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  1. Freedom is paid for with the blood of the sons. Craster and the Starks were paying for the right to occupy the north with the blood of their kind. Winterfell for the Starks and the Keep for Craster. This is true in the rw because it is the sons that get sent off to war. The sacrifice of the sons keep a nation free from enemies who would seek to destroy her. Craster would be aware of this need if he was a Stark. The practice being handed down through the family for thousands of years.
  2. Nice discussion going on here. There's a lie that need exposing and Euron is swimming in lies. However, those lies are not Targaryen related. Euron never presented himself as dragon. He never claimed to be Azor Ahai. He's not the stone beast. The false dragon could indeed be Jon. Mel will perpetuate another lie and claim he's a Targaryen.
  3. Wm Portnoy

    The House with the Red Door

    Maybe Preston and the youtubers over analyze. But that's better than the ridiculous story "revisions" being written by the Pro Stark and Anti Daenerys people. I don't mind Preston. Nothing wrong with sound analysis. There is everything wrong with attempting to insert something in the story that isn't there. The red door is a concept of what was lost. This is a coming-of-age story where the heroine chooses to abolish slavery and help millions become free. The challenge is overwhelming and the responsibility is heavy. Everybody has their own red door. A freshman student might think of home and the parents in her dorm room while preparing for an important exam. Fond memories of parents and the family home is a part of growing up healthy. Becoming an adult is accepting responsibility and means leaving behind our own "red door."
  4. Wm Portnoy

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    They may not get out of their predicament. It's book 6 of 7. Time to thin out the characters. I don't feel like Brienne's character is done. Jaime and Arya can have their stories concluded rather nicely in TWOW though. Theon is definitely in for the long haul. He's the gollum.
  5. Wm Portnoy

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    I would agree if the question had not confined us to the start of the first book. But you are completely correct by the middle of the third book. She has risen to the occasion and learned the Art of War. Sun-Tzu would be proud. Tywin and Aegon the Conqueror would be proud to be her father.
  6. Wm Portnoy

    Last One Standing

    Samwell is the one most like the author. Samwell.
  7. Wm Portnoy

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    The horse opened the hearts of the Dothraki to Daenerys. Victarion will open the hearts of the Ironborn to her. The blue rose will open the hearts of the northmen to Daenerys. Drogo died. Victarion and Jon will also die.
  8. Wm Portnoy

    What do you think is going on?

    History was edited to favor the victor. So Old Nan is more than likely correct about the Night's King being a Stark. Craster is also more than likely a Stark and a descendant of the Night's King and his pale bride. That is what made his children special to the WW.
  9. Wm Portnoy

    Prosperity without good intentions?

    What author meant was good intentions are not enough. Being a good person with a good heart and the right ideas are not enough. Case in point are the Baratheons and their dogs. Robert and Ned thought they could improve justice but they failed. Robert sent an assassin after an innocent girl. Stannis regularly burns people to death. If the realm had a misery index to measure the state of Westeros, it surely went bad during the Baratheon reign. Good intentions should be the motivation to rule. That is where it starts. But it is not enough by itself. It takes a team effort to manage a country. Aerys was a bad man but he just happened to have a knack for putting the right people in his small council and KG. Robert was a more moral man but his administration was too political. Politics put the wrong people on the council and the KG. That was mostly the fault of Jon Arryn but the buck stops with Robert.
  10. Wm Portnoy

    Prosperity without good intentions?

    The Greyjoys rebelled under his watch. He bankrupted the realm.
  11. Daenerys seems to have this talent as well. I'm guessing the dreaming talent is very rare.
  12. I believe so. Aenar sold his property and bought Dragonstone.
  13. Wm Portnoy

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    He might get turned to wight by the Others and then he will have to be burned. Jon is already guilty of treason. He doesn't have to be Targaryen to get the flame broiled funeral.
  14. Wm Portnoy

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    I opined on George Martin's idea of heroes in a recent thread and thought he is being cynical. It seems I may have assumed a little too much. Thank you for sharing his thoughts. He's not cynical and nihilistic. He has a story he wants to tell and he wants to be original. Nothing wrong in that. He likes grey characters and builds a system within the story whereby the fallen can redeem themselves.
  15. Wm Portnoy

    Shade of the evening.

    The Shade trees and the Weir trees have symbiotics relationships with the Warlocks and the Greenseers. The blood indirectly feeds the Warlocks and the Greenseers. The two become linked. Feeding a tree anywhere feeds the trees everywhere.