. People already confuse the books with the show too much.
  3. Yeah, but conceivably George had Aegon in his mind before he pitched the show idea to D&D. For one, AFFC was released in 2005 with a lot of it written prior to that year. ADWD and AFFC are one book, so likely much of ADWD was written before 2005. It was only broken up due to time and space. And when he published AFFC, he originally thought ADWD would come out the following year. Obviously, that wasn't the case since it was released in 2011. But needless to say, he presumably had the idea for Aegon already established. Additionally, there are the prophecies in ACOK that mentions the mummer's dragon - likely Aegon. So in all likelihood, George had conceived of Aegon well before the show was pitched. But the showrunners chose to discard him as they have many of the non-endgame players - Victarion, Lady Stoneheart, Arianne, etc. I agree George could be taking more time to really make some changes to the storyline, which I fear. George's original ideas, especially the first three books, have been great. He knew how the story was going to end when he was writing those books including what would happen to most of the major characters. If he's making changes just for the sake of being different from the show or just for the sake of change, I fear for the result of that. One, it causes more delays and likely frustrations with his writing. And two, he likely had the end the way he did because it made sense narratively. If he's trying to shoehorn changes in that don't come across as natural, it will definitely make the story suffer. I understand your personal complaints with Dany's story, but you have to realize George is not going to do that. In the end, there likely won't be an IT, and even if there will be, it won't really matter who sits it. And it definitely won't be Aegon. George is not going to introduce a character by the 5th book who ends up being one of the most important people in the story. Dany is the 1st or 2nd most important character in the story along with Jon, and if he ends her story still in Slaver's Bay or wherever, it would piss off many a fan. And unfortunately, since the books likely won't get finished, the show is all we'll have to bring a conclusion to the story. And because of that, it's canon. There is nothing else to say otherwise. George has been on the show hype train as of late, so if he is happy with it, you can't argue against it. I despise the show. But George chose to sell it before finishing the stories. He gave them the ending of the main characters and main plot points. In all likelihood, they will follow through with those endings. The means to get there may be different from the books, but likely who lives and dies in the show, will mostly be the same in the books.
  4. Won't happen. Not to spoil any show scenes, but what happens in the show will end up being pretty similar in the books. Aegon is non-existent in the show. They chose to cut him out for a reason - because he won't play a major part in the end game. He very well could take the IT at some point in Winds, but he will die before long. GRRM knows if he doesn't bring Dany back to Westeros her entire storyline for 7+ books is pretty worthless. He won't do that. She is coming back to Westeros. It's just going to take a long-ass time. It will be close to the end of the book by the time she sets sail, which gives her too much to do in one remaining book. Hence, more books are needed, which equals never an end to the series.
  5. We'll get TWOW sometime after the 8th and final season of the show, but that will be the last book we will see. He's stuck or lost interest. Wild Cards, the Hugos and Football dominate his focus. Additionally, there is too much to fit into just two more books, and he gardened way too much with the last two books that I fear it will only get worse with Winds onward. And because of that, the only end we'll see to this series will be on TV.
  6. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I think it might be a condition or syndrome for many. It satisfies an itch. For many, I think if they constantly talk about the theories and prophecies, it distracts them from the more important concerns - when will the book come out, or will this series ever actually get finished. Because otherwise, I have no idea how people can constantly talk about theories, many of which will never have a resolution. GRRM posted on his blog today that he hopes he can finish the series in 7 books. He always told us before it would be 7 books. Now, he is doubting himself. This series went from 3 books, to 6 books, to 7 books, to hopefully 7 books, (which in GRRM speak, means definitely more than 7 books.) Which equates to never seeing the series ending except on TV. So back to the original point, I have no idea why people continue to postulate over so many things that will ultimately be dead ends.
  7. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Same here. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be occupying my time and focus for the foreseeable future.
  8. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    What's even sadder? I re-read his Not a Blog post from New Years 2016, and we are coming up on the two year anniversary of around the time he came up with his deadline to have it completed - May 2015. In that post he also mentioned he has hundreds of pages and dozens of chapters written. We are 14 months past that and nowhere closer to seeing the finished book. Winds is going to destroy Dance's 5 years and 9 months. In all likelihood, we won't see Winds until after the show ends, so say we get a release of October 2018, we'd be looking at 7 years and 3 months between Dance and Winds. And that is being optimistic for an October 2018 release.
