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  1. Wm Portnoy

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    The boy in rotting fish. Bears love fish.
  2. Wm Portnoy

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Both of these guys did a lot of very, very stupid things. Their deaths are logical outcomes of their stupidity. Jon is not guaranteed to come back to life. His part is done. Does George hate heroism and avoid it? Yeah. He has an oppositional mentality. He likes to swim against the current. If he sees his readers agreeing with a character he will write something to make the character more controversial. It's almost like he's oppositional to his readers. It doesn't make the story better nor worse. It's just his style.
  3. The Ghost of Christmas Future visits each of the Starks and shows them what will happen if they continue on their disastrous path. GoCF shows Ned a vision of his head rolling in the cobblestones of King's Landing. Ned changes the course of his life, listens to Gared and heed the dude's warning. Robb sees a vision of himself wearing his wolf's head. He stays loyal to Walder Frey and keeps his oath. Jon is shown the disastrous consequences of his actions at the Wall. Unfortunately, he still chooses to take Arya away from Ramsay and hell still breaks loose at the Wall because of his bad decisions.
  4. Wm Portnoy

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    I won't doubt what those two had planned. What I'm more interested in is the comparison between dynastic rule versus democratic rule. Knee jerk reaction says voting the leader is better but I say that is not always the case. George gave us several examples that contradict this. The election of Jon Snow gave the Nights Watch it's worst lord commander in history. It was a democratic process but the result was a complete disaster for the N/W. Aegon Targaryen taking the kingdoms of the west by force and forging a united kingdom brought positive results for the common folk.
  5. Wm Portnoy

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    No, because the wolf only saw smoke. He described what he saw in terms he can understand. A wolf doesn't know that hot smoke is lighter than cold air. It's rising; therefore, it's flying. What flies in nature has wings. The pooch saw smoke and that is all.
  6. Wm Portnoy

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    Arya Stark will die violently and deservedly so. I hope she doesn't get to live a second life in her wolf but that is too much to hope for. She dies and gets to live a second life in Nymeria. Tyrion Lannister will probably live and inherit what's left of Casterly Rock and married to Penny. Daenerys Targaryen will fulfill the role of The Dragon Who Mounts The World and rule all of the lands that was once part of the Valyrian Freehold. She will have the last POV in the last volume and she will patiently await the arrival of spring. Sansa Stark will become a septa. No grandeur for this girl. Jon Snow will die from his stab wounds. I hope he just dies but he is most probably going to live a second life inside his white wolf. Rickon is hard to predict. I don't think George will kill off all of the Starks and this one might be the one to keep the family alive. Bran's future is set. He's to become Tree Man. Jaime Lannister will die. Bran will exact his revenge on Jaime. Samwell Tarly will get his chain and become a maester. Jorah Mormont will return to Westeros but his crimes can only be forgiven if he joins the watch. Hizdarh zo Loraq will become a born again R'hllorian and join the fight against slavery. He will witness another miracle that will redeem him. Missandei will be taken home to her island and live her peaceful life among the butterflies. Greyworm will go wherever Daenerys goes. Varys is great at surviving. He will live and serve Daenerys. Mellissandre will not make it out of Castle Black alive. Stannis is already dead. Died at the Battle of Ice. Barristan, Victarion, and Moqorro will die at the Battle of Fire. Belwas too. Aegon Targaryen will marry his aunt, Queen Daenerys for political reasons. The majority of the people in the west will die from winter. Starvation will kill most. The Others and their wights will kill many. The war between the Boltons and the wildlings will kill most of the able bodied men in the north. Westeros will be covered in a thick blanket of ice.
  7. Wm Portnoy

    most tragic character

    Ser Eustace Osgrey. When the higher lords start playing their game, the lesser lords are forced to take sides and join in. Like as not, it's the little guys who do the most bleeding. He lost his sons and his property because he supported the wrong side. He had to choose. Just as Walder Frey and Roose Bolton had to choose. It's bad when your jack ass of a lord paramount decide to rebel against his king and drags you along. Roose Bolton had no quarrel with the Lannisters and he got dragged into another Stark fuckup. Roose Bolton is hard to blame for sparing his own men at the expense of the other nutters who loyally followed their rebel lord.
  8. Wm Portnoy

    TURNING POINT?? - A song of ice and fire

    The first Targaryen chapter got me hooked into the story. The interaction between Princess Daenerys and her brother, the King Viserys III, made me realize this is not comfort fiction that you read casually just to pass the time. The author went to a lot of trouble to create unique characters. I immediately took interests in the Targaryen siblings. The Dothraki wedding could be my favorite chapter in aGoT.
  9. Wm Portnoy

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    The Ironborn were sissies. The Boltons alone could have driven them from the north. Robb would have difficulty getting past the ironborn at the moat cailin but it can be done as long as Robb was willing to accept very heavy casualties. And Robb would do that as long as the fodder wasn't a member of his family. I agree with this. I would put in a harsher light to get the point across that Robb broke his oath to Walder Frey. The biggest mistake was betraying Walder Frey. I cannot blame the Freys for hating Robb.
  10. Wm Portnoy

    Aegon V

    Westeros was fiscally sound under Aerys.
  11. Mance? This man is of the north. He's not Valyrian. I suppose he might have Stark blood in him. Though it might be more accurate to say the Starks and he both came from the line of Bael The Bard.
  12. The sample material from Fire and Blood supports the theory of the north suffering from poverty. It's not a land of plenty. So if Rickard Stark is anything like Alaric this is a good theory. The bank was probably as desperate to make loans as KL was at borrowing. Banks make money from its lending business but they never counted on somebody like Cersei taking command. That was unexpected. I don't think they have a particular liking for Stannis but he is their only option at the moment.
  13. In a world where the rule of law only triumphs because of superior military force, no. The Iron Bank cannot practically take the seven kingdoms no matter how badly they are indebted. They would have to forcefully take those lands and castles. Which they cannot do, unless they have dragons. Robert's own folly is what brought down Westeros. You can't blame this on Littlefinger. It's bad fiscal policy by Robert and his allies that brought the kingdom to its knees.
  14. Wm Portnoy

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I am saying the wildlings are not on track to get integrated into Westerosi society. Intending to attack the Warden of the North is not a step towards integration.
  15. Wm Portnoy

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    How very true. What where they up to the last time we read about them? They were getting ready to attack the Warden of the North. That's not a successful integration.