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Then again the answer might simply be that Cottar Pyke doesn't bear a bastard name at all but takes it from the Island of Pyke

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35 minutes ago, SirArthur said:

I don't know if pike (as in river pike mentioned in Cat III) equals Pyke (as in Cotter Pyke) but a pike is a freshwater fish (!) and the only animal on the list.  

A weir is a fish trap.

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2 hours ago, LynnS said:

Yes, the Others half-forgotten are the White Walkers:

Which answers my question about the WW that confronts Sam:

I have wondered if the WW was given shape in that moment when the snow fell from the great sentinel tree; a sentinel being a soldier that stands and keeps watch.

It's armor ripples and shifts (like waves created by the movement of air across the surface of a body of water).  It's so light, it doesn't break the crust of new fallen snow.  So propelled by wind or air.  I get the sense that they are creatures made by the storm gods who control air and water. 

Patchface's pronouncement that 'the crows are white as snow' implies to me, that the WW's might be storm crows and the wights are 'carrion' crows.



The Ironborn recognize two gods: the Drowned God (water) and the Storm God (air). Euron says he is the storm - the first one and the last. Sounds to me like he'll be resuscitating the frozen water magic by providing the air necessary to move the wights and create white walkers. He's also known as the Crow's Eye.


1 hour ago, LynnS said:

Northern Pike - a species of fish (pike fishing - incredibly fun).  Danaerys Storm-born.


Seems apt since the Ironborn may also be skinchanging other seafaring creatures.

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