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  1. Though, they might be too busy trying to get this site acting in a functional manner as it has been shit for the past week.
  2. Hahaha. This made me laugh out loud. And it's also true.
  3. That's manuscript pages. 1 manuscript page does not equal 1 published page. Every book and author is different, but the average manuscript page is around 250 words. GRRM's published books averaged around 414 words per page between the five books. Storm of Swords had the highest word count at 424,000 words. Say this book is even bigger at 450,000 words, which seems too high, but we'll list that for sake of argument. If we follow the same words per page as the other books at 414 words per page, we would still only have a 1086 page published book. So, it may be bigger than Dance, but at Dance's 1056 pages, we won't get a much bigger book.
  4. It might be the biggest book yet, but it won't be much bigger than Storm or Dance. Book bindings wouldn't allow it. No way he could fit 100 chapters in a book with the chapter sizes he has been writing. Below are the average page per chapter for the five books in the series: AGOT: 9.6 ACOK: 11 ASOS: 12.1 AFFC: 16.4 ADWD: 14.5 If you notice the trend, his chapters have been getting longer the last two books. Also why the story has meandered more in the last two books as well. But say you average the chapter length between Feast and Dance at 15.45, 100 chapters would be over 1500 published pages. That book would be a monster.
  5. And with the Damphair chapter that makes 12. I've stated it before, but for people who think the plot is going to move forward drastically in Winds, the fact that 12 of the chapters have been released, which would be 17% of the book if he matched 73 chapters from ADWD, they might be in for a rude awakening. Almost 20% of the book released with not a lot of plot can figure it out from there.
  6. Not another chapter. If I recall correctly, he said he would not be releasing any other chapters from Winds. He's already released about 10 to 15 percent of the book.
  7. Haha. Though, if he does happen to kill the people mentioned in my above leaked spoiler, then he may move up a few notches in my book.
  8. Good point. Could be no writing. And I think you are right on the Fire and Blood announcement.
  9. I fear they are going to have him be so extreme with his killings very similar to Ramsey. Eventually it just wears thin. I can only see so many casual, shocking deaths before I roll my eyes. Similar to the Walking Dead. By the time Neegan rolled around, I was just immune to the "total bad ass" bad guy. I know you get an idea of what Euron is about in the books, but he doesn't brag about killing his brother in the books. He is more subtle and manipulative. He definitely is dark and twisted in the books, but the show makes him more like your typical B-movie villain with over-the-top lines that just fall flat for me. He's the type of guy Arnold Schwarzenegger would throw a steam pipe through (Commando reference) before uttering a cheesy line.
  10. Not so sure on that. Two years ago during the summer, he said he thought he was close to finishing and told his publishers it would be done by Halloween 2015. Then after a delay he told them it would be done by New Years 2016. Here we are 19 months after NYE with no book. If he thought he was close to finishing two years ago, then it seems likely he did some pretty big rewrites to not have a book out at this point.
  11. He's basically Ramsey reincarnated. The writers do not know how to write other villains, so they rehash the same tropes. Joffrey was a sniveling little shit. Ramsey was a sniveling little shit with super powers. Euron seems like a sniveling little shit who can build an entire armada out of phantom wood. I wish they would have made him more mysterious like in the books. Subtle people can be evil too. Instead, he is another over-the-top alpha male who is more comic than evil.
  12. My hype train derailed and drove off a bridge.
  13. Eh. Cut her some slack. She is too busy stomping on the legacy of dead family members to care about ones she knows are alive.
  14. And Littlefinger and an entire Vale force.
  15. Basically, I am Joey when thinking about the number of plot holes.