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  1. Exactly. There is nothing they can hold over his head. I think we won't see Winds until 2020 personally. We'll get Fire and Blood possibly this year or next and likely Winds in 2020.
  2. The potential for that to happen sailed off long ago. Consistency with theme, characterization and plot was a concept they said bye-bye to a few seasons ago. I personally have no expectations with how the show will end. It is going to be a shit-show with everything being so rushed and crammed into six episodes. I just want to see the ending as it's sadly the only one we'll ever get.
  3. King Yoren and Ned back alive? Makes more sense than the show at this point. And maybe we should get on board with the neural network. At this rate, it will be the only one willing to finish TWOW.
  4. Great call. Her speech about all the men in the room and the oaths they swear was a great moment. One other one I forgot that I always loved was when Renly laughed when he heard Joffrey's sword name of Lion's Tooth.
  5. Number one for me is always Davos and Wyman. "My son Wendel came to the Twins a guest. He ate Lord Walder's bread and salt, and hung his sword upon the wall to feast with friends. And they murdered him. Murdered, I say, and may the Freys choke upon their fables. I drink with Jared, jape with Symond, promise Rhaegar the hand of my own beloved granddaughter ... but never think that means I have forgotten. The north remembers, Lord Davos. The north remembers, and the mummer's farce is almost done. My son is home. " Such a powerful speech. Other favorite scenes would be The Red Wedding and everything preceding it. Though, it is a short chapter, it has so much substance to it. Tyrion feeding different information to Varys, LF and Pycelle in ACOK. Tyrion was at his best in that book. The prologue to AGOT with Ser Royce's lines when fighting the Other. Ned's fever dream of ToJ. Sansa building the snow castle. ADWD prologue and Varamyr Sixskins seeing the wight woman with the icy blood. One of the few pure horror moments of the series. Then warging into his wolf. An awesome chapter.
  6. Or maybe the showrunners are just so inconsistent on what people know and don't know. They knew Casterly Rock was going to be attacked, but apparently they had no idea thousands of Dothraki riders and a big ass dragon were just over the horizon to attack their caravan? This show foreshadows and telegraphs every heavily. So far, nothing has shown that Varys has been betraying her. If it comes up out of the clear blue, it would be quite forced.
  7. If they have him spying for Cersei that would be a stupid plot twist. Sadly, they may have him cross Dany for some dumb reason. They unfortunately killed off the character's agency and made him worthless. Unless there is some major aspect that GRRM told D&D about him that is still coming, everything else will be lame. Whatever they plan to do with him whether it is be another background man like Davos, Missworm, etc. or they have him betray Dany, it will come across as dumb.
  8. Are people still actually asking if incestuous relationships will lead to problems? GRRM has said many times the problems it leads to for his characters. Even D&D said so in the final outside the episode. Additionally, having Bran talk over their horrid love scene with Tyrion looking on pondering the was all meant to foreshadow it will end badly. It doesn't matter that past Targaryens have had relationships with each other. Jon has been raised as a Stark and would likely have a hard time with it.
  9. Except the fantasy elements have been entrenched from the get-go, and some of those moments have been great. The wight attack on the NW. The warging with the dire wolves. Varamyr's prologue chapter at Winds was one of the best chapters of the novels. No, the problem isn't the fantasy elements. It's that the show writers use it as crutch because they can't write good dialogue and scenes between actors.
  10. You bring up some good points. Remember in season 1 with Ned getting stabbed while fighting Jaime. Ned limped around with a cane for the remainder of his time. If that would have happened in the later seasons, by the next episode Ned would have been walking fine with no hint of any issues. I think all the examples you bring up can be traced to two underlying issues the showrunners created - too much plot armor and rapid pace storytelling. Arya should have died from her stab wounds to the gut while lying in a sewer. Hell, Areo died almost immediately from a tiny stabbing in the upper back. In all likelihood, Jon would have died in that frozen lake, yet he comes out and is healthy within a day. The showrunners put the main characters in tense situations making you think they will get seriously hurt or die. But they give them too much plot armor so that they always end up ok. And it makes those scenes even worse because it's not realistic. I'm not saying characters can't get in trouble or hurt, but you can't constantly have them in situations where they should die but somehow end up better than they were. The second aspect is that they are speeding up the story, so they just skip ahead with anything that doesn't hit the main plot points. Jon lying in a bed for a while with hypothermia or Arya limping around with a gut wound gets in the way of the showrunners plot points they want to hit. How can Arya kill Walder Frey if she is all fucked up? So they just pretend like her wounds were never bad and poof, she kills Walder Frey. It ultimately all boils down to lazy storytelling.
  11. If it goes down the book path, Sansa should end up with The Hound. But there just isn't enough episodes left to do much from what I can see. As far as the original post, the fact that people still think Jon and Sansa is a thing baffles me. Again, there isn't time to explore any of this. Dany and Jon just screwed. That will continue until it gets too weird or one of them dies.
  12. Yep. Well said! The audience knowing what the show characters somehow know goes along with another horrible aspect the showrunners use - Characters earning it off screen. The Blackfish retakes Riverrun. The Vale forces get past Moat Cailin in the north. Littlefinger somehow has the note Sansa was forced to write in season 1 to Robb. Jorah is infirmed at Oldtown. Arya hung out at the Twins for a couple weeks pretending to be Walder Frey. I could go on and on. But none of it matters. It all happened off screen, so we are supposed to just go with it just like the characters do. We the audience knows everything that is happening, so fuck it, might as well make the characters know it too.
  13. Yep. While we know LF is a piece of shit and deserved to die for multiple seasons, most everyone else in that room had no idea. The only thing they do know is that he saved the north by bringing the Vale army there. Every other accusation Sandra levied at him are not provable. And even if they were, no defense and no trial. No chance to take the black. Instead we get Ramsey Sandra accusing him of things while Parasitic Bran throws out weird lines that apparently everyone is supposed to believe. Then they decide him guilty like that and Arya executes him. Might be the most fucked up scene ever on this show. But I suppose that is the icing on the cake and was to be expected for how Winterhell went for the past few seasons. Go Team White Walker!