  9. ASOIAF becoming a GOOD VS BAD story

    I believe GRRM himself has said the Others are very misunderstood. I don't think they are this great evil that people south of the wall have made them out to be, and they, like almost everyone else in the series, are more gray than you think.
  10. Thoughts on the second Dance and the point of the whole thing

    Yep. And I think this is why GRRM is really stuck right now in getting out TWOW. He knows how the story ends, but I think he doesn't know how to get there neatly and concisely. Specifically, I think he's stuck with how to get The Dance moving and have Dany's story proceed without having the North and Others storyline proceed with it, which is basically impossible. With that said, the Dance will likely have to be very short if GRRM wants to finish this in 7 books. If the Wall falls at the end of TWOW, Dany better be on her way or already in Westeros for The Dance to mean anything. Otherwise, she might as well fly her ass straight to the wall because fighting Aegon won't matter.
  11. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Meaning that an orderly writer who uses outlines with ideas and plot and character flows could get to the same conclusion versus one who writes a few hundred pages only to scrap it and start over. He theoretically scraps ideas because they don't eventually flow with other storylines or there are continuity errors. By planning it out with some outlines for each character, he would save months and months of time instead of going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole to eventually just say fuck it. All writers go through changes and revisions to chapters, but to write hundreds of pages only to scrap it and start over is poor planning, and one of the main reasons we don't and will not have the book for quite some time.
  12. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Agreed. His response was a sarcastic attempt to placate the commenter. Whatever the commenter said, he was going to repeat. There was nothing uplifting in his comment. Just more of the same ambiguity except this time he doesn't come across as upset or frustrated. Which to me means he has lost focus and isn't writing as much because it doesn't interest him. By his own account, he attended less cons and traveled less last year to focus on TWOW. Plus, he also has not written for the show in the past two seasons, which he claimed would eat up a month of his entire year. Yet, he seems just as far from completion as he did in 2015, maybe further. So it's pretty clear, he wasn't writing as much as we hoped he would.
  13. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Really? Despite magic and magical creatures being prevalent in ASOIAF, you honestly believe that the humans in this story are considered different genetically from real life humans? So GRRM created a story based on several real life societies, kingdoms, histories and lores with real life human beings compiled from his own understanding of humans, and yet, they are genetically different than the actual humans in our world? Even though incest is considered wrong in the books and Cersei and Jaime have kept their relationship hidden from everyone even before Robert was in the picture, it's considered normal? Why would they do that, if incest is so normal? According to you, if genetic traits are supposed to be different in ASOIAF, then why do the people in the story generally have the same height, skin color, hair, eyes, body parts, etc, to you and me. I don't see people walking around that look like Shiva with crap loads of arms. I'm not denying the fact that Jon and Dany will hook up, and I understand why the show runners are doing it (for ratings), but it doesn't dispel the fact that it is wrong and will likely lead to their undoing. Do you think Jon and Dany are destined to lead together hand in hand like a good king and queen?
  14. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    You are way too defensive of incest. If GRRM or D&D did not intend to show that incestuous relationships are doomed I think it's because it's a given based on the natural laws of the world dating back eons. The Isle Royale Wolf/Moose study in Lake Superior has been tracking the wolf populations from the island for about 60 years. Here is part of the summary from the latest study performed earlier this year: The two wolves that likely remain on Isle Royale in 2016, believed to be a male-female pair, are probably the two adults identified by fecal DNA collected on 5 March 2015. They both originated in the Chippewa Harbor Pack (CHP), born to the same mother. The female is also the daughter of the male, so any offspring from this pair would be extremely inbred and probably non-viable. Mechanisms to avoid inbreeding exist in most species of plants and animals (e.g. the incest taboo that is universal in human cultures), an evolutionary response to the deleterious outcome of such matings. The wolves themselves are now going to be extinct on the island soon as a result of inbreeding. So despite your claims that the incestuous relationships have flourished on the show and books, clearly it is not without consequences. If inbreeding was such a great thing, why don't most of the other houses or the population of Westeros partake in it? A few specific examples in the world does not point in favor that it is a normal, healthy option.