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  1. Westeros would be back under Targaryen rule. There was nothing the ruling houses of Westeros could have done to stop the Khalasars. Most of the men under their command are farmers and laborers who are only part-time soldiers. There are not enough of the knights to slow down a Dothraki attack. The Dothraki are all fighting men. Fighting is what they do and it is their occupation. The lesson from Qohor is it takes dedicated, full-time warriors to stop the Dothraki. This same lesson can be seen in the conflicts between the NW and the wildlings. The NW always wins unless the number is extremely against them. The wildlings are hunters and gatherers while the black brothers are all full-time warriors. In conclusion, if your scenario had taken place, Westeros would now be under the thumb of King Viserys, Third of His Name. He will have Queen Arianne pregnant very soon. Khaleesi and her Khal would be back in Essos and waiting for their very own Promised Prince(ss), the one who would unite the Dothraki tribes into one people. No dragons are pulled from the stone in this story. The Others would attack and Westeros will be wiped out. That's not much of a story though. The one we are reading, with Dragons, is a lot better to me.
  2. Slavery would be a strong motivation if Illyrio wanted more profit. There are other reasons as well. Many believe the Targaryens are the legitimate, the only legitimate, monarchs of Westeros. People will fight for what they believe. It may be that in the end.
  3. Khrazz was young and inexperienced. Belwas has had a more rounded experience from which to draw from. I am sure the giant eunuch had fought armored as well as mounted opponents before. And won. His fight with Oznak zo Phal is proof that he has experience with mounted and armored opponents.
  4. Very true. With all the resources of Essos at her disposal, nothing will stop Daenerys from properly outfitting her military with what they need.
  5. Good soil not only has minerals, which volcanic soil has, but also organic material in the top layers. Strong winds and storms would wash those away from Dragonstone. An advanced country like China can mitigate those natural forces and make the land fertile but not with the science available in Westeros.
  6. It doesn't mean this. Daenerys asked what is in Asshai. She knew what Quaithe wanted her to do. Go to Asshai. Quaithe even confirmed it.
  7. The Wildlings will do as they wish and ride to the south to confront Ramsay and Roose. Wildlings are not law-abiding people. They do as they please. Our hope then is for them to run into trouble before they get too far. We don't want them to stir up more chaos in Westeros. Bowen Marsh will need to assure the people of Westeros that the Watch will observe the laws of neutrality and it will not interfere with politics. Only then can he save the watch from Jon's wreckless decisions.
  8. Viserys was already the king of Westeros. Daenerys would have supported his kingship because after all is said and done, she loved her brother. He loved her too. Brothers and sisters fight and it gets ugly sometimes. But despite all of that, both of the Targaryens were dutiful. Viserys was the king and he felt it was their duty to take the throne back from Robert for the good of the people. And he wasn't wrong about that. Just look what Westeros has become under the Baratheons and their Stark friends. Daenerys will have the dragons and she will be the power behind her Brother-King. The dragons give her leverage to control her brother's temper. There is belief out there though that the death of King Viserys the Third was the payment for the dragons. It is possible we would have gotten a completely different story.
  9. The number of cavalry that was promised was not enough on its own to take Westeros from the damn Baratheons. The liberators will be the attackers and it is necessary to outnumber the usurpers who will be defending and hiding behind their castle walls. The real purpose of the Dothraki is to force the usurper and his supporters to tuck tail and hide behind their walls. Which they will do. That will give confidence to the rest of the Lords to support their king, King Viserys the Third and take the throne back from Robert. That is if Robert lives that long. My opinion is he won't be alive. Jacquen's mission was to systematically murder all of the usurper's family and their supporters.
  10. Daenerys is to the Song of Ice and Fire as Aragorn is to the Lord of the Rings. She will make the decision to go back to Westeros when the time is right. The right time is when the "sun hides her face" for years and the light switch is flipped across the face of the planet. She will have to go to the source of the darkness to bring back the light. She is the personification of the Sun, the Maiden Made of Light. Bran is the opposing force, the Lord of the Darkness, the Lion of the Night. The story of the Long Night says the Maiden Made of Light went away. While away, the Lion of the Night sent his minions to destroy the people. I submit to you that it really means Bran and the Starks, the darkness in the tale, will use their mind control powers to send the wights to destroy their enemies. In so doing, they will unintentionally wreak destruction across the face of Westeros. Bran, Jon, and the Starks are not necessarily evil but they will do this in the name of getting justice for the Stark family. They will use the darkness to march the wights to the south and bring death to their enemies. They may lose control of the wights and unleash a deadly wave of zombies. Daenerys and her followers will come in and save what is left of the country.
  11. Skilled labor is one of the better methods for those who do not have the capital to start a business. Crime is not a viable solution because the punishment is quite severe. Mercenary work is one other avenue for those who can fight.
  12. Valonqar is Valyrian; therefore, the gender of the killer is not a good clue. Tyrion is still the leading suspect. He has a grudge against his sister. And Song of Ice and Fire is full of family problems.
  13. Or the woman kills the man. The legend has it, the red murdered the blue. To correct the wrongs of the past or to finally get justice, the blue could kill the red. Things could get really dark and twisted if the redstone emperor was an Azor Ahai and his betrayal caused the long darkness. The empress this time around may have to kill the emperor.
  14. I see a gender reversal going on with the kings in the hallway and Daenerys. Dragons are not bound by gender. That may be the advantage for Daenerys. "He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi. Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth and drank the fire of the sun. That is why dragons breathe flame. One day, the other moon will kiss the sun too, and it will crack and the dragons will return." [Doreah] "Moon is no egg. Moon is god, woman wife of the sun." [Irri] In this case, Khal Drogo was the one who got too close to Daenerys and got burned. Fire consumes after all. His death brought Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. Daenerys represent the Sun, the Maiden Made Of Light. Khal Drogo was the Moon. It is easy to see why Qaithe wants her to go to Asshai. She can bring the sun back to that darkened city.
  15. The plea from Qaithe would delay the trip to Westeros at the very least. It is a search for knowledge but also a chance to gain experience. The Long Night will happen anyway. It is for the best to wait until it's over before moving operations to Westeros. Let the white walkers rid the land of the pesky lions and direwolves. Spring will drive the white walkers back to where they came from.
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